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Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer


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This easy to use Atomizer gives you a simple solution for dabbing on the go. Simply attach to your favourite 510 thread battery or, when purchased with the Puma-Mini Magnet and the the Puma Mini-Vape Kit, simply pop it into the Atomizer slot and go.

This product is sold individually and does not come with battery, vape, charger or magnet attachments.

12 reviews for Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer

  1. wassamhere

    I had to get another one of these quicker than I expected as shatter seems to gum these up much quicker than other concentrates like terp sauce. Also, upon refilling once, my clumbsy self dropped the atomizer and dented it at the thread pattern making it a pain to seal. A little delicate, or maybe an unlucky drop. Needless to say, fine product but be careful! Fill BEFORE you medicate 😉

  2. wassamhere

    I really like this atomizer. Ive been using it with shatter and it tastes wonderfully and makes decent clouds. It is a challenge to maintain/clean however and looks like it will need replacing often. (Hence my 4 star rating). Will be buying again, a great entry-level concentrate experience.

  3. Orchyd

    update: coil doesn’t work after first hit and breaking the wafer thin metal screen, hope I can rinse it out but might have broken it. Should have put the money towards a yocan pen 🙁

  4. Orchyd

    Doesn’t come with instructions about the screen which broke right away in the chamber. So I took it out and threw it away..
    I put a small amount of shatter on the coil and it worked well so far on my toko pen

  5. Growers Rent

    Great product and a must have for all lovers of concentrates. It works great with all the different concentrates they sell here. I got this at the same time as the Puma Mini kit and I was blown away. So far I have tried CO2 oils, shatter, budder, and rosin in this chamber. It burns it all very well. I would highly recommend this product for all lovers of concentrates.

  6. Bob Roberts

    Not too bad for the price. Works perfectly with the Puma mini, just make sure you get the magnetic ring attachment if you want to switch with the included atomizer.

  7. Sublime-haze

    So, I just got mine today, so far I’m digging this little thing.

    So to start, some info I wasn’t really able to get until I had it in my hands. I found the resistance of the coil to be around 1.5 ohms. So far I’ve been hitting it between 8 and 10 watts keeping the coils within 3.6v-4.0 volts when firing.

    I like the way it hits so far, I found it best to heat the coil for a couple seconds then let go of the fire button on my box mod, the fire up the coils again and inhale. I wouldn’t mind something more heavy duty that fires at a higher wattage, but this will definitely work for now. I’m not a heavy concentrates user so for the price, this does the job nicely.

  8. Brigow

    Great little cart for some concentrates, doesn’t hold a lot, but you’d be surprised on the amount of draws and clouds a load will produce! Works great on most of my batteries. Thanks BM cheers 🍻

  9. Mrw

    I bought this recently. Tried using it with my puma mini and some pho I ordered…..barely did anything. I don’t feel like I did any thing wrong myself it just simply wouldn’t work

  10. Gen Brock

    I have had all sorts of issues with other atomizer heads dying on me fast or being overwhelmed/flooded with oils, so I bought this little wonder for my puma/sparks to try it out. Has worked with Isolate, wax, and oils. Extremely impressed. It has become my number one go-to for vaping. When used with an adjustable (ie the sparks) it can atomize just about anything. Like it so much I am getting a back up and some extra coils. Great product once again, BM! Cheers!

  11. Perryl

    “So far, this is working very well. I have tried LHO in it, threw some THC-A isolate in there with it. That was pretty good. I wanted to try and saturate the coil enough that it wouldn’t work, like with all of my broken pens, so I put about .3 of DSD Honey Oil in it, and it still works. Works quite well, actually. So, for now, I like this atomizer, but I gotta see how many refills it can handle.

    New vapers need to know, atomizers don’t live forever, but neither do packs of papers.”

  12. Goldpony

    I’ll be honest I had my doubts. After a couple of hits with some PHO it has become a daily go to when relaxing with the feet up! This is a game changer! VAPE ON!

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