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Gummies (SeC) – Gemmies


35mg THC per package

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Contains: 7 x 5mg pieces per package

7 adorable blue raspberry Gemmies Gummies with a sour kick of flavour and a mild dose of THC. At 5mg THC per gummy, these little gems are best used as a daily (or nightly) micro dose, and are recommended to anyone new to cannabis or sensitive to THC. Made with organic raw cane sugar and natural flavouring.

SeC is a cannabis producer based out of B.C’s Lower Mainland. All of their edibles are made with high quality, lab tested distillate and natural ingredients. The gummies are hand crafted, from the molds, to the finished product, by their talented team of cooks. This is how each gummy turns out visually unique and consistently delicious. They use a hands on approach which they state separates them from other companies. Their team ensures that each batch is made with care and with proper dosages that they feel the cannabis community deserves. Offering a wide range of dosages, allowing accessibility for medicinal and recreational users of various tolerance levels.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Flavour, Colouring

3 reviews for Gummies (SeC) – Gemmies

  1. Courtweedies

    Nice body buzz and a very clear thought process with in 30 mins after taking first one . For someone with anxiety it helped alot . Offered one to my bf who doesn’t normally do edibles and he was feeling “good” with in an hour

  2. haldir6480

    These gummies are a perfect dose for me. One gummy is a nice functional daytime buzz that lasts a couple hours, 2 gets me feeling really relaxed in the evening. The taste is alright and there is no noticeable cannabis flavour/smell, great for stealth medicating when needed.

  3. Patient Zero

    Surprised that i could actually feel it! I started off with two, then ate a third 10 minutes later, thinking its only 15mg of ThC.. but ended up with an impressive ‘Body + Head’ high!
    They also taste like fresh jello, with a slight sour taste, and zero weed taste!
    Felt expensive for the 35 mg of ThC when you can get 150mg for only a few bucks more but the effects are worth it!
    Will reorder Thanks BM!

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