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Gummies (Mota) – Sour Watermelons


100 mg THC and 20 mg CBD


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100 MG THC | 20 MG CBD

Compared to say…love, there’s something eternal about a fruit-flavoured gummy. It comes down to reliability: a true candy treat sensation that’s always just like the first time. Primary candy colours? Invitingly soft texture? That timeless melt in your mouth blush of fruity flavour? Yes. Yes. Yes. Our Infused Gummies do what candy gummies were born to do. And more. They’re perfectly infused with a precise measured dose of THC. Discover your own comparisons.

Happy | Euphoric | Anxiety | Stress | Insomnia | Pain | Appetite Loss | Inflammation | Nausea

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Carnuba Wax, Sodium Citrate, Fatty Acids and Flavours

Strain: Sativa

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

37 reviews for Gummies (Mota) – Sour Watermelons

  1. Stef

    The watermelon gummies taste great and are always super fresh anytime I’ve gotten them. Very little taste of weed. 1 gummy is a nice little buzz, but depends on the person how much you really need.

  2. Em

    These are awesome! Barely any taste of weed, and very easy to dose yourself appropriately. Great value for only $11.00. Would recommend to a friend…

  3. joey

    Taste’s good- slight tinge of marijuana taste, which I personally enjoy. As an experienced smoker, I can say my desired effects were achieved- I felt high but functional. A few of these on an empty stomach will have you flying.

  4. jackripper

    Taste just like the candy! No aftertaste of THC or anything like most edibles. It’s great to know how potent each individual candy is so you don’t have to divide it up personally.

  5. TheStoutTrout

    The watermelons slices have a nice tanginess to hide the thc. It is nice to have a bit of cbd mixed in with the thc for a longer lasting effect. Perfect for a hike or doing anything outdoors.

  6. Danler

    Excellent candies! Super tasty, VERY little “bad” aftertaste! They are a little weak, but I knew that going in by the amount of THC in the package and per candy. No issues here, just ate more than one 🙂

  7. Torontofoodiechick

    These tasted delicious and had an awesome texture. The biggest problem though was I did not really feel any of the effects I wanted from this product. I don’t think I would purchase them again….

  8. Northview

    I got these for my wife which she likes alot she takes 2 and they relax her with a smile but she’s not a smoker so shes got very low
    tolerance I dont mind them taste is ok dont taste the weed much at all i need 5 for myself lol! They are a good sit the on couch watch a movie high they were good for my aches .

  9. Greenfred

    Will continue to order these gotta love how handy they are pop one or two and away you go. Taste great work well and that’s the important thing, nice functional buzz. Thanks BM

  10. logicbud

    Tasty; but, very mild for my use, it will work well for beginners. My wife likes them because of the mildness. The taste is very good and masks the weed taste quite well.

  11. WiLLy

    Ordered a few different flavours but these were the best of the bunch. Ate 2 at a time and had a nice buzz going. It lasted for the night and makes you sleep well. Would recommend for beginners doing edibles.

  12. HappyYoda

    Tastes like the watermelon candy you buy in the stores. I really love it. Once it kicked in, the high felt really good. Remember the whole bag is 100mg of THC so you have to divide that with the number of candy in the bag. Depending on your size you may need 1 or 2.

  13. K-lyte

    Buzz on these gummies isn’t very strong. Definitely take on empty stomach for desired effect. Gummie has great fruity flavour and soft texture. Good for people just starting to experiment with edibles.

  14. casey

    My favorites, taste, buzz, pain hits it all but tastes like a candy. Need a good sleep these will help along with the other Mota edibles. Ordering more as we speak.

  15. Mac

    Not my favourite product from Mota but it’s as good as all of their stuff. I’m just not a fan of watermelon candies. Work great to pacify your mother in law with a sweet tooth at the family function….just kidding Tracy

  16. M22

    Has that original watermelon candy taste at first, the THC/CBD balance is good enough to get you a great kick! Whether at a work shift or for bedroom purposes.

  17. haldir6480

    I’ve tried a few mota brand edibles so far and find them all consistent in strength and have great flavour. you can smell and taste the pot in them but its not over powering. I find 1-2 gummies is a good mild buzz that lasts a couple hours, 3+ for much more noticeable effects. thanks budmail!

  18. Tates

    I ordered three gummies to try (these, coke bottles and peaches) and these were they tastiest. I had a hard time sticking to just 1-2. First time eating, I like it for night time for a relaxing evening.

  19. Tates

    I ordered three gummies to try and these were they tastiest. I had a hard time sticking to just 1-2. First time eating, like it for night time for a relaxing evening.

  20. Samplingzing

    Mild Buzz, I ate 3 of these and felt fine, taste is great and they look amazing, the package is very nice and professional also, i recommend for beginners, get something stronger if you are used to edibles.

  21. frickle

    The best starting edibles you can get. Super lit and easy to start slow. Would definitely recommend. They don’t taste very good but are not awful. Need about half the package for a good time.

  22. Greenfred

    Love theses so handy for anytime running around to a movie a flight a road trip nice low key buzz that’s lets you function and keep smiling and goes well with a vape session or a dooby .
    Thanks BM and Mota

  23. FlyingJerry

    These gummies are my go to! I smoke atleast 1-2 week and I find the gummies have an okay effect. 1 gummy on an empty stomach is a subtle buzz that keeps you laughing and happy. I have found that eating a gummy on an empty stomach works best. 2 gummies and you’re good to go.

  24. Tkins

    The taste of these are out of this world good!! I usually eat two pieces and have a nice glow along with a joint. Does a good job of forgetting about the pains.

  25. Juicy420

    These gummies are quite possibly my fave. They pack a nice, mellow punch and they have a great watermelon flavour. Recommended for day time dosage but can definitely be enjoyed in the evening. Loving the CBD from these as well.

  26. cadabberduck

    well i tried these beauties as well and i find the buzz a bit weak for my liking. the taste was very good they just didn’t seem to get me where i wanted to go

  27. Greenfred

    These are fun and tasty not too powerful if taken with common sense
    would but them again and again great to eat a few and watch a movie
    Really hope BM stays around after legalization

  28. Barex13

    Delicious and perfect for someone who isn’t big on extremely potent edibles. I’ve been buying Mota gummies for my girlfriend for quite sometime and they always seem to bring to just the right level to have a great time. Picked these up on my last order and they’re delicious. Being sativa, these gummies in particular are great for the day time.

  29. iliketrees

    The watermelons may be my favourite mota gummy – The candy-watermelon flavour is very intense – absolutely phenomenal. The effects are great – strong and long lasting. Always puts a smile on my face!

  30. Catlady

    I really like enjoyed the sour watermelon gummies 😻 I recommend them 100%
    This was my first candy infused, I definitely will be making more a part of my next order!

  31. Leiab

    I bought these after trying the coke bottles. They didn’t seem to pack a big punch as much as the coke bottles but they are sativa so maybe the effect was different than the coke bottles. I may buy again but might opt for the peaches.

  32. davedaveee

    Pretty consistent buzz all around. Would purchase again. Took before bed a few times and woke up the next day feeling absolutely stoned. during day time was a little hazy, enjoyed 3/5 -slick

  33. Harry Brownschwagger

    My favourite gummie edible. They taste delicious. I like leaving the bag open to get them stale and chewier. They medicate very well. Very good product to discreetly dose in a fun way.

  34. F1fan

    These taste just like really good gummy bears! Takes about 20 min to feel the medication. Awesome to take camping or on your day to the beach. Remember people these are adult candies and keep out of reach of children I will definitely purchase again.

  35. iliketrees

    These are great candies. They were so fresh when they came – very nice. They taste great. The weed taste is very minimal. I found I needed about 1/2 package to feel the effects – that being said use caution! My friend was wrecked from one.

  36. Froglady

    Super fresh gummies, love the flavour and the buzz. Real watermelon flavour impressed me as well some taste so artificial but these were awesome.

  37. Leroys mum

    Love the taste & texture of these guys!! I think you’d have to eat the whole bag at once to really feel an impact but they’re a treat for a relaxing evening & a movie😀

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