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Disposable Vape (FeelCBD)


1 FeelCBD disposable vape for $60

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Disposable CBD Vape Pens with Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Introducing FeelCBD, making high quality rechargeable disposable vape pens loaded with 0.5g full spectrum CBD oil. Boasting a wonderful selection of flavours to choose from, these terpene blends are available in Natural, Calm, Sleep and Love formulations!

FeelCBD are a BC-based company making some of the finest quality disposable CBD vape pens available on the market.


Every pen is rechargeable and features ceramic coils, allowing for clean, consistent pulls.


Experience the entourage effect with the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil in every pen.


Each pen contains only Full Spectrum CBD, fractionated coconut oil, and plant-based oils.


Each pull provides you with approximately 1-2mg of CBD, instantly absorbed by vaporizing.


10 reviews for Disposable Vape (FeelCBD)

  1. Dea

    I loved the taste and the effects, only thing is i expected it to have a more intense relaxing effect but the oil taken directly is obviously the better way to go if that’s what you are looking for and thought the vape itslef would last longer but the pros outweight the cons especially during quarantine when you just want wanna relax and distract yourself

  2. Psychic

    Very good quality and it even comes with charge port and cable which I had not seen in a disposable before but is a good idea. I have had the charge run out on other disposables while juice still remained which is frustrating. I was doubtful about how well CBD would help with my chronic pain but it really worked and it was almost instantaneous!

  3. NatashaEMC

    I bought the Calm version and it’s a great product, it helps with my anxiety and relaxes me enough to be able to sleep at night. I recently hurt my knee and relied heavily on my calm cbd pen and it worked wonders. A+

  4. LWAX

    My vape (sleep), came with oil stain (on the vape itself, near the cartridge, and in the packaging). The Budmail staff were quick to credit me the full value + shipping (70$) in store loyalty points.

    The effect of the vape itself are really soothing and it smell really good !

  5. Bud Master Kojer

    Great product, very convenient and seems to work well. I use it for anxiety and while I haven’t fully tested it yet, the few times I’ve used it I have noticed some relief after a pull or two. The essential oils are a nice touch as well, not gross or overpowering. The Calm one has a nice soothing floral taste when exhaled through the nose.
    You supposedly get around 250mg of cbd in the .5ml of oil, but I have my doubts because at 1-2mg per pull that’s like 125-250 pulls, I’ve only taken several and there’s a noticeable amount of oil gone so I’d estimate 60-80 pulls, either way it’s not very much. It does seem to work as good as some of the more potent products however because it’s inhaled. I use 2000mg cbd drops and while the vape doesn’t give as much relief, I notice it much quicker.
    Overall my only complaint is that it’s unneccesarily expensive and wasteful because it doesn’t come with much oil and for having to buy the vape pen every time and can’t even reuse it. It would be much better if they sold the oil and vape separately. Still definitely worth trying if you notice any benefits from cbd.

  6. ax

    This helps my gf pass out really easy, life long insomnia. Now she cannot sleep without it. I highly recommend this product cbd sleep to anyone having issues with sleep. 5/5

  7. SID

    I am enjoying this! I am quitting THC for a little bit to get my tolerance back to a healthy stage and so I purchased the ‘Calm’ one and I do notice the flavor is a bit “flowery” (the essential oils obviously) but it is nice to get a synergistic effect with the terpenes from the essential oils and the CBD. It’s a good pen! I’ve never tried another vape pen so I can’t compare it in that way but it’s really nice and I love the packaging and the look of the pen, very discreet and slick looking 🙂

  8. TotalledGerm7

    My first time trying cbd outside of tinctures and edibles. Vaping seems to work much quicker, I have arthritis in my spine and felt relief almost instantly after taking 3 puffs.

  9. Em

    I’ve bought a couple of these and they are pretty good. Sometimes the oil leaked out of the mouth portion which wasn’t ideal, but easily fixable. User friendly vape that comes with a charger to make sure you get to smoke all the oil.

  10. RayRay

    Bought the sleep version of this pen and it’s truly amazing if your looking to relax and sleep through the night without having to take a sleep aid then this pen is for you! Well done! The taste is lovely also.

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