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Gummies (SeC) – Butterfly High


400 mg per package

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WARNING – HIGH POTENCY -Keep out of reach of children! 

For experienced or high tolerance users only. Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more.

Contains: 1 x 400mg piece per package – various flavours

Experience the butterfly effect with this high dosage gummy. This treat is meant only for those fully comfortable and confident in their edibles tolerance level.

SeC is a cannabis producer based out of B.C’s Lower Mainland. All of their edibles are made with high quality, lab tested distillate and natural ingredients. The gummies are hand crafted, from the molds, to the finished product, by their talented team of cooks. This is how each gummy turns out visually unique and consistently delicious. They use a hands on approach which they state separates them from other companies. Their team ensures that each batch is made with care and with proper dosages that they feel the cannabis community deserves. Offering a wide range of dosages, allowing accessibility for medicinal and recreational users of various tolerance levels.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Flavour, Colouring

14 reviews for Gummies (SeC) – Butterfly High

  1. Hey_buddy

    So good! Took too much first go around and was high for a day and a half, for such a decent price I was highly impressed. Tastes pretty decent too. I love this product.

  2. Hey_buddy

    So good! Ate too much on my first go and was high for a day and a half but hot damn, that much potency for such a good price, sign me up for me! Tastes pretty decent too. Love this product.

  3. Krissy

    Great product, have purchased twice now and will order again 🙂 half is a nice start for the higher tolerance, would eat a little bit more than half next time.

  4. Monte Carlo

    This candy is no joke! Took about a third of the candy and I was flying for more than a day. You can easily split this into four or more servings. It’s also at a good price point in terms of $/mg. Highly recommend!

  5. Crisp

    Candies are amazing! I’ve bought a couple of these and they’ve been great! Great to portion into 4s or even split it in 2 for a stronger buzz! Totally recommend but if you don’t have edibles often go slow, it’s very strong!

  6. Kay

    I like all the stuff from SeC. It gives a good high and they taste good and they’re not hard on the stomach like you get with some gummies. I’m a big fan

  7. B

    This is a lot, I had an upper wing section before a music festival and it set my world on fire. Everything was that much better, the music more intense and the euphoria was amazing. It’s a real body high, don’t take it all escp. if you’re a beginner. The taste wasn’t bad and it’s easy

  8. Filzflowr

    I finally got around to trying my butterfly gummy I ordered a couple weeks ago. Pretty good, it was tasty and potent everything you could ask for. Definitely don’t recommend eating at all at once hahah

  9. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    Usually I am not an edibles guy because for me it takes a lot for me to feel it and I never liked the taste of eating weed. However, this edible is by far my favourite that I’ve had and should be for experienced weed users. I ate the entire thing and within an hour felt relaxed and giddy. If you’re looking for a stronger type of edible, this would easily be my recommendation!

  10. Butrfly

    had it before I enjoyed a thermal spa experience and it was amazing. Ate it all at once and had the best day, relaxed, peaceful, and giggly. Passed out pretty hard in the eve and had THE best sleep.

  11. Phia

    Taste good, hits hard.
    Strong effect for those who need full impact of 400 mg of thc. As for me, still a regular smoker with a lower tolerance, this gummy will last me. It’s potent, tasty, pretty and well priced

  12. Peach71

    Took half while I was at the mall and I was very entertained, very potent but i was still able to function. (though i could have ate the whole thing to acheive true a edible coma). Didn’t taste any thc flavours, and it took about 40 mins for me

  13. Diogo R

    Ate it all in one shot and got STONED. 400mg is a lot so I wouldn’t suggest eating it all if you haven’t had many edibles. Just eat half or maybe even a little bit less and you should be grooving! Awesome product thank you to budmail for making it possible for this product to be delivered to me.

  14. Halfbakeddude

    I got this item as a freebie via the twitter Friday giveaways.

    Let’s jump into it.
    We all know they ship well and all that good stuff.

    Taste: very tasty, no cannabis taste and I would have to describe the first one I tried as tropical in flavor. Coconutty if anything. I remember describing it to my wife as the beach.
    Strength: it does take time to hit full effect as with all edibles but I remember once at full strength it was very mood lifting. I was having a great and happy day. The 400mg was perfect for me.

    Will definitely recommend for the cost.

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