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Premier Line – El Muerte

AAAA Grade | Premier Line | Indica | Organic

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El Muerte is an indica dominant phenotype of Death Bubba, and this is a truly top shelf example. This batch was grown organically by one of our finest sources and displays some jaw-dropping visual appeal. The larger colas have deep purple highlights amidst the fresh greens and are heavily concentrated with resinous trichomes. The bud formation is dense and they have been expertly cured and hand-trimmed. When you open your jar, you’ll be greeted with a loud blast of fuel, spicebox and an earthy/nutty musk. The taste is robust, gassy and sweet floral notes are most prominently showcased. The immediacy of the effects of this strain are impressive. You’ll notice quicksand effects with a heavy sedating potency and stoney introspective thoughts, as such, this may not be your best best for a morning strain. If you’re searching for a top shelf strain that will deliver the big calm, El Muerte will be happy to get you there without delay.

Flavours: Fuel, Sweet, Nutty, Musky
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nightmares, Stress

23 reviews for Premier Line – El Muerte

  1. theblob

    This is a perfect example of what a Premier strain should be. She has the look, she has the smell, she has that resinous texture, she burns clean, she has everything. And as a good indica, she will knock you out in no time, leaving you wondering what year it is.


    Nice buds great strain. Thought this strain would have more of a pungent smell. Overall high was good would order more in the future. Nice sticky buds thanks BM

  3. Linksblueocarina

    Wow! BM , Impressive stuff .. buds look even better in person compared to the pictures you displayed , It’s a heavy weight and I recomend this stuff 4sure … thank you 😀

  4. Perseid

    As advertised. Smells awesome, looks awesome, tastes awesome, super sticky, HEAVY. A couple hits in and I put it out to live to fight another day.

    I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

  5. beefy

    100 Percent hands down one of the best strains i have tried. very sticky smells good taste great a little harsh looks awesome very good trim job. all around great job

  6. KarmaChameleonTO


    Oh man – so I’m a fairly heavy smoker with a decently high-tolerance. Sativas make me giggle, and even most heavy indicas just chill me out, usually. However, sometimes I want something strong enough to knock me out for sleep, l even if I am hyped up or anxious. A few weeks ago I tried Death Bubba and IT WORKED A TREAT! Like it hit me like a prescription tranquilizer does. It was AMAZING. When I came back to order A LOT more of it, I was super bummed they were out. But then I saw El Muerte was a Death Bubba cross.

    I snapped up a big jar El Muerte, even though it’s a bit out of my regular price point. I just needed to see if it was as big of a knock-out as Death Bubba, and then if it was, I was going to HOARD it!

    El Muerte delivers and then some!! If you have any trouble sleeping – GRAB ALL OF THIS! It’s so heavy I will pass out without realizing it happened. i adore it.

    El Muerte is for when you want to be super heavily medicated, or ushered firmly into sweet unconsciousness. DO NOT think that you’re going to party on this. Unless your idea of a party is being zonked out cold on the couch – in which case, this is the best party ever!

  7. KD

    I won’t take any stars off for this since it’s understandable but the buds don’t fully look like the pic. Lighting, camera, background play a huge part.

    With that being said, this is really good. I don’t recommend consumption if you have stuff to do (don’t take this lightly). It won’t knock you out but it’ll definitely make the day/moment feel like a drag. Went to a Raptors playoff game last night and was completely zoned in lol. Proceed with caution.

  8. Magicactus

    Its a very nice smoke… has a nice nose to it but not anywhere near as pungent as some have said. Bought a third jar thinking it was going to be overwhelmingly good, without having tried the first two jars… specials might effects some of us that way… not as impressed as I normally am with premier… none the less it has gotten a little better I think since last week, and hopefully jar time will really make it worth while. Beyond that it is a great batch of week worth the dollars.

  9. GrizzlyWindu

    Love this stuff. I’m always supper impressed with the premier line. The taste and aroma that this batch gives off is euphoric. Burnt great in the bong, and i enjoyed rolling a couple as well. Will definitely order this stuff again!

  10. Ryanjdealwis

    Buds look amazing, and the smell is intoxicating alone. Very unique kush-type, with complexities. I didn’t find this to be couch-lock, but I did sleep really well. I expected this to burn cleaner for premier line, would like to see more organically grown flowers, I feel like this worth the money, however, I would expect it to be extreme quality for this price point. Expectation can fuck with your head!! All in All really nice strain, could burn cleaner.

  11. vanzolini

    Im a very picky customer here, rarely give 5 stars .. but this deserves 5.
    taste and smell are strong , dense sticky nugs. immediate heavy indica couch lock .
    one of the better indicas ive had, will be ordering more.

  12. cremedonut

    What can I say… wow! These tender nuggets are a lush green colour, dense and very sticky. The name of the strain makes you feel extremely cool while partaking, and the high itself is impressive – less couch-lock than I was expecting, and uplifting! Chilled me right down, made me want to enjoy and savor some media.

  13. RadGreen

    The Death. Good times. Gums up your fingers. Gums up your buster. Gums up anything it touches. This stuff is practically oozing. If you have never tried a premier line but really really want to, now is as good of time as any. Best smoked at home and not when you go to watch a movie in theatre because you will probably fall asleep 20 minutes in.

  14. Peach71

    First time trying a premier line and I’m impressed! Ordered a gram and thats all I needed, one toke had me sweating
    soaring, and feeling super zen, well worth my money.

  15. Prince

    I typically never buy indica except for the fact that it helps me sleep. I’ve never really tried a high grade version either so when I tried this i was happily surprised that it didnt knock me on my butt right away and I was able to enjoy the effects first 🙂

  16. Marshall

    Now that is what I’m talking about nice and STICKY and stinky absolutely love this one especially with the 10% off .I think the price is fair I would have to say it’s better then Star killer I got from Broken Coast good job bud mail keep getting stuff like that.

  17. BubbaCheesePls

    Now that my second order is in for this I will leave my review. This offering is so nice, I had to buy it twice. Why you ask? Cause it feels like I’m breathing in poison while wearing a gas mask. This weed is so nice, it will make you want to eat some rice. Add some whack, you got yourself a beef stack. Cry some more? Hit this baby and fucking soar. One of the better premiers I’ve experienced in the past 10+ years. I’m not usually this silly with reviews but this shit has me feeling good. I love this at the end of the night in my volcano. Shit just gets me absolutely ripped and my tolerance is not low to say the least as I’m a medical user. Good shit, BM. The nose on this one is pure sex. Trim does not look super sexy but the buds are caked and for this reason I am all in.

  18. Get⚡️Lit

    This stuff is 🔥 very potent and exactly what I like it’s always the bud I’m wanting nice and strong buds look great smell is dank I just placed an order for another 14 g’s I hope it’s around for a while cheers 🤪✌️

  19. Greenfred

    Works really really well !looks very nice smells super, well trimmed and like I said works very very well nice buzz for movies games ect. Not to sure how it’d be during a serious conversation might be good for a chuckle. all in all well done Budmail worth the little bit xtra cash thank you!

  20. JJ

    Bag appeal is there on this stuff. Pungent odour soon as your crack the jar. Inside you’ll find very sticky, dense heavy nugs similar to the photos. This weed is very smokey. A small bowl goes a long way and a joint is pouring smoke out of either end. The high is strong although not intense, very chill. Finally the best thing about this batch is the way its tastes. Absolutely unreal. Easy 5/5.

  21. snicklefritz

    Great looking buds, just like the pictures. Very strong smell. Potent as hell, this stuff will knock you out. I hit a bowl and was off to bed a short while after. Not typically my type of cannabis, but with a name that im pretty sure translates to “the death” im not surprised- had to try this. Awesome 🙂

  22. Baketree

    Wasn’t overly thrilled with this. Mine looked like pic but a little shaggier trim. Crystal content is overwhelming however. Smelled and tasted like you would expect a descendant of Bubba would. Smoked nice in a joint, gray ash. Stone was felt quickly but I wasn’t heavily sedated by any means. I would’ve given 3 stars but the crystal was impressive enough that I bumped it up. Wouldn’t order again at Premier pricing.

  23. TommyCannabis

    this weed is great ok a great high I just smoked a blunt with the bluntwraps that you can buy off here Juicy’s hemp wraps and man I smoked a big one of that now i can say im really hi as fuck lol

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