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Gummies (Tropicanna Real Fruit)

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Product Description

Tropicanna by Cryonic – Premium Real Fruit Gummies are made with no artificial flavors or colors.  They are 100% natural and highly potent.

Cryonic Candy is a “soil to oil” extracts and edibles company located on BC’s Vancouver Island. We harvest our finest cannabis flowers to produce our BHO extract for our edibles and topicals. All of our products are single origin and made from scratch, using only real fruit natural colourings such as tumeric and anatto seeds. We strive to deliver a product that is consistent in strength and desirable in flavour. -FEEL GOOD-

  • THC-infused gummies each contain 20 mg of THC
  • CBD-infused gummies have a 22:1 CBD:THC ratio, with each gummy containing 20 mg of CBD

Contains: 4 gummies per bag.

Ingredients: cannabis oil, sugar, glucose, gelatine, natural flavours (mango, pineapple, orange, strawberry), natural colours from tumeric and paprika, citric acid, tantaric acid, pectin.

30 reviews for Gummies (Tropicanna Real Fruit)

  1. Samanthas

    I really like these gummies they pack quite a punch might be the best gummies I’ve ever tried! Everyone I’ve given some too think of these as the best gummies they ever tried

  2. Muskokagirl

    Tasty like a gummy, get a great sleep, no buzz though doesn’t do much for my pain. I’ve never done weed before so surprised others say helps with pain. I deal with intense pain.

  3. Swimdog323

    These are great. We first started by splitting one between the two of us, both receiving a nice relaxing buzz. Premium product. Awesome flavour. Two does the trick. Perfect for small day buzz. Need to try!

  4. Jeff

    I had one of these last night. 20mg is my preference for a “dose” rather than 10mg, so I had one and didn’t cut it in half. I thought the initial taste wasn’t bad, but the aftertaste was fairly bitter (and lingered for a little while). The high did not disappoint; it was everything I wanted out of 20mg.

  5. AP2000

    These have a good effect on you. The effect is quite full-spectrum. For beginners, would recommend cutting in half or even quarters. The taste is neither here nor there.

  6. KushConnoisseur

    These candies are extremely satisfying and carry the kush like signature effect of sedation. They seem to have a more complete cannabinoid profile as they feel more ‘full spectrum’ than other gummies, which often just give a quick hit of thc.

    These are great for relaxation and hands down best gummy on the market for insomnia.
    Also, surprised to see people comment on the taste. What little you can taste is by far the cleanest, best taste of any oil I’ve ingested in over a decade.

  7. Cran.xo

    I only gave this product a 3 star rating because of the taste, they taste AWFUL and not fruit like at all the weed taste is super strong.
    However they are pretty strong I can cut one gummy in 3 pieces and get a pretty good high off one piece, I’m also not a beginner but not a heavy smoker.

  8. Greenfred

    These are great wether you eat a whole one or a half or all 4 of them they taste great work well and are handy if you are out and about on a flight movie great treats to have in the fridge!

  9. P.K

    These are great. We first started by splitting one between the two of us, both receiving a nice relaxing buzz. We would definitely purchase these again.

  10. bender2377

    Best gummies on the market. HANDS DOWN. no question by the flavour these things pack a real punch. Have order many times, and will continue to do so.

  11. Blond high

    These are nice. Tried these when we had a camp fire 🔥 at the cabin. Had a wonderful buzz, not too strong but not too light. Highly recommend these for your sweet tooth

  12. Greenfred

    Very nice worked well first time took 1/2 after that took a whole one works fine .
    Taste really good barely any pot taste good night sleep guaranteed.
    will try again and again.

  13. RDH

    My favourite edibles! These are definitely not for beginners! And remember, one gummy is actually two doses. The most relaxing high you’ll ever have! They definitely have a cannabis taste but totally worth it!

  14. deadpoet

    how is 4 gummies per bag 8 doses. this product and marketing is counter intuitive is slightly dishonest. they are huge and do work for pain relief but the price is steep and the selling points are fishy

    • bm

      If you check the description (and the packaging), it does mention each gummy is 2 full doses. They are made with THC distillate and are potent! Despite your dislike of the format, we’re glad to hear they worked well for your pain relief.

  15. sunshine

    Pineapple – I just tried these gummies for the 1st time. I eat 1/2 of one and get a nice, happy, functioning high. The cannabis taste is strong, but pleasant. I would like to try a different flavour next time.

  16. MNOLD

    Was excited from all the reviews about these but found them slightly disappointing. Ate 1 and a half and had a small buzz from a couple hours. Tasted great though, i love the “medication” taste. Was hoping for something stronger though.

  17. JT Brown

    Taste great..1 full for a great lasting buzz…will purchase again

  18. Krutchy

    These are awesome. Tastes great, and half of one always gives me a real good buzz. Definitely buying again.

  19. Ballistikz

    Really, really good and tasty too! Very effective, two thumbs up.

  20. tarhoop

    “Read the instructions! I was once a regular smoker – hate smoking – came back to cannabis because of the wide variety of edibles. Out of practice, so essentially novice, skipped the instructions, ate a whole one, about an hour before bed. Great high to fall asleep to, happy trippy dreams, woke up 8 hours later with a functioning buzz. Two days later ate a whole one with breakfast – I’m a slow learner –
    non-functional high all day, great sleep that night. Medicinal taste, but tolerable. Start with half, especially if you’re out of practice like I am!”


    The candy i quite larger than i expected. I had to cut it in half because each candy is 2 doses. Half of the candy really go me pretty gone. Can’t imagine what taking the whole thing would be like. Well done.

  22. Lea

    Tasted awful! Ended up swallowing them whole for the high. The high was enjoyable

  23. Canofpepsi

    -taste like cannabis-ish -quick and easy to consume
    At this point in the day iv smoked a few by now. Ate two of these and was pretty good. Don’t recall smoking any more draws that night 😛
    my brother use to smoke and starting eating edibles recently. He ate 2 of these and couldn’t sleep, every time he’d lay down he’d start spinning 😀

  24. kitty

    These are good, def not for beginners like others have mentioned. Tastes medicinal for sure. I can deal with that because of the natural ingredients and they’re appreciated. I love the mix pack!

  25. Wasted Frames

    Pretty good, pretty strong. Not for beginners. Great edible for someone with a high tolerance and is experienced taking edibles. Surprisingly cerebral high. The first time I tried these I took a whole one, expecting it to put me to sleep pretty hard; instead I found myself creatively energised and ended up staying up most of the night. I found the medicinal flavor rather strong in the gummies which made eating a whole one all at once rather difficult for me. My mailbox is above the radiator in my building and they got a little melted so I can’t really speak to the appearance of the candy.

  26. Franchi

    Very potent candies, try 1 dose (1/2 of a candy) first! Pretty good stuff though, not for beginners.

  27. bender2377

    Premium product. Awesome flavour. Two does the trick. Perfect for small day buzz. Need to try!

  28. Toph

    Ate a full one, was a bit too much my first time, lasted more then 8 hours, would recommend cutting in half, even quarters to start, great taste, felt awesome all day, crashed pretty hard afterwards, follow recommended doses at the very least.

  29. Richie100

    These were great.. 1 gummie will do you just fine – maybe half if you don’t want to get too stoned. Good gummie taste with a dash of MJ in it – so you know it’s real haha. I would buy them again!

  30. bala619

    Follow the dosage recommendation. This works well. I was lit for about 12 hours.

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