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Distillate (Dark Side Dabs) THC


1g Syringe for $35

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Produced locally by very, very long-time growers (two grandparents and their grandson) in Nelson BC, Dark Side Dabs produces very high quality oils and distillates.

Packaged in one gram syringes for convenient dosing, it can be enjoyed with a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint or hot knifed. Perfect for situations when immediate absorption is required.

12 reviews for Distillate (Dark Side Dabs) THC

  1. Stinkpants

    Good value and product – nice high, clean taste. Def 5 stars.
    Only one minor thing is, I wish the syringe was easier to use to refill standard cartridges.

  2. JT

    I like this Distalite and the price is great too, it was my original reason for grabbing this product. Thought I’d give it a go a try it out, I’m glad to admit I am very pleased! I use this is my bong as a topping to my poppers, and in my joints and sometimes I’ll slime up a cigaretteand boy is it ever effective, I was skeptical about the oil to begin with let alone using it in the way I am being an inneffective procedure, but I’ll tell you right now, it was effective! Such a blast! Great high, fantastic viscosity and mild (lemony) to no flavour. (Flavour wise it’s rememisint to most vape oil pen tastes.) FIVE STARRRRZ FEOM ME! THX BM for providing this darksidedabs distalite to all of us!

  3. Cooper

    Love this still. I order almost monthly for dark side dabs to make my gummies. Excellent stuff and excellent service too. I highly recommend. I love it.

  4. Outthebay

    This stuff is pretty good actually… for the price. It is almost as good as the daily oil, and $30 cheaper. Great for vaping out of a c-cell cart and battery.

  5. Akua420

    I love this stuff. It vapes really good, and gives a nice strong high. It’s not too thick so it is pretty easy to fill cartridges up with. Highly recommend.

  6. Dougie

    I really enjoyed this product. I used it in a pen and it worked awesome. I had to warm it in hot water to get it to a usable consistency to put it in the pen but after that it was smoooooooth sailing!

  7. CaptainChronic

    Good product. I’ve had Dark Side’s stuff before so I ordered this right away. I love how they’re a local, B.C. homegrown company. Nice thickness, dark golden amber coloured distillate. Easy to distribute from the syringe and work with to fill my Yocan Evolve vape. Dabbed well on that and on my friend’s bong nail. Taste good too. But gave a mild to medium high, even from dabs. I would eat it if I ordered it again because it gave a stronger edible high than dab high. It was good, but Secret Garden Extracts was better. 8/10. But I would buy it again.

  8. G Funk

    Works fine, but I was dissapointed it was not useable in a vape pen. just too thick. Stick with dabs or spreading on a paper for a nice add on to your j’s.

  9. Akua420

    I usually use cherry oil but decided to try this, and I won’t be buying again. The high was good, it is strong and does the job but I wasn’t crazy about the flavour at first.

  10. Halos

    Maybe i just didnt do it right or maybe i got a bad syringe but mine was just meh…. i expected distillate to be STRONGER than say ORO honey oil (~80%) but when put up along side that exact oil it was not only weaker but ORO had it beat on taste HANDS DOWN. Its not bad but I really did prefer Dark Side Dab’s Honey Oil to their Distillate.

  11. Hutch

    Great concentrate to go with. Whether your using a vape pen, dab rig or adding it to a joint, you will definitely get good bang for your buck. Highly recommend!

  12. Kg120

    If you’re into distillates this is definitely a good hang for your buck! Not too thick like some may come so it’s perfect for your vape. Has a clean taste and I’d say about 70-80% thc

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