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Duke Nukem

Hybrid (Sativa)

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Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is a sativa-dominant hybrid crossed from Chemmando and Chernobyl and is named after the coarse yet popular video game character. The buds are a dark forest green, dense and have dark orange pistils sporadically sprouting about plus a few purple leaves, all covered with a very fine dusting of trichomes. Duke Nukem emits earthy notes with a hint of sweetness and berry, reminiscent of skunky tropical punch. It has a unique blend of lavender, mint, and wine flavours on the inhale followed by a citrus aftertaste. When chopped and rolled, Duke Nukem smokes to lovely grey and white ash.

Duke Nukem delivers a classic sativa-high: an uplifting cerebral buzz that invokes creativity and energy, with happiness and the giggles taking over later. This is a great daytime bud, good for outdoor activities or hanging out with friends. Duke Nukem would also be recommended for chronic stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite with these effects.

Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Berry
Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Creative

Medical: Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite

1 review for Duke Nukem

  1. highgrade

    was very impressed with this stuff upon first appeal and it would have been perfect but for some reason it was so extremely harsh to inhale! actually left your lungs feeling heavy and hurting!! even the next morning you could feel the discomfort!

    5/5 appearance
    5/5 smell
    overall beautiful bud that unfortunately was ruined by its harshness, not enjoyable at all and very hard to smoke! not sure if it was sprayed or what happened there!

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