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Dutch Hawaiian

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Dutch Hawaiian

Dutch Hawaiian is a cross of Hawaiian Sativa and Dutch Treat. Known for its delicious flavour and uplifting daytime effects. Grown with love by our friends over at Taco Farms. The buds are very sticky and resinous and quite large. Mossy green with pale orange pistils while the cure is on point. The flavour is much like those of its parents with tropical fruit accented by earthy pine and a slight pungency upon exhale. A surging uplift that is happy and productive buzzes throughout. Soaring and stimulating while relaxing and cuddly. Overall, this Dutch Hawaiian is sure to be a new daytime favourite!

Flavours: Creamy, Sweet, Berry, Tropical
Effects: Creative, Energizing, Focus, Happy, Uplifting
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, PMS, PTSD, Stress

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

132 reviews for Dutch Hawaiian

  1. goldleaf

    Amazing sativa dominant hybrid, great smooth smoke and refreshing head high with a nice body mellow. Clean burning and a consistent smoke that leave a nice finish with a pure light grey ash.

  2. SheHigh

    One of the best ones yet! This was a great strain, one that you can tell as soon as you see the product. Once you open the bag, the nose begins to tingle with the sharp smell of quality.
    I will be ordering again!

  3. j-$

    it smells amazing but the potency and taste are both a little lacklustre. got it for a steal on sale and although it was definitely worth the price, i would personally opt for a quad next time.

  4. North of 60⁰

    Dont let the other strains fool you, this weed burnes nice in a joint, if you use a screen in your bong be ready to clean it constantly, very very fresh big buds overall very happy with smell/taste of this one and will forsure buy some more!

  5. clutcher

    First time trying this strain.The buds are large and smell delicious.The taste is like the Dutch Treat of old with a tropical twist.Great smoke for breakfast,lunch and supper.Can’t beat the prices either.Will be puchasing again.

  6. Nik

    I absolutely love this stuff! I was only vaping indica before I found this and omg I wants to vape this all the time! I’m ordering a bigger bag this time

  7. gmac

    I really dig this one. Absolutely perfect for daytime use. Puff a doob and then wander the city or the waterfront. That’s going to be a real nice day. Enjoy!

  8. Tarboss

    This batch is even better than the last in my opinion. Very large buds covered in lovely crystal. This will gum up your grinder for sure, could be cured a tiny bit dryer.
    Lovely sweet citrus taste and balanced cerebral high. Very nice !

  9. Fliii

    I ordered this bud because of all the great reviews it had but unfortunately, it didn’t hit the spot like i had hoped. The bud itself was trimmed well but the smoke and the taste wern’t the greatest. It burns out quickly and doesnt smoke well in spliffs. It DID however have a great high! I’m mostly an indica smoker but this high was pretty mellow for the day time. Would recommend if taste and smell dont mean much to you.

  10. CBDee

    Not as good as previous batches that were AAAA, but still really nice. Smoked well and tasted great. Really nice white ash as well. Dutch Hawaiian is one of my favourites, it always smells and tastes wonderful. But still, looking forward to this coming back as AAAA.

  11. Smolhoot

    Always a favourite! Especially when it’s the big deal of the week! I’ve mixed Dutch Hawaiian and blueberry 50/50 and had a nice giggle, cerebral high and didn’t burn out. Highly recommend that mixture.

  12. ChefAaron

    A citrus, fresh flavour has made this flower one of my favourites. When I rolled this product into a joint, it rolled beautifully and smoked even better. I would highly recommend purchasing this strain, as it hits all the things you want in a flower.

  13. Terry Ashton

    Been waiting to try the Dutch. Excellent for insomnia. That doesn’t mean that it knocks you out, just that when it is time to sleep, I get a relaxing sleep quickly. Very nice uplifting high. Just be careful not to smoke too many. Pretty much as advertised and will remain on my Favorite List for the future.

  14. Senior

    Had this before in the sativa sample pack found it little different this time maybe because it was indica on the package When I order it said it was saliva confusing

  15. K & C

    Definitely worth a try! These taste pretty great – tried both peach belline, and the strawberry champagne, Wonderful flavors, and work great! We’re heavy smokers so we started with two each, and went up to three one day, great time had by all. No paranoia, or jitters, just a lovely happy high all day! definitely will be ordering again as soon as they have them in again!!

  16. MR.BS

    Smells and tastes great, high is a good mix of productive and intoxicating. Burn on my bag was decent but I did notice the taste changes for the worse on the second half of my joints (moreso than other recent purchases).

  17. shroomov

    Sadly the batch I got is not good at all. It burns dark grey/black ash, tastes horrible and the high isn’t very good. The free pre-roll (Sour Tangie) that came with it was excellent though. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to trying this train, now I will probably just toss the whole ounce =(

  18. hungrychef

    big, dense well trimmed bud. smells very sweet and fruity. burns clean, nice euphoric stoney feeling. will definitely buy again! ordered an eighth and received a little extra! always nice.

  19. Bakered

    The batch I received was super dank. Burned black and smoked horrible. I left the lid off and was pleasantly surprised on the results. Clean burn and a great stone.
    Would definitely recommend.

    Hey, if you ever have an issue with the burn, please forward us a picture at [email protected] and we’d be happy to investigate further : )

  20. Brian Boom Bap

    This latest batch was rated AAA instead of the original batch I got last time which was a AAAA (quad). The nugs were beautiful and trimmed perfectly, but were a tad dryer than the AAAA, which was sticky as hell. Still, the effects were just as potent, and the ash burned just as white. It’s a beautiful smell and feeling. Smells, like tropical fruits with that zesty cheese taste

  21. Riley

    Smoked nicely and felt very clear. Really enjoyed painting with this one. It starts out nice and slow then smooths out. Definitely one of my new favourites.

  22. Waeno

    good smoke, doesnt dominate my other quad, but smokes nice, taste good, smells great. gets me high. smell matches the substance of the smoke. makes me very hungry.


    An absolute top favorite. Great morning or afternoon high. I don’t feel a crash with this strain, more energetic than not and enjoy the fun that goes with the ride.

  24. MasterVin

    Dutch Hawaiian, very nice Strain 😁 perfect morning/daytime Buzz. Has great bag Appeal and the smell is very exotic with hint of Pineapple 🍍 nice white ash, burned nice in joints and my Bong. 8/10!👍☑️

  25. Drod

    So this weed is beyond what I imagined! The taste and smell is out of this world and I’m usually skeptical of some strains but this smokes so nice and it gives a great, happy high too!!!

  26. rEVOLution

    Excellent for waking you up. The sativa buzz is very nice and had me focused and ready to go.

    The taste was a treat, and I can definetly see myself buying more of this in the near future!

  27. K & C

    Lovely Taste, Light and airy buzz, no munchies. Keeps you smiling and happy, Great as a daytime puff for sure. Smells, and tastes like it sounds, Hawaiian!!

  28. K & C

    Definitely a light and summery high. Perfect for a daytime buzz. Great flavor, and value !! Definitely a worthy purchase, with no signs of the munchies afterward! a BIG PLUS!!

  29. Britt

    One of my absolute favourites! Creative, mellow, giggly and perfect for any time of the day or night! Same day delivery in the lower mainland is fab!!

  30. ab

    appearance 4.5/5 (exactly as pictured), smell 4/5, trim 5/5, taste 4/5, high 4/5. fluffy out of a manual grinder, but expect sticky fingers if you do it by hand.

  31. SwampsOfSnye

    i’ve been alternating between this and super silver haze as the first smoke of the day, prefer the dutch for the taste, smell and buzz. if the times permitted this would be a great strain for parties/gatherings, as it is, it’s still great to share with those in your bubble.

  32. Tpao

    I prefer indica over sativa, but added a few grams of this to top off one of my orders and was not disappointed! The nugs are beautiful, sticky with a subtle citrusy scent that is amplified when burning. The high is euphoric and potent and I will buy this over and over again – I’m now a fan of this strain. well done!

  33. J-Lee

    I love the big, sticky nuggies. First time trying this & it won’t be the last. A great started for the morning & the smell is kinda fruity, with a nice burn.

  34. Darkshade

    I usually buy Indica, but sometimes I will buy Sativa and I think that Dutch Hawaiian is one of the better Sativa strains. It has a pleasant aroma and taste. Perfect for a daytime or evening buzz. Recommended!

  35. mln_1969

    I had never tried this strain so I picked up a gram to try it out. I am glad I did! Great taste and smell. The high was amazing, I can’t stop smiling.

  36. Tarboss

    Big buds, great bad appeal. A very nice day or night smoke depending on how you choose to dose. A creamy citrus taste with a nice floral exhale. A nicely balanced high and a sticky grinder. Enjoy

  37. theblob

    Classic sativa. Not the best looking out there but full of resin with a very pleasant smell. It feels old school to me, like the strains we had access to before the internet era, when we were just dreaming about exotic strains while looking at High Times magazine.

  38. cmix336

    1st time trying this strain. Very impressed. Great flavour, smells amazing. Put me in a very relaxed and peacefull state yet energized and euphoric. Found it best for daytime use as it gave me a wave of chilled energy after an hour or so. Great for play time not necessarily for sleep time.

  39. Vapepuff

    Just received 28g of this beauty and it’s already my favorite Sativa strain. Sticky and fresh this weed produce a lot of smoke on my vape and the taste really good. Good job budmail!!!

  40. SheHigh

    This strain is yummy with a crisp pine taste. Smelly upon opening like any good Sativa! Buds were fresh and large. The smoke was very smooth, I will be getting some more for sure!

  41. AnAbsoluteAlien

    Beautiful forest green buds painted sporadically with orange hairs. The smell has strong hints of sweet citrus and once busted up it’s essence becomes super powerful. Tastes super clean and the first instances after a blast you experience instant euphoria. Can feel it in my eyes. Super uplifting strain, got a big smile stuck on my face. 9/10

  42. BANA56

    I’ve never had anything with this strain’s genetics before and I have to say, after smoking this first bowl, I am a fan. The buds have a nice tropical, fruity scent. This is a really nice strain for a wake n bake. Uplifting, happy, energizing effects. Tiny bit of harshness upon exhale. I happily did some chores with a pleasant head buzz. A bit lacking in potency but that’s ok.

  43. ShaneWNV

    I don’t usually like sativa but this one was very sticky and smokes good. Is good to have around for when you need a break from indica.

    I will proboboly order some again at some point it definitely did not let me down

  44. Clevergreene

    Sticky and beautiful! Ordered as a quad but arrived as a trip. Definitely not a quad like WMBike, but a very clean, clear and focused high. Not too trippy and just right to start the day. Tastes like strawberries and burns nicely once it sits out of the bag for a bit. Would order again.

    That was a sticker error! This one is AAAA for sure, sorry about the labelling mistake. -Budmail

  45. NorthernONt-baby

    Love this stuff, for daytime anything ! It really hits fast and makes you really happy I would recommend to anyone that is looking for
    sativa for gaming

  46. NorthernONt-baby

    Love this stuff, for daytime anything ! It really hits fast and makes you really happy I would recommend to anyone that is looking for the best quality stuff here

  47. G25

    100% improvement on second order. Found the first I got to be a touch brown between the bud and stem and somewhat tasteless. This order was fantastic. Very creamy, sweet delicious taste. Darkish pale green all the way through to the stem. Even with the the all around improvement- visual/smell/taste/high- still had little to no burnout. Can smoke this one all day and still get s*** done.
    This one is going on my list and will be ordering again and again.

  48. G25

    Really good for busy/productive days!
    Mellow buzz with little to no burnout in my experience. quality bud, suitable for wake and bakes. First time I ordered, it was labelled Triple – this time it’s Quad. Excited to see the difference.

  49. wardawg

    Just checking in to confirm that I have re-ordered in a heartbeat, twice, and glad I did because this stuff sells out ASAP. Such a great euphoric and energetic effect, and the fruity/cheesy smell is just so unique. Definitely one of my favourite sativas (Strawberry Jerry and Wine-gums/Pedro’s are some others).

  50. Peej

    Really really good! Picked this bud up cause I figured why not give er the ol college try and I was pleasantly surprised. I found that I didn’t get the munchies with this strain but it was a nice head high. Went a little too hard and had the spins for a bit but was able to ride it out.

    Definitely would buy again! Super calming and just a nice relaxing effect

  51. arrow39

    This Dutch Hawaiian was really nice super sticky nice big dense buds nice white ash burns beautiful wish I woulda grabbed more definitely would buy again

  52. Twisted_Toaster

    Clean Burn, Great daytime smoke with little to no burn out effects. pretty good nose that transitioned into a sweet smoke. Smooth on the inhale and exhale. Has a lot of those bready Dutch Treat essences to it.

  53. JulieK

    Very balanced high…have been finding it hard to find a sativa strain I like as some sativas can give me anxiety but had only good vibes from this strain. 🙏

  54. Britt

    This is an excellent high! I’m partial to the Dutch strain and always grab it when I see it! I also particularly enjoy the extra treats the good people at budmail occasionally throw in 😉

  55. The Boognish

    Second time ordering this and it never fails me. Smell is amazing when you open the bag and even better once you grind it up. Excellent sativa high, and is a bit of a creeper. Good for the daytime and great to get stuff done… but give it 15 minutes or so. No burnout after either. Definitely one of my go-to’s every time it’s available. Would definitely recommend and will buy again for sure.

  56. Highlander

    Truly amazing smell. You open the bag, you smoke a joint, you inhale from a vape. Regardless of how you take it, it’s perfect.
    Tropical nose and taste was very pleasant. The high was constant yet not overwhelming. Excellent quality. I saw the last 3.5 and picked it up immediately. Been wanting to try this for a while. WORTH IT.

  57. NastyNate

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy more! Great name for a great strain. This stuff is light and sticky, goes great in a joint or bowl. 8/10 overall 9/10 looks and 7/10 on strength in my opinion!

  58. wardawg

    Can’t believe this was not considered a quad. One of the most enjoyable sativas I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Uplifting, energizing, but not hazy at all (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good haze too!). Super fruity smell that smacks you every time you open the jar. Beautiful giant buds, sticky and fresh. Would re-order in a heartbeat.

  59. Selenium Sam

    Excellent product. Nice well-trimmed solid nugs with a pine/citrus fragrance and an extremely smooth smoke. The high is classic sativa with a very decent punch but a very nice level of energy for daytime use. Highly Recommend.

  60. Gill_Reviews

    One of my favourite strains!!
    It helps me stay productive and gives me a good boost of energy. I love the smell, it reminds me of being on a tropical island.

  61. Sage

    Great smell, tropical fruity citrus.
    Beautiful bud
    Nice slow burn
    Great sativa – uplifted mood, focused, productive & creative
    Always in my cart for order

  62. alyssalovesugly

    Delicious smelling and tasting! Smoked a joint on my balcony and the aroma was delightful. Buds were small and dense. Speedy delivery helped wash away all the Corona Virus Hysteria. Thank-you BM. Also FREE SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE HELL YAS.

  63. Bud Master Kojer

    Total rating – 4.7/5
    It was a decent price to begin with but when the sale hit I just had to jump on another bag. Thanks for bringing this back BM.

    Bag appeal – 4.25/5
    Looks like the pictures, all green with some light brown pistils. Long, chubby, conical-shaped buds, ranging in size from some larger than my thumb, a golf ball sized one, down to a couple popcorn nugs . Buds are fairly leafy in general, but are quite dense and have a super great trim job – very tightly manicured with no shake at all.

    Smell – 5/5
    My last review still stands. It smells like candy.. I want this as an air freshener – super fruity and citrusy with a cherry/herbal/eucalyptus twist and some pungent earthy/pine on the back end. Almost like the indica C4, but not quite as potently fruity while leaning slightly more towards the herbal/eucalyptus/sour pine.

    Taste & Burn – 4.7/5
    Vaguely similar to the smell. I’d say 60% sweet pine, 25% citrus, 10% eucalyptus, 5% pungent earthy-ness. The only way I got any fruity notes were in a dry herb vape but still mostly a piney/citrus. Burns cleanly, and the smoke is pretty much always smooth.

    High – 4.8/5
    I’m more of an indica person but I always keep some sativas around for good wake & bakes, and this little Hawaiian dutchess is one of my favourites and top 5 sativas, possibly top 3. It’s like smoking a good mild indica and having a strong cup of coffee. Sativa effects come out as pure mental stimulation, invigorating and alert it makes you want to be social and/or productive with little to no anxiety, overstimulation, or racing thoughts. It’s balanced by some indica effects as purely a tingly body numbing/relaxation that makes you want to just sit down and laze. Can be out and about/up and productive or a lazy couch potato; a truly unique strain in my opinion. And will continue to buy again.

    Wow, nicely done!


  64. AP2000

    Lovely big nugs, nice cure, and a lovely sweet funk that greets you when opening your package! Flavour-chasers look no further. This is sweet and delicious! And the buzz is a great daytime affair. Positive edged and productive! Dutch Hawaiian is always a big winner for me!

  65. Bricky

    Wow! This is one of the best smelling bud to pass threw my wiffer in awhile! Sweet tropical floral fruity! Nice sweet Taste to go along burns nice and clean! Just a real treat to smoke another top quality flower strain from [email protected] boys! If you haven’t tried it yet you better order some this weekend while it’s on sale! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks budmail!

  66. alyssalovesugly

    This strain was such a treat! I’m not usually smoking sativa but the genetics caught my eye so I bought it. The buds smelt so floral and were large, and the terpenes just really made me giggly. I really enjoyed this buzz.

  67. OldJames

    Two of my favorite sativas hybrid into one! Emmidate euphoria that mellows down to a very functional and feel good high. Super sticky buds that produce thick tasty vapor. Flavour is a little muted compared to something like watermelon but still delicious. Perfect strain for the holidays!

  68. AP2000

    I go in for this every time it’s on the menu. Such a great flavour in a vape with a pungent tail end. Tropical and sweetly piney, hits all the right notes on the high as well. Very enjoyable and the high is blissful! This batch is cured and trimmed well.
    Thumbs way up on this one! Thanks BM!

  69. BlazaFatty

    Bought 7 grams and it was well worth it. The buds are big, beautiful and covered in Trichromes. The smell is like a funky, citrusy, pineapple-y smell with a hint of “cheesey goodness”. The effects are great in that it calms you down and provides a sense of well-being. You can definitely blaze this all day. It is unique cause you can be productive or you can chill out and read/game/netflix/eat with no overbearing laziness at all.

    5/5 for taste, smell, looks and unique effects for all-day usage. Definitely a rebuy

  70. SID

    So tasty!!1 great for period cramps and PMS issues for daytime. Helped me get off my ass and make some food for myself and others. Was perfect after waking up from a nap and feeling out of it. A lovely taste, super clean burn 🙂 This is another great medicinal strain from Budmail!

  71. Montecore

    Decent! This stuff is strong and yet still leaves you functional. Perfect for a day off. Dutch? Feels like I’m in Hawaii, haha. Highly recommended to anyone.

  72. ActionCackson

    Smells amazing and tastes great, you almost want to smoke it in joints alone as the taste and smell are intoxicating. Took a joint or two for it to creep up but feels great. Awesome for chilling and good all around.

  73. Bud Master Kojer

    Total rating – 4.75/5

    Bag appeal – 4.5/5
    Looks like the pictures, dark green hues and hearty coating of trichomes; looks like they were dropped in the sand. Mostly large golf ball size buds with some small ones, and damn near ZERO shake, just a few gangly stems that could have been trimmed but pack was .4 grams over so it works out.

    Smell – 5/5
    Holy hell I wish this was an air freshener smell you could buy.. super fruity and citrusy with a cherry/eucalyptus twist and some pungent earthy/pine on the back end. Almost like the indica C4, but not quite as potently fruity while leaning slightly more towards earthy/sour pine.

    Taste – 4/5
    Vaguely similar to the smell. I’d say 85% pine, 10% citrus, 5% earthyness. The only way I got any fruity notes were in a dry herb vape but still mostly a piney/citrus. Burns cleanly, and the smoke is normally quite smooth but can be a bit hot/harsh in larger bowls.

    High – 4.8/5
    A very well balanced hybrid. It’s like smoking a moderate indica and having a strong cup of coffee. Sativa effects come out as pure mental stimulation, invigorating and alert it makes you want to be social and/or productive with little to no anxiety or overstimulation. It’s balanced by the indica effects as purely a tingly body numbing/relaxation that makes you want to just sit down and relax. Can be out and about/up and productive or a lazy couch potato; a truly unique strain in my opinion. And will buy again.

  74. SmokeAnothaOne

    I really like the nose on this one! It’s sweet and almost flowery. Productive high as well, I actually got off my ass and went shopping with the homie for a couple hours haha. If you want motivation, a couple bowls will do ya;)

  75. OG Daze

    I absolutely loved how big and compact the flower was and it tastes amazing 😊 wasn’t harsh to inhale and the high quality was top notch definitely buying again

  76. theblob

    Sweet and fruity, very pleasant smell. It feels like traveling to an exotic island and being surrounded by girls with flower necklaces. A very nice day strain.

  77. crbcrowes420

    Great! Got a guad first and the got half Z. Really good daytime or for doing something other than lazin’ and watchin’ TV. Love it for jamming out.
    Definite score!

  78. snackin

    This is my absolute favorite strain. It smells exactly how it sounds, very tropical. I’d recommend using it in a dry herb vape. The bag appeal was great. If you pair this strain with an enjoyable, stimulating activity, you will have a great time. Even cleaning the house is fun with this strain!

  79. Prince

    Im typically drawn to a good sativa. This had a nice scent and flavor. Delivered a nice buzz but wasn’t as powerful as i had hoped it would be. Would consider repurchasing to try again.

  80. Blaze4Daze

    I had the previous batch of this and it was pretty good. Had a nice mellow calming high but i didnt find it to be a heavy hitter which is what i like. Buds busted out very nicely.

  81. dsokDonna

    First review… was waiting for something where I could say YUP nice buzz, and it lasts. Nice mellow high, can still work… definitely worth price!!

  82. Greenfred

    Great bud nice smooth taste great high able to function ,talk, party super for catching a flick .Really pleased with this bud.Should have gotten a full oz instead of 1/2.I think you should have to get a minimum of 1/2 oz before you can write a review you can’t tell crap from a gram!

  83. Edgy1

    Nice big sticky buds. The best Sativa I’ve ever had. Nice relaxing high that doesn’t glue you to the couch. If you want a great daytime hit, this is it!

  84. Ojib

    Proper bud, as soon as you open the bag smells outstanding and trimmed nicely as always. Really good Sativa came down nice no burning out. Had it in a bowl it wasn’t harsh at all tasted even better then it smelled. Definitely AAAA if its still available on my next order I will be getting more.

  85. Ojib

    Very nice buds, smelt so fresh and strong went really nice in a bowl it was pretty smooth and tasted very fruity and lemony. Definitely AAAA if its still there on my next order im definitely gonna get some more.

  86. alyssalovesugly

    True QUAD super tastey and burned white ash. Amazing! Truly AAAA! The buds clearly had a hand trim as well, I love the private growers. Keep delivering on that quality BUDMAIL, can’t wait to buy more! 🙂

  87. lostintheclouds

    This is a great strain!!! Not a personal favourite for anything specific but just an all around nice buzz. I like smoking this mid day and it keeps me feeling good for some time.

  88. Mykhthrone

    I love this pot! I think it’s my favourite so far! Smells amazing, I can’t get my nose out of the bag, but even better is the buzz. Clean, calming buzz, like god is rubbing my tummy, if I belived in God, which I don’t so there. Back to this bud…Order up before it’s gone because this is sweet!

  89. Buds all day

    This stuff was really good, good burning , good tasting, good buzzing, not to sleepy, nice daytime smoke . Would purchase this one against except I would up my order!!

  90. 👌

    This is some nice weed. Really liked the taste of this one. Burns nicely to a white/grey ash. Not the best looking stuff around but I would definitely purchase again

  91. JJ

    Buds look incredible, just as pictured. Flavour was good but not great. High was somewhat mild and short but very pleasant. Good day time smoke if your looking to do something productive.

  92. GuiltyRemnant

    5/5 on bag appeal, 3/5 on high – the effects are immediate but mild and don’t last. Ash burns much darker than it should with a flower that looks and smells this nice.

  93. Edgy1

    All I can say is WOW! For a Sativa, this is the best! Huge sticky buds covered with crystals and an instant buzz that leaves you fully functional while visiting the twilight zone. I bought 7 grams to try it out but will definitely reorder a larger quantity. A 10/10 in my books.

  94. Brad181

    Great strong sativa, dense sticky buds that pull apart instead of crumble like gov weed. Leaves a strong taste in the back of the throat, very unique flavor but I think it tastes great. 10/10 my favorite bud to date.

  95. gogetyourshinebox

    Absolutely beautiful sativa…..smell, taste, high, EVERYTHING. This is such a balanced and relaxed strain perfect for the daytime. No anxiety whatsoever! Gonna stock up on this gem for sure

  96. Hdollops

    moist af and tasty af…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  97. Amazing smoke

    Top notch sativa. Nice bag appeal, nugs are long and hairy, for yet light, the buzz was nice and energetic with a fruity taste. Would buy again

  98. Michio

    Love this stuff its awesome ! A great buzz that gives u lots of get up and go !! Would highly suggest trying this wonderful strain of sativa 🙂

  99. Mariss

    I found this strain through the Sativa sample pack and am very happy I did. High is enjoyable and creates a sense of contentness and that says a lot coming from an anxious person. Great for day time or a more energetic evening.

  100. woody

    i have ordered dutch hawaiian a few times now and all three batches were top notch, the second you open the bag the tropical smell smashes u in the face, very smooth/tasty smoke, not the dankest strain they offer but worth every pennie, would buy again in a heart beat

  101. Anonymous

    I absolutely love the Dutch Hawaiian! Great smoke for any time of the day. The buzz was an absolutely perfect hybrid for my tastes. The smell was phenomenal and the bag appeal was also good! Definitely a go to for me in the future!

  102. theon

    Fantastic smoke pleasant aroma perfect size nugs all of this and more Can be found within this beautiful example of cannabis. You can’t even feel the smoke entering your lungs and the high lasts for hours.

  103. Gfunkton

    Great quality average sized buds for the average price range, super fruity aroma, coupled with the great jar appeal make this a great mainly sativa strain to add to any collection

  104. Anonymous

    Delicious, munchy-inducing strain. It’s a fun sativa, and I would consider trying it again. Had me energetic and even a little agitated, so I would recommend this as a strictly daytime strain. The hybrid notes do not quite set it off–the high is a pure sativa rush, and any of the indica in its lineage came through via munchies for me. The bud I received was very fluffy.

  105. BATman42p

    Superbe produit, plein de trichomes, odeur gout ! Sans parler de son effet des plus euphorie. Bravo!

  106. budman403

    Great taste, great aroma. Long lasting buzz. Looking forward to more.

  107. Bad apple

    I got this Dutch Hawain and white haze both are superb strains but Dutch Hawain is a bit stronger

  108. Muskoka420

    Pick some up now. Great strain. Wonderful flavour,dry and cure. Buds were on the small side but coated in crystals. The high is pledent and long lasting with no burnout. Thanks for more quality meds BM

  109. Magicman

    Nice taste and aroma! Smooth smoke with a decent buzz that lasts. One of the better strains from this price bracket.

  110. Twitch

    Very impressed with this bud, extremely cerebral and not much of a burn out. Very pleased!!

  111. Ulysses666

    This strain is as legit as it gets. Good for day time OR night time. Good for video games/watching stuff or physical activities. The bud is perfect. The high is amazing. One of the better strains on the site.

  112. metnofal

    By far my favourite at this price level. Gorgeous to the eye. A sweet aroma. Smooth and tasty.

  113. polarbuzz91

    love this strain my go to smoke all day long, good daytime smoke

  114. Buzydyk

    “Man let me tell you, i ordered about 4 different 1G strains to see which i liked, Blueberry haze (looked like green house buds, i can buy it for 120$ a z here) was terrible, lemon violator had an awsome smoke, but THIS

    Dutch Hawaiian was amazing. The smell it had i have not smelt in about 3-4 years. Smoked nice in a blunt and a joint, but man the looks and smell of this batch was just simply amazing. I had to order more”

  115. baked potato

    This stuff was pretty deadly. I wasn’t expecting the nice flavor and the stone to be as good as it was. The rips were clean and the stone was pretty long lasting. Definitely worth checking out!

  116. Herbdaily

    This is my fav herb ive tried from this site. Visc Hawaiian sativa and trusty ol dutxh treat.. This is a pleasure.. daytime smoke very well flushed .. Burns perfectly . . this is why I buy my stuff here

  117. T DOT

    “Over all good smoke/nice taste/good buzz. Great value, recommended.


  118. therealstuff

    Something about this strain is magic. Beautiful trichome covered buds (medium size) with a smell thats sweet and floral. This strain has a Strong sativa punch, be warned. Definitely one of my new favourites

  119. therealstuff

    Gorgeous medium sized buds that are frosted in trichomes. Smells delicious, the smoke is clean and smooth. Its clearly been flushed very well before harvest. Im astounded at how good this stuff is, this was my first time trying this variety.

  120. iliketrees

    This is grade A stuff. Smells amazing. I am very impressed with the very strong taste and the high is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend the Dutch Hawaiian!

  121. Old Smoker

    “Product-A mild smoke that really gets the synapses firing. Tastes great and the sativa effects are rejuvenating for your mind. This is a five star product.

    Service-These days ordering and delivery are a breeze. Through no fault of mine or budmail my order was delayed in transit. Budmail’s help desk was helpful and resolved the problem in a very short time. This is five star service.

    Excellent product delivered to your door, makes you proud to be a Canadian.”

  122. bongerella

    dutch hawaiian was exactly as described. this is definitely a bud that i could smoke all day and just feel happy and energetic. 9/10 on my scale.

  123. nugtender

    Pretty nice stuff. Not the best I’ve gotten from Budmail, however. Buds were smaller and more ‘popcorny’ than I would have liked. Smell was nice, but bud felt and look compressed. Smokes well-didn’t get me blasted, but still decent.

  124. SIREN

    it has a surprisingly sweet and fruity taste! also very dusty, it produced much kief all over my fingers when i touched a bud and bust up nicely in my grinder. very fluffy! its got a very dank sweet smell as well,i found even leaving a small nug or gram on my table was enough to aroma the entire room. you will not be disappointed the high was not as strong as i expected it might be, but it is a great high none the less and perfect for socializing/being outdoors kind of bud. not bad all around, would buy again!

  125. Jchef

    great daytime or anytime high for creative or energetic pursuits, smooth flavour with nice looking buds.

  126. Gipguq

    Very good bud nice to run into a sticky strain every now and then. Great daytime buzz.

  127. Azzkikka

    Great bud. Great high. Kind of smelled funky and tasted like my socks after a good workout.

  128. Belman

    Great smell and taste.
    Burns very cleanly.
    If you’re a sativa lover, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

  129. UncleBudd

    Excellent, smooth flavour.
    Great way to start the day.

  130. Magicactus

    Lovely… wonderful nose and bag appeal upon opening… fruity scent with hints of pineapple… buds are decent sized over a gram mostly and seriously dipped in crystal… soft and incredibly tacky to the touch… first spliff was real smooth… nice flavor… high came on quick and a real nice typical Sativa stone as called for… definitely pick up a little more of this one… If you like a Sativa you gotta try it.

  131. SomaDoll

    Excellent smooth smoke on both inhale and exhale. Smell is potent and high has an initial head rush to it and then a definite euphoric lift. Buds arrived as pictured.

  132. beansandrice

    back in the early 00’s here in sw ontario there was a lot of herb that smelled like wine-gum candies and this smells very close to that. heavy buds with lots of resin, with a deep cherry/menthol/cheese musk. high is warm and enjoyable : )

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