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Double Strength Medicated Balm (MJ Touch)

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This simple yet effective balm is made with natural ingredients that along side with the cannabis plant offer many therapeutic elements to your healing and beauty regime. Decreases inflammation caused arthritis, fibromalyasia , menstrual cramps etc.

Doseage: 1000mg THC Extract: Honey oil Weight: 40g

Ingredients: Bees Wax, coconut oil, olive oil, cannabis extract (honey oil), essential oil

Directions: Apply a small amount gently to the area, slowly rubbing it into the skin until fully absorbed

14 reviews for Double Strength Medicated Balm (MJ Touch)

  1. Koibito

    Bought the natural, not to strong of a smell. Tried it twice now on achy muscles, seems to help. I don’t plan to use this for a high, but helped with pain…. And feels great on sunburnt. 🙂

  2. Gray8

    Just ordered this for a 2nd time, ordered lavender the first time and would’ve again if it was in stock, trying natural this time. Helps sore muscles after a long day.

  3. Remps

    This seems to work pretty well. It doesn’t take very long to start feeling pain relief, and lasted for a couple hours. Also, I didn’t have to apply very much.

  4. SharpieB

    My last review must not have taken or disappeared.

    I won’t buy this again. It did nothing for pain and no buzz whatsoever. My wife and I used 1/2 a bottle one night (shoulder and back pain). Zero. Nada.

    Won’t buy this again.

  5. J Man

    This honestly was a great product. Helped with sore skin and was definitely a help putting on before going to bed. Neck and back pain were relieved, if only for a little bit of time. Does not leave a sticky residue like others might 🙂

  6. suzie

    This is the best, for arthritis, pulled muscles, aches and pain. When I stop using this cream for a few days I go right back on it, better then suffering with pain. It is a life saver for me.

  7. Windaa

    I bought this for my mom because she’s been having a lot of pain on the backside of her knee from her calve to her hamstring. She’s been trying massage therapy, and taking a lot of medications for the pain which barely worked. She’s always been against anything to do with MJ and was very upset about legalization, but after she tried this balm she’s been loving it! It makes her pain dissapear very quick and its much healthier than the drugs she’s been taking. Since this stuff has been heloing her pain out so much, she’s actually willing to do a vape sesh with me lmao

  8. Tello

    Great product, relaxes the muscles and joints.
    Very effective and easy to use.
    Helps heal inflammation as well.
    Would definitely recommend!!
    A+ product…

  9. Juanita

    I have been completely off of any pain killers, this balm is the bomb!! I apply a little to the affected areas on my spine and haven’t had a sciatic attic since starting to use it (approximately 2 years) I do not smoke and cannot handle how marijuana makes me feel, I also use the 1:1 THC & CBD before bed and sleep like a baby. I highly recommend these products for arthritic and nerve pain management.

  10. In’trepidüs

    Absolutely great product! You get a bang for your buck with the wax texture, so it lasts a lot longer than other topicals. I give this 5 stars. The lavender smells really nice as well!

  11. Piper7

    Awesome product. Finally have gotten relief from arthritis in my fingers. Noticeable difference in amount of Inflammation and swelling in my fingers and hands, making it so much easier to move them. Will be recommending.

  12. talie420

    Love this product. Alot goes a long way. I have restless legs and I use this cream and about 10 minutes later my muscles are not soar anymore. will be buying more. Bought one for my mother for her artritis. Im hoping i convert her! lol

  13. Rob

    This product is amazing. I just ordered my second container of it. I have neck and back issues and this helps my pain really well. I use a bit of this and smoke a joint and am good for the day. Helped me stop using opiod pain killers.

  14. iliketrees

    This product is great. It helps dull the aches of arthritis. A little bit goes a long way. I have purchased the non scented (natural) type and it BARELY smells of marijuana- no real detectable odour. I would recommend.

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