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Vape Pen (ErbaTip)


Ingredients: THC Distillate, Terpenes

Contains: 0.50 ml

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From the makers of the Happy Face vape, these terpene infused distillate vaporizers have a rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridge. Great for when quick relief is needed.

This new and versatile ErbaTip kit includes a leak proof oil filled cartridge, battery and USB charger. Use just about anywhere & any time! The vapour dissolves easily with no lingering smell.

The battery is durable and rechargable. Your battery lights up as you inhale and will blink as you run low on extract. The charger plugs into any USB source. Travels easily. Green means go!

7 reviews for Vape Pen (ErbaTip)

  1. KmKro

    I really enjoy this pen and i’ve already purchased more refills. I find the battery life is fantastic. Yeah its not the best tasting, but for the price I cant go wrong

  2. phil

    Do not buy ErbaTip, the flavour is disgusting. Whatever extraction process they are using they are losing the terpenes and I don’t believe they are being put back in. Tastes like burnt plastic. Effects are okay but it’s not a nice experience overall. Go with Zen Medical; full flavour and much sexier design.

  3. BlazaFatty

    Bought trainwreck flavour for a friend. The effects were great for socializing and overall well-being. HOWEVER, dont be fooled by my kind words, this product tastes like burnt plastic and is quite nasty. I would not order it again

    2 out of 5

  4. Chris

    I really like the Erbatip vape pens. They are gentle enough on my damaged throat (broken neck) and provide an effective delivery system for the THC/CBDs that I require to reduce the nerve pain I suffer from. Do your research thoroughly and you will find a strain or 2 that works really well. It’s a great pen!

  5. Marc

    The pen is of good quality so far. One end of the pen is a stylus for your phone which i thought was pretty cool. Seems durable, i was concerned because the Toko Gold had negative reviews about the quality of the pen, but for the price difference this is a great starter kit!

  6. hanso

    Check Out My Full Video Review Here And Subscribe Hit That Notification Bell

  7. six

    not much thc in these like vaping tea ..really …

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