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Gummies (Dose) – THC


5 gummies for $15

The summer heat may cause some products to become misshapen and or discoloured while in transit. If you encounter any such issues, please contact customer support.
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Dose Gummies

Dedicated to creating the highest quality, lab tested products on the market. With precise and consistent formulations, you can Dose with confidence. Each pack contains five t0 ten Gluten Free gummies with natural fruit flavours that will enhance your senses, feel the difference!

Overall, we’re very happy to carry Dose gummies on our edibles menu!

100mg THC per pack – 20mg THC per gummy.

INGREDIENTS: Glucose, Fructose, Gelatin, Tartaric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Natural & Artificial Colours, THC Distillate.

Health Benefits: Insomnia, Pain & Joint Relief, Anxiety, Nausea, PTSD, Increased Appetite.

Keep out of reach of children!

Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more.

This product may lose form or melt a little during transport in the summer heat. A few hours in the fridge will make it easier to handle.

Check out Dose’s website here.

75 reviews for Gummies (Dose) – THC

  1. Keepon Smoking

    I had tried one of these the other night. It was super relaxing and kicked in after about 35-40 minutes. High lasted a solid 2 hours. Would recommend!

  2. Bakered

    Good product. Tastes like rootbeer.
    Not as strong as I thought they wod be. Ate one and waited 1hr before giving up and smoking some flower.
    To each their own.

  3. Keepon Smoking

    I think it tastes really good and can barely taste any THC, maybe because I’ve gotten used to it. One piece is usually enough for me. Would definitely recommend this product, its great!

  4. Felly

    This is a great product for my first time trying. It is a good feel and not overwhelming but also try very small amounts ar a time. I liked the taste and will be ordering more in future.

  5. Jamers

    Great taste!! These are my favourite edible. I enjoyed the high I got from these and the packaging is quite nice too. I would definitely recommend these.

  6. Me123

    I had one, I should have tried half first as I’m new to edibles it hit me within a half an hour got pretty high had lots of laughs though!! I would for sure buy theses again. I suggest if you don’t get high very often like myself. Start with half.

  7. Addy

    I found that you don’t get a lot of gummies for the price compared to other items I’ve tried. But they taste ok and give a nice relaxing high. Not sure if I’ll be buying them again or not.

  8. maggiesfarm

    Stocked up when they were on sale, love these for the flavor and consistency. Perfect for my needs. Just a little PSA – no one but a noob is likely to get schwacked on a single 20mg edible; ymmv.

  9. Danny Vee

    I love these edibles for their consistency. You know exactly what you’re going to get every time, and the variety of flavors all please the tastebuds. My go-to for a good time!

  10. NikeGuy

    The texture was good, so was the taste. However, these had zero effect on the 3 people who had one each. I am no edible expert, maybe the dosage was too weak.

  11. Grover

    These are my go-to edibles. I buy them whenever they’re available. I’ve even given them to friends as gifts. They taste good, and more Importantly they do the job. I like to take one an hour before bedtime. When they kick in I get a decent body buzz and slight head high. Two doses are better if you’re an experienced user. Will definitely keep buying.

  12. maggiesfarm

    The Root Beer ones smell sooo good, I stick my nose right in the bag and just inhale . . .
    None of the aftertaste. Half is a perfect dose; although one day in an emergency, a full DOSE was f’ing perfect : )

  13. Kelman39

    Couldn’t believe how good these things are, they’re pretty much the only edibles I buy. This company makes the best edibles out there. Budmail has the best selection !!

  14. RichCheeba

    Just tried the Cola flavor ones. Those gummies have the same texture of real gummies so it was yummy! They taste great as they are made with distillate. I can only tell there is THC content in it once you’re finished eating it. To me, it’s like a light aftertaste in my mouth compared to the strong edible taste when it’s made from butter or tincture. I have a high tolerance and 1-2 gummies send me in a good state to concentrate. It feels like they are potent for what they indicate. 20mg/gummy seems real. I now have to try the other flavors so I will get some more later on. 🙂

  15. RedV.

    Husband likes them, said the flavors were good and decently potent for him (eddies don’t work on me). He’s a high-tolerance regular smoker, so, not bad!

  16. Rocket

    Great product! Flavors are very tasty and perfect dose every time. These gummed will keep you going through the day with a smile on your face. Will recommend

  17. Richard

    Nice tasting gummies with a great texture,really tempting to toss back the whole bag!
    The flavours were great but the strength was a little light for an experienced smoker.

  18. Fagglebean

    Deeeeelicious. Can’t even tell they are medicated. Such a sweet raspberry flavour with no unpleasant aftertaste. I eat at least 1 a day religiously. Try em!

  19. Zeldafan

    Great taste and works like a charm. I tend to take one and clean my entire apartment while cranking some zeppelin. Worth it both for the experience and the price.

  20. Solipain

    The gummies were good however they didn’t get me as high as I thought I would be. but in all their good… that being said it took me 3 regular gummies to start feeling the kick.

  21. Agent 47

    These gummies worked just fine 👌 they also taste sublime
    Pure excellence I recommend to anybody with taste buds and a craving to kick back and relex

  22. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just rootbeeer! Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke !

  23. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just cola! Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke ! Great stone

  24. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just pineapple!!!Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke ! Excellent mellow high too!

  25. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just tangerine!!Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke !

  26. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just black currant! Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke ! This flavour is the best one !

  27. six

    Love love love gummies ! And yes these ones rock ! No weird taste just raspberry! Wait 20minutes and eat another yum yum ! So good for when you can’t smoke !

  28. Deevon

    I bought a pack of kiwi flavored gummies. It was my first order experience and I was greatly satisfied. My tolerance isn’t high for sure, but a single gummie did the job perfectly for a couple hours of high. I enjoyed the after taste while the taste itself was sweet in my opinion. I’ve just ordered some more of these gummies, so I recommend them! Thank you BM!

  29. Th3DarkCanuck

    I ordered the wine duo 200mg pack. They tasted great and gave a nice buzz. These gummies can creep up on you so don’t over do it.. Especially for the first time.

  30. Hope

    Great edibles. They taste awesome and they give you a really good high. I probably should of only ate half to start with cause I got high HIGH but once I figured that out they were perfect!

  31. Grezzo

    The texture of these gummies is good, but I found the rootbeer tasted more like a marshmallow flavour moreso than rootbeer. The raspberry tasted amazing. High was decent but not crazy strong.

  32. trees

    These were not so great at all. I barely felt anything I ate 3 and did not get so ripped. I thought they would be much better, I would not recommend purchasing these edibles. The flower from Budmail has been absolutely phenomenal, these edibles not so much.

  33. Menace

    5 pack/20mg thc per piece. Comes as advertised. Solid body buzz.. I take one daily just to heighten the high from everything else. Rookie smokers this will probably knock out. Either way it’s a good time and tastes great.

  34. bigcomfycouch

    I enjoyed these, the taste is not too bad. As for the effect I really liked these for night time use. A couple of these before bed and you’re riding your magic carpet to sleepy world in no time. I didn’t notice any grogginess the next morning either.

  35. JKFC

    I purchased the cola flavor along with the Mota cola gummies and prefer the Dosed ones more. IMO the flavor and texture is better also it’s 20mg per gummy. I cut the gummies in half as I usually take 10mg edibles to stay functional. Love this product!

  36. logicbud

    Eatables, are definitely the best way to enjoy relax, these are good, one gummies was good for me, nice buzz in about an hour. I bought black current and enjoyed the taste. Light users should definitely start with half a gummie at first

  37. Peek

    A very pleasant surprise! I haven’t always had the best luck with gummies – some work, most don’t (for me). I ate one and chilled on it for an hour – I felt something lingering but not fully there. Took half another and an hour later I was in the zone. Very nice texture and the bud flavour is barely noticable. overall very happy with these – will be ordering again soon. Thanks BM!!

  38. Zeldafan

    I initially tried half and didnt feel much. 1 full one was perfect. Took about 45 minutes before it kicked in but it was great when it did.
    I’m 5’9 ~220lbs. Someone lighter would probably do better with half to start

  39. Pal90

    I’m a pretty experienced consumer so 1 wasn’t enough, but that’s okay, because the flavor made me want more than one anyway! I tried the black currant flavor and it was super tasty!

  40. Marty

    Good taste and texture for a gummy! Not a super strong Cannabis flavour or smell to them, but the potency was pretty good. We each ate 2 and felt it, but would recommend 1 or even 1/2 for a new consumer!

  41. AT

    the gummies taste amazing and are super soft but they didn’t really get me high. normally a 20mg gummy is plenty for me but i didn’t feel anything from these.

  42. theateam

    These are the absolute best! I find the Dose gummies work best for me out of any candies that I have tried. I didnt even think they would work because I couldnt taste the THC but I was wrong they work great and taste yummy, double whammy!

  43. Norah

    I love anything dose brand, tastes great and packs a punch. They have a great texture and don’t have that funky taste that some of the other gummies do. My go to brand for sure!

  44. DayTimeLush

    These are great gummies, I really enjoyed them. They taste better than most edibles (the kiwi and peach are my favourite), and I was surprised at how strong they were. I use them to keep the buzz going when I take other edibles like the mota bars

  45. EatOverSmoke

    These gummies are soft and tasty, much softer than any other gummie we’ve had. The 20mg dose is good, and even feels a bit stronger than 20mg. The rootbeer and cola flavours were pleasant, but not “strong”, and it was nice that they didn’t have a strong cannabis flavour to them. Recommend these, and for new users, I would suggest a half gummy first just to make sure.

  46. CC

    I reviewed this product before purchasing and I was looking forward to trying it based on the high rating they have received here and bought 2 packages based on the favorable reviews. Unfortunately I did not realize the same effect. I tried half a dose initially and NOTHING so I increased the does to a full gummy and still no effect. I have ordered several types of other gummies with budmail and have not been disappointed .

  47. Rach

    Honestly this is one of the better tasting gummies I’ve recieved from this site, it doesn’t have a heavy cannabis taste. The buzz is nice and light, giving you a managable high that’s good for socializing.

  48. Keepon Smoking

    Addicted to these!! I find i can’t taste the THC and perfect high for those giggles and munchies with friends, definitely keeping my stock full with these!

  49. Smac

    previous orders i’ve only been able to order the multi pack which is better than nothing but if you have the chance order the singe flavor packs
    I recently tried pineapple~DELICIOUS
    and black current~not as tasty

  50. KidK

    Very tasty & Love the variety pack. No prefered flavors
    Similar to gummy bears. Light and not a heavy gelatine chew.
    Would definitely order again. 🙂 🙂

  51. BuffaloJay

    Great flavour – really liked the black currant ones. Nice calm buzz, relaxing. Had a good chew to them, with lol probably order some of these every time.

  52. Szuszi

    I love these. They are just enough to help me sleep a good 6 hours.
    I will be buying again!
    The discount was much appreciated too!
    Grateful for gummies!

  53. Selenium Sam

    Definitely decent gummies. I prefer Dose’s wine gummies to these but only from a flavor standpoint not the quality of the buzz. I would recommend them as the best quality gummy sold on BM.

  54. Graham

    Really enjoyed these but like the other ones chew them because they are slippery and soft and you could swallow them whole really easily and they gave me a nice night sweet calm mellow buzz

  55. Graham

    Tastes like root beer marshmallows and gives you a nice calming buzz you could swallow them they’re really soft and slippery so be careful and chew them

  56. Dan

    I really like the fact that you carry this product. I’d prefer it if they were a little bit stronger, however, they are are a welcome addition to your menu and I’ll definitely be ordering again

  57. DrunkJohnny

    Very tasty
    Love the variety pack
    No prefered flavors
    Enjoyed the texture. Similar to gummy bears. Light and not a heavy gelatine chew.
    Would definitely order again.

  58. Keepon Smoking

    This will for sure be a staple with every order from now on. The candy itself is quite good, of course you can taste the cannabis but at such a high dosage, not surprising.

  59. MissJ

    Nice taste and textur, first try with edible and one gummies at 20mg si perfect for smooth buzz
    I will definetly buy this gummies again and try flavor

  60. logicbud

    tastes great, sticks to your teeth so try not to chew it, let it melt in your mouth nice light buzz, takes time to manages the buzz; but, overall will buy again.

  61. Kassandra

    Just ordered these, really enjoyed them. Nice flavour, mellow, chill and helped with my headaches. I will be ordering these in future orders as I really liked them. Does was perfect.

  62. Tadeus

    After ordering the Kiwi flavour and being hesitant regarding what they’d taste like I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the and how good they tasted.

  63. GabRob

    I just love them !! The taste is nice, the buzz is even greater. I really think you should try them. The perfect way to start with edibles without worry

  64. Lt.Eyck

    Very tasty
    Love the variety pack
    No prefered flavors
    Enjoyed the texture. Similar to gummy bears. Light and not a heavy gelatine chew.
    Would definitely order again.

  65. Tkins

    I really love these gummies. They are handy as hell and pack a little punch but not enough to make you stupid high. They taste amazing! Only a little hint of cannabis

  66. Daisy90

    These are fantastic. They hit nicely and the flavors are accurate. I’m working up my tolerance, but so far I cut these in thirds and have two thirds at a time. That gets me lightly buzzed.

  67. PamP

    These are by far some of my favorite edibles. It hits you faster than others and the high is super fun, like full belly laugh fun. Definitely will buy again.

  68. Grover

    I’ve gotten these twice now; once in the halloween bundle, and i ended up buying the cola flavoured ones because I enjoyed the first package so much. They taste good, no real strong cannabis taste, and at 20 mg they give you a good body buzz but you can still function. They’re probably good for a moderate/occasional user. I would say about 30-40 minutes after ingesting, the effect was euphoric at first, then you get really sleepy. I take one an hour or two before bedtime and I sleep like a champ!

  69. dre

    These things are actually the first edible that I’ve tried that doesn’t taste like bud. No hint whatsoever I got the 100mg cola , at first I took a half , Didnt feel much of a buzz , next day I took a full gummy still didn’t feel much of a buzz either , maybe I needed to try more but I would definitely recommend

  70. Lulu

    These are excellents! Way better than Mota. I don’t consume every day. These are my weekend gummies. One is perfect for me. They are worth the price.

  71. Sedis

    These gummies are excellent. They are great for relaxing without making you tired. I also have found that I don’t get the munchies when I eat them. They are currently my favourite edible product!

  72. Envycleopatra

    The taste is ok, nothing special – however the buzz is exactly what I am looking for. Great dosing at 20mg per gummy – I either eat half or a full one depending on what I need to get done. The high is consistent and relaxing – but does not make me sleepy, which is perfect!

  73. mquinny

    Some of my favourite products on here. A little expensive but definitely worth the cost. Consistent dosing every time. A single gummies is enough for a 2-3 buzz.

  74. Complicated1316

    Found there was not much taste to them gummies, but got a nice relaxing buzz from half of one. Would buy again to use as a ‘top up”. I went through the package fast

  75. SnarleyQuinn

    These are actually pretty strong, at least for me and I don’t usually have a lot of luck with edibles. I ate one full gummy before bed and slept right through the night, something I haven’t done in months. Will definitely get these again, thanks BM!

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