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Death Tuna

AAA Grade | Indica

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Death Tuna is a cross of Death Bubba and Black Tuna. Grown with love in B.C. while showing off an attractive coating of frost. Buds are medium-sized and spangled with deep purple hues. Iced nodular formations accent the bag appeal. Gassy and musky on the nose while expressing a spice-box and fuel-forward flavour. Bold and relaxing effects take hold after smoking. Heavy and calming while you fall in and out of focus. Euphoric and spacey with a long-lasting bodymelt. Overall, this is a strain that will set you on course for a relaxing night.

Flavours: Gas, Earthy, Dank, Spice
Effects: Relaxing, Calming, Euphoric, Spacey
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, PMS

11 reviews for Death Tuna

  1. DeliP

    I love Death Tuna. It’s very relaxing. You won’t want to leave your couch after having some. It also makes me hungry, which I appreciate because my appetite is weird so this is very helpful. It breaks down great for rolling.

  2. Jeff

    Good for relaxing in the evening or anytime of day, it burned fairly clean but was kinda light smoke for an indica Didn’t find it very strong compared to death bubba.

  3. Bud Master Kojer

    Bag appeal – 4/5
    This is some nice looking stuff. Decent sized buds in a nice chunky structure with dark, bold colours and coated in crystal. Zero shake in the bag. The only issue I found is the trim could be better as there were a few large leaves and many gangly stems that could easily have been removed.

    Smell – 4/5
    It has that nice kushy smell with the subtle bubba-sweetness, with that noticeable tuna-stink on the back end. The smell is good but it’s just not as overwhelming as you want it to be. You have to really dig your nose into the bag to get it, however it definitely is more noticeable when breaking up a bud to put in a grinder.

    Taste – 3/5
    While I haven’t tried a vape yet, in a bowl I only get small hints of the kush & tuna; for me the taste is mostly plant-like with a subtle hint of pine – so nothing great but definitely not the worst i’ve had.

    Burn – 4.5/5
    It seems to have a great cure. Not too dry as there was zero shake in the bag, and not too wet because it wasn’t super sticky to the touch but still leaves a lot of crystal on your fingers when handling them. The burn itself is great, about 80% pure white ash and 20% salt and pepper. It’s surprisingly smooth as well; usually the first hit of the day makes me cough a bit, especially if it’s a big bowl, but there was nothing from this. Just clean and smooth.

    High – 5/5
    It gives a great high. Not overwhelmingly potent or super long lasting like this strain could be, but still damn good. I can notice the tuna kush as it gives that nice brain fog that keeps you from overthinking, racy thoughts, etc., and I can definitely notice the death bubba because of the nice body high and muscle relaxation. For me it was a warm shiver that started at the base of my neck and ran down my body. Couchlock and a numb-like state definitely seem possible as it made me feel a bit tired despite pairing it with a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

    Overall I give it a 5/5 because of the price. Its not the best strain or cross of death/tuna I’ve had but it’s definitely above average. Coupled with the 15% off sale they had and it was a half oz for under $100, which is pretty darn good for this quality. I would totally recommend this, even at their full $220/oz price.

  4. Boddypen

    Tastes great in vaporizer; not as crazy as the Tuna I have had previously but good nonetheless. Great for after a stressful day at work or to cure insomnia.

  5. JackMeHoff

    This was an alright one for me! Its a real nice dark flower with dark purple. I found it to be a light smoke, but nice smelling and a nice burn. The high didnt hit me to hard, but its a nice bud to kick back and relax with. I would recommend this for a new smoker. All in all, a nice relaxing high.

  6. Baketree

    Pics are similar but in person there is such a beautiful contrast between the dark green and the copious amounts of white crystal. Gorgeous to look at. Both parents are well represented and the lineage makes sense. Smell is underwhelming eve while pinched. Smoked nice in a joint, mild flavour that was pleasant. Stone wasn’t as heavy as I thought but could definitely feel it. Other than the appearance, this strain didn’t blow me away but it’s still nice.

  7. vanzolini

    This was ok , not bad . but not great.
    i found the smell to be just barely tuna, not quite there though.
    as for the structure, it was very frosty. semi sticky on the inside. not very dense, smoked smooth and gave a proper indica effect. But the smell is what makes or breaks a strain for me..

    still waiting to see a real AAAA or tin series quality tuna..

  8. cake

    Really nice quality flower, super frosty. Smells very sweet in bud form but a heavy kush smell takes over when ground. Smooth and strong, very relaxing. Amazing bag appeal as well, dense purple buds. Would get again.

  9. beefy

    yeah this one is a good one nice and sticky slow burn and the taste on the exhale is amazing helped me a lot to get some good sleep thanks again. BM

  10. Gunpoint69

    Harsh smoke
    Burns mostly black w/white ash
    Hard to burn almost always bud left in the bowl
    Was not impressed with the way this smokes it may be a bit wet even letting a bud dry out before smoking makes it a little less harsh however
    The high is ok couple hits will get you good and high for an hour or 2
    Heavy sedative effects with a heavy burnout good for before bed it can put you down pretty hard possibly kill your day if taken to early even

  11. Bricky

    I really liked this Indica! Was surprised about the taste earthy smoooth and then after spicy but nice flavour! It’s different but really good burns great nice white ash might be a little dry but nothing a boveda pack won’t cure. Overall I recommend it! Thanks Keith

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