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Ghost Train Haze


AAA Grade | Sativa

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Ghost Train Haze is a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck (Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze). Widely renowned as one of the strongest strains available while also a cannabis cup winner. Grown expertly with love by our friends over at Taco Farms. A fresh and frosty aesthetic exudes over lanky buds. Meticulously trimmed while the cure is optimally sticky. Piercing aromas of citrus, pepper and celery are most apparent. Bright citrus and spice are most noteworthy in a joint and vape alike. Surging potency that hits directly behind the eyes and settles into a buzzing headband. Spacey and frazzling while not for the faint of tolerance! After the initial charge, a long-lasting social giddiness treads onward. Overall, Ghost Train Haze is best enjoyed during the day when your schedule is clear.

Flavours: Citrus, Spicy, Pepper, Hazy
Effects: Spacey, Stimulating, Cerebral, Euphoric, Cheery
Medical: Depression, Fatigue, Stress

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

1 review for Ghost Train Haze

  1. Experimenter

    I totally agree that this bud has a piercing aroma! It keeps drawing you back for another sniff to work out the layers of scent. Citrus and something sweet-ish and spicey, but didn’t detect any celery, which in my opinion would be a weird note anyway. Definitely cerebral and a different high from other strains. Nicely done Taco Farms!

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