Gummies (CBDMove) – Medicated Mint Gummies


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<h3>Sweet &amp; Easy Gummies</h3>
CBD Move Medicated Mint Gummies burst with mint flavour. They are a great way to dose discreetly, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. These delicious gummies help to provide effective relief of pain, inflammation and anxiety, and they are non-psychoactive.

• Strong Relief for Pain &amp; Inflammation
• Alleviate Daily Stress &amp; Anxiety
• Non-Psychoactive (No High)

<strong>Ingredients:</strong> CBD isolate, MCT oil, sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, sodium citrate, lactic acid, natural and artificial flavours, artificial colours including tartrazine.

Available in 100 mg (20 mg x 5 pieces) or 300 mg (25 mg x 12 pieces) of CBD.


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