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Grease Monkey (Vibrant Cannabis Co.)

Indica | THC: 17-23%

28 Grams | $79

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Product Description

Grease Monkey

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleep, Calming, Body-High
Flavours: Diesel, Nutty, Skunky, Sweet, Vanilla, Floral, Conifer, Earthy
Medical: Chronic Pain, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress

40 reviews for Grease Monkey (Vibrant Cannabis Co.)

  1. Joesgrows8 (verified owner)

    You can’t beat the price for this green. At $79 an oz it’s a no brainer. Not a powerful high so it’s good for any time of day but smoke a couple and it might be goodnight.

  2. Shelby (verified owner)

    Really good strain with bits of purple and i really enjoyed the effect. Nice relaxing but yet not to sedative strain……….would buy again and great low price

  3. Dj [email protected] (verified owner)

    All these reviews are from a crop in 2019. Which I didn’t realize till just now when I am leaving this comment. I now see why it is only $79/oz. Got what I paid for. 3oz of “meh” weed. Its not terrible for the price. But I suggest spending the extra money and getting something of better quality.

  4. Donzie215 (verified owner)

    A little goes a long way. Heady, comforting aroma. A bit of a creeper starting with a deep body relaxation, soothing aches and pains, and doesn’t take long for sleepiness to settle in. Can provide a good night’s sleep. Did not make me hungry, which I like. Definitely not a party bud. 😉

  5. Soabboy (verified owner)

    What a great surprise at how awesome this bud was. I just got a gram cause it was on sale. Totally wished I would’ve ordered more. I got three personal Js out of it. They each smoked so nice. The burn inside the paper was smooth. The taste was still prominent. Anyone who smokes a bong would really love this strain. Thanks BM

  6. CW (verified owner)

    This discounted batch was not as good as the batch of this that I got last month , however this bud is still really good and dank. One of my favourites off this site and will definitely continue to buy. Thanks BM!

  7. Gerry (verified owner)

    Bud is smelly and puts ya in the couch. Prefect for bed and to get the munchies. Good for relaxing. Goodbye panic attacks.
    Recommend the website. Shipment was received very quickly.

  8. Natezey (verified owner)

    The smoke is good off the bud. The lower rating is due to the ugly trim and the pain I get in the back of the throat from smoking. Decent high if you can handle it I suppose

  9. kushkingston (verified owner)

    Another slight decline in quality unfortunately… probably why it’s on sale.
    Buds look good,but it has a weird smell.Doesn’t really have that sour kush flavour either,not much of a taste and it kinda crackles when i burn a bowl not sure if that’s normal it’s kinda sketching me out. harsh on the lungs also… 🙁 Get the Tuna Kush that’s my recommendation! I

  10. PANDAAAA (verified owner)

    It’s ok if your not looking for that much of a high, but for me and my problems I need something that’s going to hit me hard. Smelt like diesel for sure lol smooth tasting and a bit piney tasting which wasn’t bad. Not buying it again though.

  11. SmokeAnothaOne (verified owner)

    This stuff is different for sure. I ended up getting some good looking buds. It’s got a diesel smell yet nutty taste. It had me feeling very relaxed. Try it

  12. Sir Smokes Alot (verified owner)

    I’ve had both parent strains (Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies & Cream) and I’m a huge fan of both, so it’s needless to say that I was super excited to see this strain on here and get my hands on some. The buds are beautifully manicured, the smell is amazing and the smoke is smooth and tasty. The hit is other worldly, this is a must try!

  13. Smoke Anon (verified owner)

    Looks nice and has the diesel smell. Smoke is easy too. Not harsh and a nice white ash. A little disappointed in the high but overall a good smoke. Would recommend if you’re not looking for a strong head stone.

  14. Dutchpassion (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain from BM so far. Great tasting skunky weed. It’s got decent potency and good for vaping at low temperatures during the day for a clear stoned.

  15. MellowCheech (verified owner)

    Second time ordering this and I’m still super happy I did. Just as good as the first time… Very potent, almost diesely smell. Great bag appeal as well. The high was long lasting and fairly heavy for me, making it slightly more ideal for use later in the day (at least for me).
    Thanks BM

  16. iliketrees (verified owner)

    This strain was rather unique. It has nice smell and taste – Fairly skunky and a hint of sour. The taste is very similar to the smell. The buzz is fairly heavy – very mind numbing and relaxing. This is a must try for indica lovers.

  17. vanzolini (verified owner)

    4 stars because its only rated AAA, so my expectations weren’t too high going in.

    its alright, very close to cookies and cream strains. this is not a powerful indica , more like a balanced hybrid. Still good for the price .

  18. BoudaMan (verified owner)

    Love this strain ! Hard hitting Indica . Wow !!!!!! One of BM’s best offerings . Wow !!!!!! Great value , so don’t order , it’s all mine ! Try it , it’s very good .

  19. LisaJayne (verified owner)

    Well I’m back here again this is my fourth purchase of this strain and I have another order on the way. Very sticky dank buds with a very pungent aroma, it’s almost impossible to hide the smell! Will continue to purchase

  20. CW (verified owner)

    This is probably one of my favourite buds I’ve gotten on here. Super killer , dank pungent deliciousness. It hits hard and is a good couch lock high , which I need lol almost beautifully trimmed nugs with zero leafyness.

  21. Imbo (verified owner)

    I don’t know what to say about it, it’s all around perfect. Super dank buds that are perfectly manicured. Props to the grower on this strain, everyone should get this while it’s still here!

  22. JJ (verified owner)

    At first glance you may not think you’re looking at something as good as it really is. Soon as you dig in, you’ll notice those nugs are sticky and fragrant. Burns slow and very smokey, a small joint will last a while, billowing smoke out of both ends the whole time. The flavour is my favourite thing about this stuff, best described as a potent kush taste. Easy 5/5.

  23. Sliboots (verified owner)

    Grease Monkey is a great strain compared to most of the AAA Indica’s I’ve tried so far. I would agrgue it is AAAA. It reminds of the strains we would smoke in highschool and university. A little pricey for a AAA but the weed is the real deal.

  24. puff-tron (verified owner)

    Another great strain brougt to you by budmail.
    It checks all the boxes with a great bag appeal, nice dense nugs, as well as smelling amazing.
    It smokes nice in a joint

  25. Shoots85 (verified owner)

    Grease monkey is a hit or miss.. when it’s good it’s great, when it’s bad it’s crap.. this batch was in between.. it looks good and smokes good but that’s it.. the smell isn’t the greatest and the high isn’t at the top level as GM should be.. it’s more a mid high for the average smoker

  26. 4our2wenty (verified owner)

    You get the gsc smell and then skunky kush. it’s nicely cured and the buds are very dense. So smooth in a joint. The stone is even better. You can tell it’s strong just after the first pull. This stuff is great!

  27. pancake man (verified owner)

    purchased an oz, looked good ,taste okay, however buzz was definately not there, would not buy again . a little dissapointing considering the extra 32 dollars added on for tax.

  28. NLBongman (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for that dank, super pungent kushy taste and smell, this is it right here. Smells heavenly. Nice solid tight nugs, the Q I bought was made up of 4-5 nice big buds and from what I’ve smoked of it so far, the buzz is super relaxing. It’ll put a smile on your face, thats for sure. Will order again if it stays on the menu!

  29. Jemz (verified owner)

    Everytime I wanted to order this is sold out before I could get to it. Now I see why. If you want to get completely derped, so fried you just want to watch tv. This is the strain for you. Great taste, smooth woodsy smell. Amazing high. Great sleep after going completely savage on munchies. if you have a mission to completely choose another strain. You want to stay home chill Abdul giggle: this is the one to choose!!

  30. KJW (verified owner)

    Just loved this strain! The smell and taste of it is wonderful.The buds are perfectly trimmed,nice,tight dense buds that bust up wonderfully.This one is one of my favorites so far! 😍 ENJOY. Thanks bm

  31. Ojib (verified owner)

    As always perfect trimmed buds, enjoyed this in a bowl very smooth and didnt burn my throat ideal for the end of the day or week to decompress. Burned nice in a jay, smelt great.

  32. Rod_vance (verified owner)

    Great go to for a bed timer. Interesting smell on this one too, like dank earth cookies. Big dense buds, with no shake. Definitely worth the price!

  33. RyanOkaitok (verified owner)

    Nice cure and trim job on these dense buds, the taste is a perfect balance of GG#4 and C&C. Strong balanced high that lasted quite awhile. Almost no shake in the bag.

  34. JLo (verified owner)

    Really nice stinky buds. I had the Green Grease pheno from the tins so I wanted to try this one. This one definitely takes on the Cookies bud structure vs the Grease being like GG#4. Although this smells more like the GG#4. Im not a huge Cookies fan but I really like Cookies and Cream and it definitely comes through in the background on this one. Nice strong hybrid high, great for anytime you need your face melted.

  35. Revi (verified owner)

    Hard hitting indica. If you’re wanting to veg out, highly recommend this.
    The smell and taste is very strong. This should be considered a AAAA. Thanks, budmail!

  36. LisaJayne (verified owner)

    Was super pumped when I seen this back. I had to grab a bag right away with hopes it would be as good as the tin series and boy was i not disappointed! Absolutely beautiful smoke. I’m buying more now before it’s gone.

  37. soupmixx (verified owner)

    amazing taste, great smell, smokes wonderfully, under rated as AAA, should be AAAA. i would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a hard hitting indica.

  38. gogetyourshinebox (verified owner)

    Strong stuff….can’t decide if I like this or the Black Diamond better lol. Heavy hitter indica for sure…..the buds are dense af and smell/taste of creamy vanilla and also this earthy kush undertone. Beautiful strain!

  39. hutch89 (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome. Cant believe it’s only a AAA strain. Definitely a very strong smell and taste like a potent kush. The high is amazing as well. Cant go wrong with this stuff.

  40. Slayer stoner (verified owner)

    I tried this when it was on the Premier line and loved it so I wanted to see what this batch was like. Did not disappoint, i really enjoy this strain. Nice heavy high, pungunt smell. The taste is interesting, skunky mixed with sour. Would highly recommend. Thanks BM

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