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Grease Monkey

AAAA Grade |  Indica | Organic

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Product Description

Grease Monkey

Flavours: Fuel, Vanilla, Skunky, Nutty
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Hazy, Sedative
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD, PMS

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

36 reviews for Grease Monkey

  1. Brownsyndrome

    Gassy with a slight floral, roasted nut aroma. Very smooth exhale, and heavy indica affects to follow with slight cloudiness. They did disclose it was smaller medium/small sized buds but they are all cured and trimmed really well. Solid high!

  2. Ceezar_

    Loud pack! Strong smell followed by a smooth smoke. A lot of crystals and now has become one of my favourite strains. Smoked in a spliff, backwoods, or vape it’s all nice. Definitely getting more to fill some blunts during this quarantine.

  3. Petey

    This is one of my favorite strains to date. Super skunky, the scent overpowers and fills up any room you crack the bag open in. Sticky to the touch and covered in crystals, this one is a ten for sure.

  4. kushd

    smell of this strain is amazing hit me in the face as soon as I opened the seal, it smokes great down to a white ash and hits you right behind the eyes absolutely worth every penny !

  5. nakomoto

    This is my first time with this strain. I really liked the taste. I usually vape this during night and after enjoying the high it gives me good sleep. It is not as potent as some premier line strains but it still hits hard. I would order this strain again.

  6. 420Maiku

    Where to stuff off….
    Price – 10/10
    Smell -9/10
    Taste – 9/10
    Potency – 10/10
    Quality – 10-10
    Fast service – 15/10
    Preferably afternoon and evening smoke! I went right back to sleep in the morning. Heh.

  7. rk1994

    Great strain, this was the second time I purchase, before from the premium line. Nice hard hitting strain, not my favourite taste wise, but love the effects and lasts a good amount of time. Recommend!

  8. Petey

    Overall a great bud and smoke, has some density to it but also has a slightly spongy character. Smell is very sweet and citrusy IMO, would definitely reccomend!

  9. MissFisk420

    Honestly this weed is amazing very up and down with indica effects like heavy legs lol it was very nice to see the big buds and no stems…and smells SO AMAZING ALSO SWEET AND SKUNKY

  10. D

    Exactly as described. Right behind the eyes, immediately.
    Fantastic smoke.
    Two huge colas made my half z bag. Big, beautiful, caked, buds.
    First time ordering other than Premier or tin series, and still incredibly impressed with the quality.
    BM has ruined me for other MOMS. They’re not cheap but, like greatgranny used to say, “you get what you pay for”.
    Consistently, and without exception, every quad ordered has been a true quad. I’ve never posted so many five star reviews.
    Shout out for the amazing customer service: they reply in a timely manner proving comprehensive answers communicated effectively.

  11. Safetosurfthisbeach

    Some really solid stuff. I only ordered a gram of it, came as one nug, it was fresh and smelled great. Next time I will buy more. I found it really sticky, it hit me fast and lasted a good hour.

  12. SourCreamCreamy

    This is the slipperiest rascal! It has a great buzz high with a tender touch of creativity. I received some nice sized nuggs. I enjoyed performing aquarium maintenance on this jizzy jazz and will continue to do so because the man ain’t gonna stop me man.

  13. Bud Master Kojer

    5/5 Overall Rating

    5/5 Bag appeal & Trim – the buds I received actually look nothing like the pictures, they aren’t nearly that dark or long/banana shaped. I received 10 perfectly round and uniform golfball sized nugs in my 14g, so perfect that its like someone hand picked/trimmed these just for this bag. They are much lighter in colour and have a thicker coating of crystal, but the pistils aren’t as vibrant. They are tight buds and seem fairly dense but still have a very slight sponginess to them.

    5/5 Smell & Taste – the smell is pretty well as advertised with definite kushiness upon the first whiff with a diesely-fuel kick right after, and that subtle sweet vanilla on the backend. The nuttiness comes across on the exhale, with some of that piney/earthy-vanilla as well. Looking forward to trying this in a dry herb vape because the flavour is great even in a regular ol’ pipe.

    5/5 High – It’s a bit deceiving as the initial wave for me is more sativa effects, being uppity and productive and overwhelmed with thoughts. I actually fixed my kitchen sink the first time I tried this strain.. I will have to try this a few more times to get a more accurate feel of it. Anyways, it seems to be a bit of a creeper and will slowly get to a point where you feel the indica-ness and can sit down and relax. Definitely a head high but nice and relaxing/calming on the body as well, would be great for in a sauna/hot bath.

    I originally purchased this because of the look/colour of the buds, and am slightly disappointed there is such a difference with the real stuff, but am still elated at what I received because I have never seen such a perfect little batch of nugs. Plus the smell and taste are definitely a hit. Overall I’m quite happy with this strain, especially since I got it on sale.

  14. JT

    This strain was great quality was bang on awesome. I really enjoyed the flavour of this weed, not sure I can put my tongue on it exactly but whatever that flavour is I’d love more, reminds me of Gelato 🤙

  15. NastyNate

    One of my all-time favourite strains and one of my first experiences with the premier lines on budmail. My girlfriend and I bought a few g’s and enjoyed every single smoke. It’s great stuff, definitely worth the extra dough, especially if you’re an experienced smoker. 10/10 high and 8/10 smell and taste 9/10 for looks!

  16. LeBim

    Wooohooo! I like some big nug and got two awsome one in my bags. Lot of nice purple colors and that smell is great! Very potent and good to relaxe at the end of a day. Really enjoy this one

  17. Medi514

    I’ve bought Grease Monkey a few times from other sites and this is definitely the best version I’ve had. Well trimmed dense nugs full of flavour. Another must have indica to have in the rotation.

  18. Bern

    Beautiful buds and smell was top notch. Very tasty stuff am already to order another batch. Provides a nice heavy buzz that helps great with sleep. Very good strain!

  19. Transporter

    What a beautiful strain. So delicious smelling and smokes so nicely. Definitely a craft kind of smoke. Highly recommended this to all my friends. Wish I got more.

  20. SourCreamCreamy

    Nice Strain!! Always gets you out of a jiffy. It was so large that I wasn’t sure if I could handle it on my own and then I had this one and before I knew it I did it. If you’re worried just sit back and smoke some of this bro.

  21. MarfewJ

    This is by far some of the best cannibus I’ve ever possessed! I bought three separate grams and they came in small glass jars, first time I’ve seen that. Wasn’t much smell but was amazingly potent and was great after work.

  22. A-MaCk

    Great smoke. Had the premier line of this and honestly didn’t find that much difference. Worth the price.

    Taste 9/10
    Burn 9/10
    High 10/10
    Bag appeal 8/10

  23. NWOBudgurl

    This grower knows what’s good . Always got the best buds . This high is great for the day I found . Very active and the smell and taste are pretty great too . Big thumbs up

  24. Nogica

    First time ordering this strain…did not dissapoint at all…buzz lasted long… perfect so any time if the day… socializing or just chilling…for the grade of this strain…
    Will be ordering this strain again…thanks BM

  25. Bricky

    Love this strain of grease monkey! Very nice dense buds covered in Chrystal! Real nice gassy sweet skunky flavour burns real nice white ash! I’m impressed with taco farms on this one! They deserve a round of applause! Bud mail has the best small craft growers around ! It’s a must try I would definetly get this again! Thanks budmail!

  26. jimmy

    The buds I received were very nice, all large and well manicured, This has a gassy nose and flavor to it, overall the effects are sedative and relaxing for me personally. The flower breaks up very fluffy in a coffee grinder. I would purchase this again in the future.

  27. Jeff

    Pretty good smoke, found it dry kinda light smoke definitely not a heavy hitter I would not get this again though There are too many better strains out there

  28. Chappy

    I have never across such quality before , this strain is an absolute must try . Will be ordering again for sure ! 10/10 . Rarely do you see the care and effort that goes into these products ! Absolutely incredible

  29. Curt-G

    Got my order last week. I ordered a few of the premier strains, all are amazing! The quality is 10/10 on all. I must say there is something special about the grease monkey. Ordering again as soon as possible!

  30. Bricky

    I must say this was my first time ordering the premier bud have to say this stuff is the best flower I’ve ever i smoked! It’s absolutely the bomb! Like one person said it looks so nice that you don’t want to touch it! The taste and smell amazing! Anything from the skookum boys you must try! Any flower from budmail is top notch period. You never have to worry about being disappointed about the product you won’t be! They know there stuff and end some. Thanks keith

  31. MarfewJ

    This was my first premier line purchase and I’ll definitely be ordering again. Sparkling and sticky buds are absolutely beautiful. Worth the extra money for sure.

  32. NastyNate

    Some of the stickiest and brightest stuff I’ve ever seen. Your fingers will stick together after touching the buds. Tastes and smells amazing. 8.5/10

  33. SmokeAnothaOne

    Well done as always Skookum!!! I’ve had Grease Monkey before but this is an excellent example of the strain. Grown and cured beautifully. Nice stank as soon as you open the jar.

  34. Token

    Probably the highest quality bud I’ve ordered off here, or anywhere for that matter. The care and love that’s put in to the growing really shows in the smoke, definitely will order again. I recommend this to all the chronic smokers, as it hits really hard.

  35. Gwell

    Just received my grease Monkey and Man what a Strain…skunky and a touch of Vanilla…connoisseur products…skookum never disappoint…if your looking for true genuinely Grown herbs go skookum all the way!!!

  36. AJZ

    This is the best looking weed I`ve got on here so far! I just love the care that goes into the Premier Line. It is worth the extra money. This stuff had me feeling very relaxed. Took away all my worries, and my knee pain went away too. Great.

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