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God’s Green Gas


AAAA Grade | Indica

1 Gram | $10
3.5 Grams | $35
7 Grams | $65
14 Grams | $125
28 Grams | $240

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Product Description

God’s Green Gas is a rare hybrid with unknown lineage. Thought to be a cross of God’s Green Crack and Gasmask. Impressionable flavour and aroma while remarkably grown by our friends at Taco Farms. The buds are quite resinous and ominously coloured. Fresh mossy greens offset ashy purple bursts on the larger colas. Chunky and mountainous bud-formation is on display. Cured expertly while trimmed meticulously. Complex and uniquely pungent. Musty and pungent hits of fuel, camphor, and spicebox flare your nostrils. Smokes elegantly in a joint and smooth while imparting a rich and full flavour. Truly versatile blend of effects. A big calm endures throughout an uplifting and bleary-eyed stone. Focused and contemplative while happy and productive. The accoutrement of choice for any time of day. Overall, God’s Green Gas has a somewhat funky nose but you don’t want to miss this absolute beauty!

Flavours: Pungent, Musty, Gassy, Complex, Camphor
Effects: Calming, Uplifting, Stoney, Focused, Happy
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

1 review for God’s Green Gas

  1. Experimenter

    I ordered this because I really enjoyed Gods Green Crack, which was available a short time ago. (For me, Crack was vintage thinker-weed from university days, the kind where you can have pseudo intellectual conversation on complex topics like macroecomic theory). I am writing this just after trying the Gas. Feeling pretty cerebral right now. Maybe even clever … or maybe that is just deceptive stoner thinking 😊. I can see why Gas is thought to be derived from Crack.

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