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Gummies (Mota) – Wildberry Bliss


200 MG THC | 10 pieces per package

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Mota Wildberry Bliss gummies are made using THC distillate for precise and consistent dosing. At 20mg per piece, these are excellent for on the go use to keep you medicated throughout the day.

Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, Gelatine, Pectin, Sorbitol, Tartaric Acid, THC Distillate, Flavour, Colour

Store in a safe manner away from children and pets


16 reviews for Gummies (Mota) – Wildberry Bliss

  1. Andy

    These were the party favourite…lots of laughs will definitely buy these again. Great product Budmail and great service as these arrived well packaged and quicker than I was expecting them to arrive!!

  2. parkdalekid

    I got these after reading the great reviews and they did not disappoint. Quite tasty, just like regular gummies, no weed taste. I’ll take me 2 or 3 for a good buzz, but 1 was just perfect for getting stuff done.

  3. B.Rak

    Deeeeeeericious!! Super tasty sugar coated jellies that pack a punch! I started out with one and was suprised how much it affected me ! Will definitely be buying again!!

  4. Bondagio

    Seriously the yummy of the gummies. These things are DELICIOUS! I’m an avid smoker, so needed at least 3 for a buzz. Slept great, even after just eating 1 of these. Definitely will buy again! No weed taste to these, so that’s a huge bonus.

  5. Torontofoodiechick

    The taste, texture, packaging, effects, and overall product are amazing. Seriously! Buy this product if you love edibles. It is hard to truly express the total absolute love I have for these.

  6. Getchahairdunn

    Great flavour and awesome buzz considering the lower dose of THC. These candies also hit quickly which is not as common with edibles. I was thoroughly happy with the purchase of these treats and would get them again.

  7. Mandoline

    Very tasty but ugly and almost melted all together. Good buzz thought! Will certainly buy again, love Mota products. You dont really taste the cannabis.

  8. Coll

    These are the best tasting gummies that i have ever tried. Zero cannibas taste and the potency was perfect. Zero pain and no groggy feeling. I slept fantastic and will definitely be buying regularly!

  9. Andy Bobandy

    The taste of these is unreal. Zero weed taste at all. So good. I took 1 and was very high. Even half of one was a pleasant buzz. No couch lock. They are 20 mg so use with caution if your an irregular user.

  10. Caner

    Great fruit taste and decent high! Better than many other fruit gummies I’ve tried in past and would warn that are a bit strong for a beginner. Would buy again.

  11. S

    These are quite tasty; I’m a regular smoker and two chews seems to work pretty well, probably enough to ride out an evening. It is sweet, but the berry flavour is pleasant and you don’t really taste the cannabis too much, so it’s probably good for people who don’t like that cannabis aroma/flavour in their edibles.

  12. Complicated1316

    Love these! Tastes great and usually take 2 gummies to have a good time and experience a great buzz. I always want to order these but sometimes they are sold out.

  13. Kat

    Really enjoy these gummies. Great body buzz, but doesn’t cause couch lock. I found they gave me energy and my house has never been cleaner. Def order again

  14. fishbulb

    Great tasting edible! Very jammy flavour, which makes the other gummies available here seem like nothing but citric acid and sugar in comparison. I’ve only had the one package so far, but I found the high comparable to the Twisted and Mota gummies which I’ve been enjoying for the past year or so. Don’t eat the whole package at once, although that might be difficult with these.

  15. Cidd67

    These are definately enjoyable. great body buzz button too much and only what I can attest to a soft high.. very comfortable:) Will order again for sure!


    Best gummies so far and I’ll be buying more for sure. Smells berry fresh 😉 tastes very berry! Gave a perfect body buzz and high. I was in good spirits and all giggly. No burnt outs after it all wore off. I’m for sure buying these again on my next order.

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