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Gummies (SeC) – Rosebud


800mg THC per package

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WARNING – HIGH POTENCY -Keep out of reach of children! 

For experienced or high tolerance users only. Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more.

Contains: 1 x 800mg piece per package – various flavours

The Rosebudis SeC’s highest dosage gummy, at a STAGGERING 800mg of THC extract, this is a treat that is meant for users to experience the strongest edible around. Users should be fully comfortable and confident in their edibles tolerance level.

SeC is a cannabis producer based out of B.C’s Lower Mainland. All of their edibles are made with high quality, lab tested distillate and natural ingredients. The gummies are hand crafted, from the molds, to the finished product, by their talented team of cooks. This is how each gummy turns out visually unique and consistently delicious. They use a hands on approach which they state separates them from other companies. Their team ensures that each batch is made with care and with proper dosages that they feel the cannabis community deserves. Offering a wide range of dosages, allowing accessibility for medicinal and recreational users of various tolerance levels.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Flavour, Colouring

7 reviews for Gummies (SeC) – Rosebud

  1. Phia

    FOR EXPERIENCED USERS. it’s hard to dose considering how big it is. But it’s pretty, tasty and will mess you right up. Start with a petal and figure out where to go from there. Can be made to last. 800mg for 50 dollars is a great price

  2. Sir Smokes Alot

    I take my hat off to the people responsible for this creation. 1/3rd of the flower gets me beyond medicated. I was right down and out of order for a whole 6-7 hours just sleeping, eating and watching TV lol. Not for the weak of heart!

  3. Montecore

    Caution! This edible is meant to be taken in pieces. If you eat the whole thing I promise it’ll kick your butt! You will almost be a vegetable haha.. All jokes aside if you feel like edibles aren’t for you, this one is!

  4. Diogo R

    Awesome product. 800mg is a lot so I nibble off the flower, I basically try to eat a quarter of it just to make sure I don’t take too much. This was also very helpful with my sleep insomnia, when I can’t fall asleep and if I have a rosebud at home I’ll take a few nibbles and in less than an hour I’ll be sleeping like a baby. I’m definitely going to buy a lot more of these.

  5. snicklefritz

    Careful with this one, it packs a punch. Had two of the leaves and a small bite of the rose, and i was really high to say the least. I think just one leaf would get most people past the point they want to be.

  6. mochi

    Excellent product for experienced users. Two petals had me nicely buzzed. I double dog dare you to eat the whole thing…………………………..

  7. Patient Zero

    Omg! We requested a specific colour, but got a orangish flower instead and… Just Beautiful! We don’t even care that we didn’t get the colour we wanted, the note on the inside lid was so cute! It shows us how much BM cares about they’re customers! Thanks guys! ❤️👌
    Now on to the rest of the review, High was perfect, at 2-4 petals, we have a high tolerance so this was prefect, taste was delicious and hard to not eat the whole thing! a little smaller than expected, so be careful with dosing! 800mg for 50$ is one of the best bang for your $$ one this site! They make perfect gifts too! Will Reorder, Thanks BM!

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