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Jelly Bomb (Twisted Extracts)


1 gummy for $12

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This Jelly Bomb design provides a consistent reliable delivery system for the ingestion of Cannabis.

80 mg per candy. Cut into 8 equal doses of 10 mg each. First time users take a single 10 mg dose. Allow 40 to 60 minutes for full effect. Dose may be adjusted as needed for subsequent use.

Contains: 1 gummy per package. Each package contains 8 doses.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, corn starch, sorbitol, artificial colour and flavouring.

Keep out of reach of children!

111 reviews for Jelly Bomb (Twisted Extracts)

  1. Sharkeatsgirl

    The buzz is nice and the 1:1 is really great for sleep but the taste isn’t great and it leaves a horrible lasting aftertaste. I also wish these were dosed out, they are really annoying to cut up.

  2. Mo

    I’ve really enjoyed every flavour of these that I’ve tried, which I believe is every single flavour offered at this point. Really potent, mellow, relaxing, fun. Great high every time.

  3. Al

    These are good flavor and potent. My favorite flavor is the mango but love the black cherry for the indica. Love that there is options for cbd, sativa, and indica

  4. Timmy

    Love these. Appreciate that the cannabis is cooked into the jelly, rather than it just being a regular candy with extract sprayed on it. The Halley’s Comet 1:1 THC to CBD are perfect for vibing out and making your body feel nice.

  5. Fuzzer

    These are my new faves. In the past I have enjoyed the Mota gummies, however, was introduced to these and never looked back. These pack a strong punch, much stronger than Mota, and the high is a super happy, productive and enjoyable one. The taste is cannabis heavy, but I only need 2 (20mg) to send me flying and enjoying my day.

  6. Breh420

    The Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs are the best they are a sure thing every time! You can easily divide up the brick into 10mg pieces. 10/10 would recommend!

  7. Jreefer

    these are ok. Taste isn’t very nice but they do have a pleasant smell for whatever that’s worth. Strength to me seems to be lacking. I way prefer the caramels. They taste better and seem more effective

  8. maggiesfarm

    I really like the taste of the Cherry, it’s my workday solution and works great for a bit of feel-better without any negatives. Easy to cut up and dose.

  9. maggiesfarm

    Blue Raspberry Zzz bomb – these are tasty and excellent value. The Zzz bombs work great for me and ensure a solid 8 hours of sleep. Never want to be sleepless without these.

  10. Cass

    Flavor is excellent. There is a cannabis taste underneath the initial flavor of the jelly. 4/5 and not higher as they were delivered on a hot day and half melted.

  11. Prince

    Got these as part of a gift for my parents anniversary. They are not frequent canmibus users and felt these would be a good starting point. They both loved it 🙂

  12. Keepon Smoking

    I LOVE these!!
    They have been my favorite since my very first order
    I add these to my cart with EVERY purchase.
    They’re a hit with ALL my friends.
    Get high

  13. FlashG

    Really nice taste and a good dosing. I would order this product again and recommend it to friends. If you are looking for a good product this one is for you.

  14. Megs

    Love the taste. Big impact for eating just a few squares grate price. Lots of kinds to choose from. Will definitely be ordering these again. Great for times when you can’t light up.

  15. Murmot

    The Zzzz Bombs are the absolute BEST sleep this insomniac has gotten in many many moons. Shift work has royally messed up my sleep/wake cycles, and these never seem to miss the mark on giving me a very good, long, deep sleep. 10/10!

  16. Complicated1316

    I ALWAYS buy the Sativa – Cherry, Mango, Orange. I usually take a square and it feels just right for during the day activities. The taste is decent and these are my go-to edibles.

  17. Budman

    Smell is great, taste is good with a slight weed taste but its bearable, I took 5g and couldn’t feel anything, took another 5g and still couldn’t feel anything, next time I will drop a 20g and see how that goes. The bag said start with 5g and wait 40 mins before taking another.

  18. Drunk Bettie

    I really like these – flavours are great, if a bit strong – but needing to cut them up to dose is a pain in the butt. They’re super sticky and hard to get back into the package. I’d be willing to pay a bit more if they came pre-cut!

  19. Transporter

    These tasted very good. You could slightly taste the weed taste. I wouldn’t buy this again at all tho. Edibles are not for me and this was a waste of my money.

  20. Jez

    High is good, hits harder than a lot of gummies with the same dosage. Unfortunately portioning that dosage is a pain, unless you’re eating the whole package at once, you’re going to need a sharp knife to portion this and even then it’ll be annoying. I also found the cherry flavour a little too medicinal.

  21. Keepon Smoking

    I just love them !! The taste is nice, the buzz is even greater. I really think you should try them. The perfect way to start with edibles without worry.

  22. Keepon Smoking

    These are great. Would buy again but a new flavor just to try them all. I have a higher tolerance so I needed more than my partner who found them to be strong

  23. Baba

    First time trying edibles and I couldn’t be more satisfied! A friend told me to try the LEGO blocks as a first time user good body high exactly what I was looking for.

  24. shadysister

    Got the cherry flavour – tastes like cough drops – but twisted extracts always pull through. Consistent, good quality edibles. I take 1.5 of the recommended dose to get proper high and it lasts for a long time too. I’ve had different flavours before and these are always a guaranteed good time.

  25. SD

    Got mango and cherry, haven’t tried cherry yet but the mango tasted pretty good although it does have a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Only ate 10mg but felt pretty nice.

  26. Hutcho

    Ok flavour, awesome high! Will try again but maybe not the cherry flavour. Love the packaging and the branding would like them divided in smaller pieces.

  27. Hutcho

    Great flavour, great high, packaging and branding is great! Would love them to be divided into single doses instead of a block of eight. I will definitely continue buying these.

  28. Soleil2208

    Myborfriend and me really love these Nelly.. i an more à sativa fan but i also tried the indica one..All the Flavor taste very good ! You can use the as 10mg doses during the day and you just have smooth buzz..when i want stronger buzz, i take 30mg and it feel very good…very good quality product and really not expensive !!

  29. Sleep Trouble

    Love, love, love the CBD Pineapple gummies!!! I sleep all night!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!They taste so good. I suffered from a racing mind at night :/

  30. Soleil2208

    They taste amazing..i have tried lors of these and it was always tasty..we are not left with a aftertase…it is a light buzz but a nice one..i am buying some more today…

  31. Breh420

    This gummie has been my go to for a long time and I have no intent to stop buying them! The lego shape helps you determine how many mgs you feel like taking which is great!

  32. Gogo

    #1 best edibles on the market. Most brands I need 100-200mg or more!! With twisted extracts, I am fine with 40mg. Even 20mg has an effect.
    I took 80mg of a different brand a week ago (won’t mention name) and felt absolutely nothing. So the twisted extracts are a must and will be my go to edibles moving forward

  33. shadysister

    got this in the mango flavour, so yummy! doesn’t really have that weed aftertaste. i’ve tried a bunch of different gummies and i felt the effects of this one within 30 min and it lasted a decent amount of time. would definitely recommend!

  34. Goose

    By far the best gummy out there, in my opinion. Tried a couple different options through the provincial weed store but none came close. Love how predictable the Jelly Bombs are, and have been for years. My go to.

  35. JLee

    I love these gummies, they’re probably one of my faves! The THC kinds are so potent, but in a good way. The CBD kind are great for any aches & pains.

  36. Keepon Smoking

    These gummies taste great and kicked my butt! They are pretty strong and I find you get a very relaxing buzz from them. Great for later in the evening or weekend. I would buy again.

  37. maggiesfarm

    These Zzz bombs are a fantastic sleep aid for me; half a section is just right most times. If I’m really anxious a full section lets me fall asleep and stay asleep eight hours. Blue Raspberry and Cherry are both great flavors; not much aftertaste.

  38. SID

    Very high quality extracts, high quality gummies that you will really enjoy. The 1:1 Haley’s Comet Sativa jelly bomb is so much fun to eat if you aren’t a drinker but want to go out to the bar and have fun. I ate half of one and was up singing karaoke and having the time of my life, left me feeling almost tipsy in a way. Very relaxed and comfortable. What I love about this product is how many options and variations in dosing they offer you so you can purchase based on your unique medicating needs. These are a great option for beginners as the dots really help you to dose accurately and know exactly what type of experience you’ll get with the various options!

  39. Rachel

    These are good flavor and potent. My favorite flavor is the mango but love the black cherry for the indica. Love that there is options for cbd, sativa, and indica.

  40. sydney

    These are high quality gummies. I tried the CBD ones and they really helped with my anxiety. I’ve also tried the ZZZBomb and it really helped me sleep. They never disappoint!

  41. Cody

    These worked really very well for relaxation and pain. Had some mild back pain and it made me feel not as tense due to the CBD. Also the high was was relaxing.

  42. Keepon Smoking

    These are great! they are very tasty and are nice and soft, I really like the packages they come in very flashy and compact, there was no weed taste that I could tell easy dosages

  43. Fagglebean

    My boyfriend and I split one of these in the hopes that we could catch some sleep after a long night. We ended up having incredibly kinky sex then fell asleep in each others arms.

  44. Hexo tsunami

    These gummies are the BOMB
    the pineapple CBD is great for my boyfriends anxiety 2 squares and 20 min hes good and relaxed.
    for me I love the cherry takes away my pains and headaches
    definitely worth the money

  45. Zeldafan

    Just 1 square does the trick for me. The delicious pineapple flavor makes it difficult to just have 1 but damn is it good and works quite well. Highly suggest this product if you’re looking for a 1st time try

  46. L M N Tree

    I got these with a bunch of your other edible gummies on your site. They are definitely good 🙂
    I normally eat the hole bag in one time, because of a high tolerance. If your new you will be ok with these gummies. Lots of flavours makes it easy to make a box full of delicious treats.

  47. Andy

    You can’t go wrong when you purchase any product from twisted extracts ..all flavours taste amazing and 10 mg always seems to get the perfect buzz for any time of the day!!

  48. Andy

    I love these..Twisted Extract has there business down to a perfect science I haven’t had a cad product from them ever. They are a little sticky but not a huge issue!!

  49. cdwalker90

    Good jelly works well, forget about the flavor just pick one keep in cool place all the time or will get real sticky fast tough to exact out. Gives a great punch to ride some time with give high marks to this product makes a good chaser to later on in the day.

  50. mclovin

    only gave this product 3 stars because of the dosage. i have a higher tolerance and require more of the product in-order to get that high, recommend this product to anything with lower tolerance. all the flavours i’ve tried have been good so far (green apple, mango, orange, grape, blue raspberry).

  51. Hannah

    I accidentally bought the pineapple CBD flavor instead of one with THC (thats my bad) but they have a great taste and I’m sure the THC ones would have been even better for me ☺️

  52. mike jones

    Great tasting with a strong effect. Eating the full 80 mg had me just right. I mainly dab so I have a high tolerance but this product still hit me reasonably hard. Will buy again.

  53. lauren

    tried the ZZZ bomb.. it knocked me out with in an hour of taking it. Nice high, not too intense and i found it good for pain as well! 10/10 would recommend! a little goes a long way for sure.

  54. nat

    These gummies taste great, are potent and are easy to manage dosage.
    Best gummies I’ve tried so far. Like the blue raspberry indica, mango sativa and even the full spectrum w cbd – though with half the thc it’s probably not the best for price.

  55. Prudence

    Tasted good but one pack was dried out not sure if I would order again since they are such low doses but good for those who only want a little bit !!!

  56. Surewin

    These are very small. Great packaging and very consistent in dosing. My first time ordering gummies and these were very good. I highly recommend anyone to try these.

  57. Serval

    First time ordering these bad boys. I had half a piece and felt the effects about 1 hour later. It’s like a warm blanket of good feelings. Would recommend.

  58. Danny

    Very consistent dosage in every piece that you cut. Twisted is one of the best brands I find. Good body high and really puts you to sleep in a few hours. Highly recommended

  59. relaxnation

    I had tried one of these the other night. It was super relaxing and kicked in after about 35-40 minutes. High lasted a solid 2 hours. Would recommend!

  60. Cing

    Most edibles don’t work for me so I gifted this one for a bday gift and my father in law loved it ! Mellowed him right out, very chill, nice buzz. Would get this again

  61. Jccc

    I love these gummies! Thia was my first time consuming this brand and i was not disappointed! The flavours tasted really great. Very strong weed taste after the intense great flavours but as long as you like the taste of strong edibles these are your go to!

  62. Vicky

    Really good high, I gave one to my dad and he said it helped relieved the tension in his neck LOL. Not too overpowering, slowly just become more calm and relaxed which is nice instead of feeling brain dead

  63. Ty

    These have been my favorite. Consistent from day one, strong with great flavor. Great high. Either to go out or stay at home. Great price per dose and easily cut into 4x20mg.

  64. Smac

    These gummies are the BOMB
    the pineapple CBD is great for my boyfriends anxiety 2 squares and 20 min hes good and relaxed.
    for me I love the cherry takes away my pains and headaches
    definitely worth the money

  65. Jen

    Love these, have been using them for the past few years and they are definitely my go to! always consistent and a pretty great high. Great for daytime

  66. Graham

    My absolute favourite edible this cures all my headaches and migraines and the flavours are great so many choices my new favourite is the black cherry absolutely the tastiest gummy ever!!!

  67. Alan

    Amazing gummies, would definitely buy again and the flavors taste awesome! Very strong weed taste after the intense great flavours but as long as you like the taste of strong edibles these are your go to!

  68. Jay

    Best edibles I ve had so far.These things never fail.They are good to micro dose or just to take for sleep.Great pain relief,great flavor great price.

  69. Brammer92

    These are always consistent! Flavor is on point and the dosages make them easy to share or get loaded up on your own. Will definitely order again when back in stock!

  70. TheStoutTrout

    Love these lego pieces of love. High dose is just what you need when you feel under the weather. Great price and great effects. Have to thank you again budmail for having these products!

  71. krispy

    Enjoyable, I would buy these again. I got Cherry, Mango, & Apple and they all taste pretty good. Definitely has a noticeable weed aftertaste but not bad enough to make me dislike these. The high is pretty good and came on quick for me. I have a pretty low tolerance, 15mg had me crazy high, 10mg was the sweet spot.

  72. Victoria

    Great taste and got really high when I ate 2. Great for beginners or people who dont smoke. Would buy all the flavours. I really like the cherry and blue raspberry.

  73. sativaguy

    Absolutely love these. For anyone new buying, they are super sticky and sometimes a bit difficult to cut into portions, but beyond that damn. Super strong, a little bite gets you right where you want to be.

  74. Jay

    Easily one of the best edibles on the market especially for the price.The taste,the potency,again the price tag is simply amazing. I take them for pain,sleep,health purposes.Smoking fucks up with my cardio.Grab these whenever you can, they are too good not to try.

  75. Andy

    These are very tasty and also very sticky but a person can’t go wrong when purchasing these gummies. I have had multiple flavours and they will not disappoint you👍

  76. Adeliep

    I use the Jelly Bomb to help ease anxiety. When I am upset a small bite of the grape relaxes me. I recommend this product to all my senior friends. ..

  77. Adeliep

    I have been using ZZZ Bombs to help me sleep. When I take them within 15 minutes I am off to dreamland. Even when I wake up to use the bathroom I can still fall asleep immediately. I recommend this product to all my senior friends.

  78. Andy

    The apple Hybrid ones taste absolutely amazing.. they are a lot on the sticky side but once you divide them up these bad boys do not disappoint!! Buzz makes you smile ear to ear and last quite a while!!

  79. Gidge

    These are one of our favourite gummies! We enjoy the dosing options that we can cut a larger or smaller piece from the cube! Perfect amount everytime!!

  80. DeliP

    My favourite edible! The dosing is consistent and reliable every time and it doesn’t taste terrible. The sativas are perfect for a productive day around the house. They help me relax and be more creative.

  81. Kd

    Have ordered these a few times. These are by far my favorite. Great high if you just wanna laz around and love the raseberry flavor. Will be trying the cherry next for sure. Great taste, seems to kick in quicker then some others I had tried from else where.

  82. Outthebay

    Very nice gummies! Had the mango and orange. A nice uplifting buzz, good for parties. Take half the whole thing if you’re a veteran consumer, or try one block if your not.

  83. Lulu

    These are very nice! They taste wonderful and you get a nice buzz. Although i prefer the 20mg portion as i always share with my friends. It’s easier for me if it’s already cut in 20mg doses. But a good buzz!

  84. Tuesday

    I rather enjoy the flavors here, I’ve ordered cherry, pineapple, apple and grape and found that every one of them the flavor is nice, not weedy or anything. The high is decent too

  85. OldSchool

    20 mg does the trick but is not overpowering. Tried 20mg of the Mota Sour Watermelons (Sativa) and didn’t feel a thing. The Twisted Extracts edibles are good value for the money and are effective.

  86. El Choppo

    I always feel like these edibles are stronger than the other ones but for less mg, worth the price. The mango one is good. First time trying CBD now too, tastes great

  87. nugtender

    Great flavour and gummy consistency. Does not taste too much like pot oil. The shape is very practical for dosing. My partner and friends that do not smoke a lot of pot really enjoy these. Nice, mellow body high. They usually take 2-3 ‘boops’ of the lego block to get a mid-range to strong body stone going. That said, I’m a regular user and I find 4 ‘boops/40mg of this doesn’t really do a whole lot for me. I am still experimenting with them though, and they are nice to have on hand for friends and guests. They make a great gift, too!

  88. Ancient

    first time eating edibles i ate a whole lego , honestly that was the best choice i made that day it was a super controlled high with the sativa and i did not mind in the least . maybe dont eat it if your going to go out and do alot haha

  89. 4our2wenty

    Cherry is my go to flavour, it has a mild weed after taste but it’s not bad. One of the better edibles and price compares well to Mota products…..hydrid, indica relaxing properties without a burn out. Buck for buck, this is right there with some of the best!

  90. Coll

    Cherry Jelly bombs are my favourite! They taste great – hardly any cannabis taste and the high is fantastic. Im relaxed but also uplifted, my body pain is at a minimum and I sleep great!

  91. logicbud

    Ordered the blue raspberry flavor, noticeable bitter aftertaste, buzz, is ok. My biggest issue with the product, is the incredible stickyness. Unlike mota jellies, there is no sugar coating and had issues peeling it from the wax paper. Even trying to cut into smaller doses on the wax paper then putting back into the packaging was a challenge.

  92. Andy Bobandy

    Very nice high. Used a couple of times now never disappointed. Great body buzz. You select dosage by cutting. Taste is good but not outstanding. Would buy again.

  93. Brit

    I ordered the apple flavour tried it tonight and the apple flavour is really good but if you dont like the skunky aftertaste this isn’t the candy for you.

  94. Hdollops

    dope gummies that kick hard, apple and mango are FIRE……………………………………………………………………………………….

  95. fishbulb

    These has been my go-to edible for the past 6 months. They’re smaller and I’d argue better packaged than the Mota gummies, with a paper wrapper instead of powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to the ziplock bag. You can bite a bit off, wrap the remainder up, and store it back in the ziplock for later (without it sticking.)

    I find 40mg THC, half a gummy, completely reliable for rounding off an evening. There is a wave of drowsy as I come up, but that seems to quickly pass off into a peaceful feeling. When I do hit the sheets, hours later, everything is cool and tingly putting me out in seconds. (Oddly, eating half a gummy immediately before bed tends to keep me up… pondering the stars.)

    My favourite flavours are mango and orange. I’m less a fan of the cherry, and the apple ones seems to be stickier/harder to separate from the wrapping paper than the other flavours.

    Be careful with the edibles. I respond incredibly well to these and have largely lost interest in bud or concentrates. Eating a full one of these adds about 50% to the amount that I naturally sleep.

  96. puffalot12

    I ordered this for my buddy’s wedding. I split it in half and wow was I ever high! These did not disappoint! I would recommend these and will order again in the future.

  97. Hdollops

    Everyone of them flames and these definitely got some kick………………………………………………………………………………….

  98. K

    I have tried many edibles and these are my favourite, consistent dosing, and pack a punch for the price. 2 doses are my go to, try the 1:1 if new to edibles.

  99. Stoned-Cold

    Great product. Really tastes good. Doesn’t taste too strong. Great for beginners just slice them up into small pieces. Recommended for sure. GONNA SEND IT

  100. Mariss

    Best edible I have tried on this site and possibly in general! Pack a huge punch, I accidentally ate the entire gummy as one dose later realizing it is meant to be eaten as 8 10 mg doses rather than one 80mg dose. Needless to say it sunk me into the couch for the evening. All of my chronic pain was set aside and I felt perfectly comfortable when this gummy came over me. I tried the orange flavor and it was the best tasting gummy I have ever tried!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  101. Adam

    Man, these knocked me off my butt. These are extremely potent gummies that will get you fried. Wouldn’t recommended eating more than half of one of these at a time as they get you majorly messed up. But man, they are delicious, especially the mango one. I would recommend to anyone looking to try an edible that goes down easy.

  102. Knighty47

    These are one of the best tasting edible gummies I’ve had. The cherry is phenomenal. The high is super relaxing body buzz and lasts a good while. Just chilled and watched a movie. Was dinking in the sofa! Will definitely keep buying this when I run out!


    Good for it’s price. Mango flavour is great I enjoyed it. I had a nice smooth riding high, body buzz was relaxing and not after effect of being tired so I’d buy again for sure.

  104. Nicole

    These just might be my favourite edible I’ve tried on here! They taste amazing and have a great texture to them with almost no weed after taste at all. The high is also great, I had around 30mg and it was a great light bodied feeling and super relaxing! Definitely going to buy again!

  105. Geoffrey

    The Mango flavour is quite yummy, but it is not so easy to cut this into 4 let alone 8 doses. 10mg is good. 20mg is better. It is a beautiful delightful feeling that washes over you and nobody knows why you seem in particularly good spirits today:) So 4 doses for $12 I’d say and quite tasty too.

  106. Guitarded1

    Hey I bought these a few months ago and forgot about them, then was elated to see them, these are a great early morning to afternoon pleasure, not overpowering but good taste and light medicating with a smile!

  107. Jrose

    I loved the taste of these gummies! They are very small, but pack a punch. I ate the gummy in thirds and felt a nice high each time. It was very enjoyable.

  108. cadabberduck

    now these babies are top notch i took 2 doses and in less than 30 minutes i was wrecked the taste was excellent with just a hint of a taste i did take these on an empty stomach and got to where i wanted to be for at least 4 hrs then i ate 2 more and it was la la time lol i will be buying these again

  109. bluntman

    Awesome edible, I even love the taste, could not even taste any bud. I got the cherry kind and I have to say it is up there with some of my other favourite edibles. Taste, and buzz were top notch, and a pleasant surprise. I at 1/4 then at a half a few hours later. I only wish they were a little more hard.

  110. spaceman

    I’ve tried the Sevenstar gummies and 80mg was a very light buzz(for me,could be bad batch) BUT these Twisted Extracts gummies are waaaaaay stronger, I have a high tolerance and 80mg at once these was way too much. I havent been that stoned in years, could barley walk steady lol and noticed a raised heartbeat,too much for me for sure, its that strong! 40mg (half gummy) would definitely be my choice next time, highly recommended! 5/5

  111. Shane

    Totally love these! Ive had them several times and have never been disappointed! All the flavours taste great. Very strong weed taste after the intense great flavours but as long as you like the taste of strong edibles these are your go to!

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