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Fudge Brownie (Baked Edibles)

200mg THC | 400mg THC

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2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards 3rd Place Winner for Best Edibles Canada West
What’s better than chocolate? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate? Blended with love into these classic favourites, these high-strength brownies are chewy, moist and a huge favourite among customers. Made with THC extract combined with MCT oil and soy lecithin for maximum bio-absorption.

This product is available in 2 strengths (milligrams of THC):

  • 200 mg of THC per brownie. Each package contains 1 brownie.
  • 400 mg of THC per brownie. Each package contains 1 brownie.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), eggs, citric acid, unsalted butter, semisweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), flour, cocoa powder, cannabis THC extract, vanilla extract, black cocoa powder, liquid soy lecithin, salt.


31 reviews for Fudge Brownie (Baked Edibles)

  1. Moss

    For someone with low tolerance, these things hit like a truck. I personally didn’t enjoy the sugary taste, but they are better than other edible brownies I have had for sure. I got the 200mg variant and ate it in 1/4th chunks, usually lasted 3-4 hours with a relaxing body high. Good price, too.

  2. Diogo R

    these brownies will forever be apart of my life. Thank so much to budmail for making t possible to order this product. Awesome product, I definitely suggest this brownie for a first time edible buyer.

  3. Cody

    Very good product. I have a fairly good tolerence for edibles and i ate half of a 400mg bar and it hit me hard in like half hour/45 mins. Reccomened for a 420 treat!

  4. 6ight

    Love this! Definitely potent – I split the 200mg brownie into 4’s and had it last me for a couple times. Really relaxing and mellow – not too crazy but you need to get the dosage right for your body – start slow!

  5. kitkataclysm

    I found them to have a much more pronounced flavour compared to other edibles, but not so strong that it was inedible. Very chocolaty and good texture. They really pack a punch! I ate about an 1/8th of the 400mg and it’s a perfect mellow high. Great product for experienced users, would probably not recommend for beginners unless in really small doses.

  6. Patient Zero

    Perfect Product! Ate half and be warned!!
    Got super high for 4 hours before it mellowed, leaving me with a giggling stoned till the 7 hour marker, then i took a 4 nap, woke up still kinda buzzed!
    (Do not recommend this product if you have plans lol) next time ill try a quarter haha!
    Thanks BM!

  7. JonnyMTL

    Fire amazing product’ takes amazing half a bar gets you nice and high! Not for begginers but if your used to it it’s an amazing high! Loved it 10/10 enjoy!

  8. Tamara M

    Tasted like a brownie and hardly sensed cannabis flavour!! Intensely STRONG and potent effect. I do have a high tolerance so I was surprised at how strongly it affected me! My friend told me he had never seen me happier!!! Haha. Will buy AGAIN.

  9. Will227

    First time trying the brownies. I got the 200. Took half then ate the other half about an hour later. Left me with a good body buzz and uplifting high. Was good bang for the buck would order again. Not the best taste found a little dry but kind of expected. Definitely getting it again
    Thanks bm

  10. ricco66

    The 400 mg packs a punch, consume only in small quantities. Only draw back is the still strong skunky taste. Sort of hangover into the next day takes awhile to shake off effect.

  11. RsJ88

    Very delicious, esp if you love dark chocolate. 200 mg of thc was just perfect, took half a brownie for a night time snack and it made me so relaxed. Would recommend this if you have trouble falling alseep.

  12. CBDee

    Definitely worth the money! Purchased the 400mg option, 1/6 of the brownie will get you nice and high, 1/4 of the brownie will send you spinning. I wrapped mine up in individual pieces and froze them, really enjoyed this!

  13. K & C

    Well worth the money! So impressed with both taste and potency! Definitely not for beginners! Taste is Great, chocolate !! Had a 1/2 of the 200, definitely a fun time, almost couched! Will definitely buy again! Can’t wait to try the 400!!

  14. Big Red

    Bought the high-test model (400). Ate a quarter of it and got hammered. And I have a pretty good tolerance. Definite couch lock. You can navigate if you need to but you’d really prefer not to. Not sure what strain it is but ate it in the evening and got a great sleep and still a slight buzz in the morning.
    Takes about an hour to kick in.
    I would recommend starting with 1/6 of it the first time and see how it goes. Great product.
    Mind the expiration date.
    And don’t let it sit around in the package after you’ve opened it. It will get moldy.

  15. Noorduyn

    Got the 400 brownie. Ate 1/6 of it and got such a huge high I was frightened. Be careful. The 400 is potent!!!
    I woke up this morning with a little high as well. Took it last night at 5pm. Not for beginners!!

  16. Mpc

    Got the 400 mg option since I have high tolerance and it definitely is worth the money. Ate it after work one day and was glued to the couch for hours, great for dealing with muscle pain. For sure not something you want to do if you need to get things accomplished though.

  17. Caner

    I tried the 200mg option and cut into four and have to admit I really enjoyed this edible. Taste decent and gave me a nice relaxing high. Would recommend this product for the regular to heavy smoker for a nice change.

  18. Mak-10

    Taste is really rich can’t taste anything else besides chocolate 😋 are half for my first time and it worked incredibly well for a heavy smoker. Lasted about 2-3 hours and it was the most relaxed I ever felt. Will definitely buy again great product for the price!

  19. Marie

    I chose the 200 mg brownie. I liked this product very much! It tasted really good, was fresh and gave me a nice little buzz. Looking forward to try the 400 mg one!

  20. Crimson420

    This brownie is the bomb! It’s very potent but great to break up into pieces especially for beginners. The effects are a great body high that’s relaxing and euphoric with waves of rushiness. Felt high for hours but takes a little while to kick in.

  21. Mxcael

    Tasted amazing, was able to take pieces of the brownie for 5 days and keep a nice body high for 3-6 hours which was great. Will be buying this again and I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys edibles.

  22. Pixxiestix

    Super yummy, great for those with high tolerance as they are high thc. Got the 200 mg and was very pleased. The high lasted a long time compared to some other edibles I have tried.

  23. kushcoma

    What a great product! The brownies taste good and are very potent. Eating an entire 400mg brownie resulted in turning on a Kevin Hart movie and thinking it was funny. I’ll be collecting more brownies.

  24. P.K

    I purchased one of the 200mg brownies. Two of us split it in half. Knowing then what I know now, I would have only ate half of my share in one sitting. I found the 100mg to be almost to much of a buzz. Taste was delicious though . Super chocolatey fudge goodness. Will be buying again and recommending to our friends.

  25. B.Rak

    I did NOT eat the entire 400mg in one sitting. Personally I split it into quarters and got a perfect high every time. The taste is amazing tho! Not too sweet but not too earthy. Will be buying again for sure !!

  26. Killsitch

    The full 400 in one sitting; wow! Wasn’t what I was expecting at that dose but still amazing.
    The taste and smell is great, very well made. I was also impressed with the package but the best part is the pain and stress relief, the high is clear minded and leaves you in a extreamly comfy body high!
    Must try!

  27. alex

    I ate a full 400mg … I was way too high . My friend ate half of one and he was way too high too. I should have read the review. It taste good . I’ll order the 200mg next time.

  28. Reefer.Reference

    One of the better edibles I’ve had off of here, Ate it on a empty stomach and in about a hour and a half – two hours later it kicked in . The taste was good especially for the potency , the high was pretty heavy , wouldn’t suggest eating a full brownie to a first time edible eater thats for sure. The only down side was both the times I’ve ordered the brownie the best before date was 2 or 3 days after i received my package. If your ordering be ready to eat it within the first couple of days.

  29. Gipguq

    Wow… this was amazing tried the 400mg and ate it all in one go. Very good for a person who is fairly hard to get high. This was really great. Made me think of that viral clip of that cop who took some weed and ate it with his wife, then called 911 because he got too high. Be wary if you are not as tolerant as it will put you in bed for a couple-few hours lol. Or it will

  30. A1 Kush

    I ate the full 400mg, hold on if you’re new to edibles or just do a small portion. The brownie was delicious and with a weed taste to it, which I don’t mind. Full Brownie is a creeper.

  31. Knomadoobad

    Had 1/4th of the 200 mg brownie last night and it was great!
    The brownie tastes really good (quite fudgy) and a 50mg dose was enough to keep me nice & buzzed all night. There is a slight marijuana taste but nothing too overpowering.
    Will definitely purchase again.

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