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AAAA Grade | Indica

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14 Grams | $130
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Product Description


Do-Si-Pie is a rare cross of Do-Si-Dos and Velvet Pie. Gorgeous genetics and a mouthwatering flavour profile make this strain highly sought after. Chunky and spade-shaped with dynamic flourishes of colour. Dripping with trichomes while peacock-ing mountainous formations and an expert manicure. First opening your pack greets your senses with a unique and foreboding woodsiness. Pine, cedar and fuel comprise the complex aroma. The smoke is robust and expansive while smooth and dreamy on the exhale.

Full spectrum effects with marked capability to soothe your stress and worries. Assertive and stunning potency that is spacey and euphoric at first. This then washes into a languid and mellow body stone that hums on at length. Counter-productive and silly, but not debilitating when it delivers the big calm. Do-Si Pie is an in-house favourite – get some while it lasts!

Previously lab tested at 21% THC and 1% CBN

Flavours: Fuel, Spicebox, Cedar, Blackcurrant, Tangy
Effects: Soothing, Spacey, Languid, Mellow, Silly
Medical: ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD


55 reviews for Do-Si-Pie

  1. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Very flavourful and smooth when inhaling, didn’t make me cough too much. it’s easy on the throat and lungs,I can handle large hoots. Gives you a bit of a high which is good.

  2. ThePan (verified owner)

    Very good for the price, got me nicely toasted for the night. Good with movie and few drinkey poos.
    Don’t know what the name is about but I will definitely get this Again.

  3. Delusions of Reality (verified owner)

    very pretty weed, dense frosty nugs, neon green. Packs a punch but not an overwhelming high. I like it for the daytime, while cooking breakfast. very clean high with no burn out.

  4. The dude (verified owner)

    Beautiful looking frosty buds. Smells gassy and pungent, thick smoke, white ash, and great flavour. Honestly a knock out strain, will be buying this again

  5. myq (verified owner)

    Incredible chronic. Not sure I’ve dealt with buds so sticky before. As soon as you get your first whiff it’s obvious you are in for a treat.

    Incredible tasting burn and the effects are immaculate. Hello relaxation. Skookum continues to do God’s work.

  6. Sherms (verified owner)

    First time BudMail user and i will forsure be returning! Just as described.. very nice bud! I got the 10g Sample Pack and this was one of my faves forsure!

  7. Jb Bennett (verified owner)

    This Buddha is goood, nice mellow high good when gaming or watching a movie. It smells great and is covered in crystal, had me salivating. I will order again for sure.

  8. MiloJ (verified owner)

    This was a decent smoke, however I found it wasn’t as potent as you’d expect for the price and grade. Would consider buying again but only if on sale.

  9. janicemelanson-6828 (verified owner)

    The product matches its description. It is definitely a AAAA product – the bud is beautiful to look at, intricate, frosty and sticky. The prettiest bud I’ve bought. The flavour and smoke were a treat but it wasn’t as potent as I expected – which was fine. It gave a mellow enjoyable buzz.

  10. caio (verified owner)

    Five stars. Excellent potency, heavy high and the nugs were super dense and humid to perfection. Was expecting it to be a lighter, day smoke. But was pleasantly surprised.

  11. riberg (verified owner)

    5/5. I don’t understand the reviews saying it’s light, not that strong, day smoke. This stuff knocks me out, and I’m a fairly moderate to heavy user. Amazing flavour. Vapes incredibly well. A favourite among the many strains I’ve had here over the years. Thanks BM

  12. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    I picked this weed when it was on sale back in December. I like the mellow indica high, although its not as strong as the other skookums. Price was right, its was worth it.

  13. Sharkeatsgirl (verified owner)

    Just ordered I think my 5th Oz of this and I absolutely love it. It is dry but doesn’t crumble, still breaks up nice in a classic grinder and has a delicious dank taste. Great mellow high, I smoke it all day!

  14. TokingJones (verified owner)

    Big chonky nugs that smelled of sweet/creamy dank. Did not taste as good as it smelled, and the ash was more pepper than salt. Nice mellow indica dominant buzz. I’m not mad at $130+tax a half

  15. Loudpak jack (verified owner)

    had the dosi-pie it was ok, buds weren’t tight enough it is what it is. not sure what happened to weed it all looks good but it dont hit when it counts

  16. Mtlboys (verified owner)

    One of my favorite. Smokes well, i was so stoned and relaxed. At that price its a steal. I paid full price and i am still very satisfied ! Will order more.

  17. MiloJ (verified owner)

    Overall a pretty good bud. I have a high tolerance so thats partly on me.
    The high is good and lasts a little while. Would buy again, especially at this price.

  18. Frosty (verified owner)

    Huge nugs, got 2 nugs that were 5gs each! Smaller nugs looked beautiful, smells dank from far away noticed the smell isn’t that strong up close. Pretty potent

  19. ShAw (verified owner)

    Very flavourful and smooth when inhaling, didn’t make me cough too much. it’s easy on the throat and lungs, you can handle a large inhale. Gives you a bit of a high which is good.

  20. Steve-o (verified owner)

    This bud was not as strong as I had anticipated, but despite that its still a pleasant buzz. Burns really clean, no hacking and coughing fits. For an Indica I felt surprisingly energized as well.

  21. Mtlboys (verified owner)

    Not as potent as i thought but still really potent. Its a relaxed vibe well stoned but still functional. The buds are crystalized alot. I would definitely recommend it !

  22. 4c (verified owner)

    My 3rd or 4th time ordering this. It was not of this world out of the can. Absolutely amazing. Probably the best in a ever smoked from BM outside the crystal cream. And the bag wasn’t far off. A little lighter, just a tiny bit weaker. But this one didn’t make the mark. Upon opening there was almost zero smell ( not that I wanna put it up my nose ) but I’m not sold on smell alone. I’ve smoked straight up killers with no smell but I was skeptical having bought this before. Sure enough it was drier than anything previously . It smoked pretty good. Clean ash and nice taste. I knocked and waited but dos si pie wasn’t home really. A little disappointed but it’s not a perfect world. Lackluster pretty much sums up my long winded review

  23. cake (verified owner)

    A favourite strain of mine. Large, purple and emerald green buds, great bag appeal. Unfortunately arrived a bit dry, some of the buds were a tad crispy, but it’s still sticky and dense. Smell is pungent fuel and pine, with sweet undertones. The smoke was smooth in a joint and burned to a medium grey ash. Strong indica hybrid effects, evening/night strain.

  24. Dan (verified owner)

    One of the Best strains I have ever smoked in my life and this one get you couch locked for sure if you have pain he takes it mostly all the way obviously if I can get all of it away but it takes most of it away it is very tasty if you smoke with hemp wick even better I recommend this for nighttime use very good for sleep

  25. Esmokes24 (verified owner)

    Ordered a q of this and was let down they normally do a great job but this time was terrible the nugs are dried right out and crumble to pieces in hand, there’s also shake at the bottom of The bag that’s what really disappoints me I would never think this would be AAAA more of a AA

  26. PML (verified owner)

    The effect was nice, nice smell, break up crisp.
    Enjoyed this strain. Very pungent and must have been cured prior which is good.
    good deal for the price would get it on sale anytime if possible.

  27. DM (verified owner)

    Do-Si-Pie was a recent purchase of mine. Typically we opt for AAAA or Premier products and this one lived up to its expectation. Great customer service as usual.

  28. StraightShooter (verified owner)

    Very impressed & super happy with this. The smell hits your right away. My 7g was two NICE buds. Smokes great, high is intense. Don’t even think twice, this is what you want. Worth every penny. I’ll be getting more for sure, wow.

  29. Birdrag (verified owner)

    Great smell, tight buds. Produces smooth clouds in the vaporizer with low temps. Easy on throat. Perfectly balanced body and mind buzz. Highly recommended!

  30. lovecannabis (verified owner)

    New fav strain. Little disappointing as it’s a the tiniest bit on the dry side, less aroma/flavour but still smooth and hits good regardless. Would probably be better in the tin series, but would buy it again.
    Skookum is all I smoke now. Recommend trying this one.

  31. nugtender (verified owner)

    This is DANK. Excellent value when you can grab this out of the can. Great price and AAAA to boot. Strong, kush-prominent smell with the couch lock/nightcap buzz to follow. Wicked bag appeal with big, frosty nugs. This is strictly after 8pm smoke right here. Nice, thick vapour in the bag that is smooth and flavourful. Big notes of pine, diesel, and sour keys. Will grab this any time I see it–bought an oz and immediately bought another once I received it. If you’re looking for a strong indica smoke, this is the one folks, grab it!

  32. Smac (verified owner)

    Very flavorful and smooth, didn’t make me cough, which a huge bonus for me. it’s easy on the throat and lungs, you can handle a large bong hit. The buzz was GREAT!.

  33. Joe (verified owner)

    Great Indica strain with large, dense buds. Very smooth and easy to smoke, nice effects – relaxing without being sedative. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy Indica strains

  34. rEVOLution (verified owner)

    Berm hits the nail on the head here.

    The high alone, makes this strain worth buying.

    I was a little disappointed in the flavour/aroma department. That’s the only spot i’d dock points though.

  35. crazyperson1177 (verified owner)

    This is very good nice high and the taste is awesome I bought more and will buy get little lazy after couple joints and bong hits and mixed some Banana hash oh my so going

  36. Tinta Dawn (verified owner)

    Very flavourful and smooth, didn’t make me cough so it’s easy on the throat and lungs, you can handle a large inhale. A bit on the mild side for me when it came to the buzz.

  37. Bermenheimer (verified owner)

    I’m seeing some mixed reviews on this and I wanted to weigh in!

    First impressions and the overall experience with this one for me is a rollercoaster. I open my first 7g and it is 3 beautifully manicured buds. I am very excited to open it up and am met with a very plant-y herbal aroma that is lacking punch I’d expect from this cultivar. Internal scents are grassy, herbal and have subtle hints of anise.

    Smokes really smoothly, to a very nice offwhite fluffy ash, which is why I’m ordering another chunk while it’s still on the menu. The potency of this one is also a shining spot, I found this highly frazzling/scattering, very potent and long-lasting. Not to a CrunchBerry level, but I think this fits right in at $11 and is a solid pick overall.

  38. VapesnMilfs (verified owner)

    Was pretty disappointed with this one carrying a high-ish price tag. This is not AAAA.
    Weak smell right out of the bag and flavour when smoked, decent effects.

  39. Wyzza (verified owner)

    Very string high, gets your lips sticky by the end of the joint. Not a very strong taste but this is good quality for a nightly knockout joint. Burns well.

  40. BigD (verified owner)

    Had to come back for another review seeing this batch was nothing like the last one. Almost wondering if they gave me the wrong bag. It’s decent bud but nothing like the previous batch. Pretty disappointed considering what I was expecting to receive.

  41. D (verified owner)

    The nose was less verbose than I expected. I got cedar and with hints of fuel and spicebox, and a bit of the black current but didn’t get anything tangy. Taste was ok too.
    I found the effects to be soothing and mellow, but missed the spacey.

  42. Joe (verified owner)

    Potent indica with a nice aroma – cedar and citrus, very easy to smoke. Definitely worth the price, very stoney and very relaxing effects without making me sleepy.

  43. orlaspapa (verified owner)

    What happened to the smell of this one? It has no nose when you open the bag. Comes out a little when you bust it up – but the taste is strangely absent too. I’ve had this strain in the tin and it was mind blowing, this one isn’t compareable – I disagree with the quad rating. It still looks nice and definitely has a kick, but I’d list and price this as a AAA – a quad should give you more than this one does.

  44. Dan (verified owner)

    This delectable strain with its delightful and indica-dominant name is surprising very balanced. It has it all in flavor, terpene profile, and medicinal benefits of both indica and sativa qualities. It’s a great smoke for both vets and noobs.

  45. Satchmo (verified owner)

    I had the Do Si Do tin series a few months back and it was one of my favourites. This stuff is nowhere near as good. Very little, if any, smell and the taste just isn’t there. The burn is relatively clean but overall I’m disappointed with this stuff and would not recommend it. Triple A at best in my opinion.

  46. Ulysses666 (verified owner)

    Obviously not as good as it was in the tin, BUT, still great weed. It’s good in all categories taste, smell, look etc The high is great. Definitely a strong indica that tastes great. This is a 9pm and after strain.

  47. Mark (verified owner)

    Definitely up there with the best of strains on BM.
    Beautiful bag appeal
    Unique smell, like cedar and blackberries
    Resinous grind up
    Mellowing high, with an onset similar to mint choco chip
    1 bowl has me thinking this is an evening strain. Very nice stuff that’s being slept on honestly. Keep sleeping on it so I’ll have more to buy next time. Thanks BM!

  48. ABDude (verified owner)

    Got this strain in the tuna can last time, got it again and it’s exactly how i imagined it. Smells and tastes amazing, fav strain of all time by far 😀

  49. SwampsOfSnye (verified owner)

    i bought half an oz of this in the tin series and it was my first ever offering from the fine folks at Skookum, they hooked me. i’ve tried other strains of theirs since, MCC being up there as being almost perfect, but the flavour and potency of that initial Dosi Pie made a huge impression on me and made it a strain i’ll always be on the lookout for. when i saw this for sale as loose bud AND from Skookum i jumped on it and my only regret is not buying more. my oz was full of mainly larger, dense nugs. taste/smell/look/high are on par with the tin series, only it didn’t burn as white as the tin series, more salt and pepper ash but that could easily just be the papers i used. the high with this one is special to me, right mix of light/hazy head high with a deep body high, great for easing into bed and perfect in lower doses for enjoying a good book. i could go on but will stop here and just say i’m def buying more of this beauty.

  50. Transporter (verified owner)

    Nice bag appeal. Smells nice. Looks frosty. Medium sized buds. Smokes well in a J as expected. I would buy this again. Packed good. Shipped out fast. 🙂

  51. BigD (verified owner)

    This was a pleasant surprise. Wasn’t really expecting it to be this nice. Flavour isn’t super strong but enjoyable smoke none the less. Had to order more before it disappears lol.

  52. Trevor (verified owner)

    The ounce that I bought, came as six big beautiful buds that are covered with crystals. It has a very nice taste, and is smooth and easy to smoke. Not at all hard on the throat, and gives a nice buzz and smells nice. I am happy that I bought this!

  53. AK (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke. Wanted some quality after a mediocre batch of Jet Fuel on the big deal. True quad with great appearance, interesting terps, and solid buzz.

  54. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    First off the flower looks beautiful. It’s frosty with a beautiful green and large hints of purple. The smoke is perfect in a J for me and it’s a flavourful smoke along with potent indica and some sativa effects

  55. Bricky (verified owner)

    Boy am I glad I grabbed some of this! The smell grabs you right of the bat! The taste is unique on its own! I did get the spicy the black current a little tangy. It’s hard to describe there is a lot going on here! All I know is it’s a ass kicker ear numbing and right behind the eyes! Ha! All good of course. Burns clean with ash! Absolutely love this strain! Another top quality indica from the skookum boys! Thanks budmail

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