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Gummies (Mota) – Wigglers


100 mg THC and 20 mg CBD

Sativa | Indica

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100 MG THC | 20 MG CBD

Compared to say…love, there’s something eternal about a fruit-flavoured gummy. It comes down to reliability: a true candy treat sensation that’s always just like the first time. Primary candy colours? Invitingly soft texture? That timeless melt in your mouth blush of fruity flavour? Yes. Yes. Yes. Our Wigglers Infused Gummies do what candy gummies were born to do. And more. They’re perfectly infused with a precise measured dose of THC. Discover your own comparisons.

Happy | Euphoric | Anxiety | Stress | Insomnia | Pain | Appetite Loss | Inflammation | Nausea

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Carnuba Wax, Sodium Citrate, Fatty Acids and Flavours

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

50 reviews for Gummies (Mota) – Wigglers

  1. Harry Bosch (verified owner)

    Taste amazing but found that they weren’t very strong. Had to take all 4 to get a good high. Usually Mota products are pretty reliable with how much THC they have but this one disappointed me.

  2. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    Mota products are always high quality. Excellent flavours and packaging. I’m not sure if it’s just in my mind, but Mota stuff always seems a little weak compared with other edibles, but they’re priced right and never dissatisfying.

  3. Smich (verified owner)

    Best gummies ever right here hands down, alittle stronger than the other mota gummies available here which makes them that much more enjoyable. These are usually in my cart when available

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    This product is becoming more favorable to me.
    They aren’t too potent. But if I am going somewhere for an extended period of time. (Over 12 Hours) Where I cannot smoke.
    One worm will ease some anxiety and PTSD symptoms. They also help me sleep at night. If I’m having insomnia.
    The 5 Mg of CBD does make a difference!
    With just a little reduction in price. I would be head-over-heels for these worms.

    I think they taste great. The colours have different flavours. And there is a mild cannabis taste… Not strong at all. Very sweet! And sugary!

  5. LooseBoots (verified owner)

    These gummies are my second favorite from the Mota brand……I always end up adding them to my order and keep them in a safe place for emergency use…….as in when the boring ass inlaws come over…..and I need to take the edge off and listen to their stories……….which magically become interesting after a wiggler or two

  6. Paisley (verified owner)

    Wasn’t super impressed with these. Not much of a taste, and the gummy was a strange texture. Not many in the package, and will need more than one to feel anything.

  7. Cyberstace (verified owner)

    Great deal on these and great taste too. Great with a big fat joint and no taste of plant at all. Next time i’ll get a few bags and eat 2 bags at once as one was good but i always want more .

  8. Ben (verified owner)

    This is a great product, all Mota product are great. I like candy since they are tasty and in small dose, so easier to control what you are taking, great for beginner

  9. TheWizard (verified owner)

    These wigglers are one of my favorite candy items. They taste great. Better than other gummy worms I’ve tried. Every order I get a few. They taste great and the effects are subtle. At it’s price, it is hard to find a better deal.

  10. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    They taste great, nice texture and good price. Pretty good for beginners because they’re not the most potent edibles. The orange colored one tastes like Jell-O, I love it.

  11. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Normally I don’t buy edibles. I was given a sample of some hard candies in a previous order. I decided to try these gummies last order, because of the sale.

    I am pleased with the taste. Mild cannabis undertones… With a regular gummie worm flavor.
    My tolerance is pretty high. A whole worm is nice. I’ll smoke less. But still have a few dabs of honey oil through the day. The worms take 1-2 hrs for their full effects and last about 6-8 hours for me. Nice smooth mild buzz…

    The sample hard candies I tried had 30mg THC with no CBD. I liked the extra 5mg.

    If these worms were slightly more potent it would be worth the price, and I would make these part of my daily regiment. Perhaps more per pack at the same price…
    Ideally I would have 50mg THC / 10-12.5mg CBD per worm.

    (The package suggests cutting the worms in half for inexperienced users… Makes me wonder what my tolerance is.)
    As a heavy user, I could easily work a labor job after eating one worm.
    Nice for a change, not too bad a price… but I could eat 2 worms, no problem. And that’s half the pack?!

  12. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    Wow, those wigglies worms are delicious, the orange reminds me of Jell-O, same taste! Easy to chew, nice texture, and a nice slow buzz. I usually take them with some Dweebs. Try them, they’re worth the buy.

  13. Trip (verified owner)

    Love these! No weird aftertaste to them which is one of the things I dislike about most edibles. Mota products are always good in my books. Will definitely buy again once I’ve tried some of their other gummy options.

  14. Belle (verified owner)

    These fellas certainly get the job done. They give me a nice mellow high. I only need one and I’m there. I usually take mine in the evening because they can tend to make me pass out. Very good taste and texture, Highly recommend.

  15. Nathan (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very competitive price.
    I felt like doubling my dose but enjoyed 1 standard serving while i went for a nice walk. Came home and still felt buzzed. Dont usually use edibles but i was toasted.nicely toasted

  16. Nathan (verified owner)

    Not alot of flavour. Couldnt taste any plant material. They gave us a sample which was very considerate. This will be used as a gift to a young family who are ready to explore cannabis products after breast feeding is complete.

  17. Ashley (verified owner)

    These are my favourite gummies so far! They taste super good I couldn’t even taste any weed just like a regular gummy worm. I’ve got a pretty decent tolerance and one of these guys gives me a nice little buzz. Will order again for sure!

  18. ports1969 (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying the wigglers, enjoyed them no complaints at all. At 25mg per wiggler decent amount for a novice user and if you can handle more take a couple, they taste the good.

  19. yolonoy (verified owner)

    Good choice if you’re craving gummies, cause you kinda have to eat most of the bag if not all of it to feel high, compared to the Mota Jellies. They’re yummy regardless and don’t taste too much like weed.

  20. Uncle Bobby (verified owner)

    This was my first time getting the wigglers. They certainly are tasty and fresh. I don’t think they hit as hard as they could but it’s good value for the money.

  21. goodstuff (verified owner)

    Love the wigglers. Taste good and hit nicely. Once your used to them you can take more than one but at first 1 or even just a have seems to do the trick. I’ll certainly buy again. The CBD really helps take the edge off.

  22. Smich (verified owner)

    These are one of the best MOTA products I have found so far!! It helps my pain at night and let’s me sleep like a rock!! Definately 5 star!! Will order this again!

  23. L M N Tree (verified owner)

    These never disappoint on taste I must say. Yum Mota you did it again. I’m not sure what it’s like if you eat one or two ? I always sit and eat them all. I’m sure if your new to edibles these guys will do you good…

  24. YoungBalsamic (verified owner)

    Big fan of these guys. Bought a whole mota haul recently and enjoyed the taste of all of them – especially these wigglers. Mota makes quality edibles that taste exactly like candy but deliver a great buzz (once you have a couple). The best of both worlds for me!

  25. snooches (verified owner)

    I bought these along with a whole bunch of other gummies at the beginning of quarantine and the only thing that stood out about them was how few came in the pack. Each gummy is bigger than say, a peach gummy but you don’t necessarily get any extra buzz because of it.

  26. moonprison (verified owner)

    Really good, taste amazing, however I found I needed to eat two of these little buggers in order to get a really good high going. Would recommend regardless, as they don’t taste like marijuana at all, but have a little kick to them due to the marijuana in them! Great product.

  27. Shorty (verified owner)

    These are great but need more pieces in the bag, not the greatest price for what you’re getting
    Not a fan of cbd again
    It’s hard to get the doses right

  28. t-dog (verified owner)

    I’ve had three bags of these at different times and find them underwhelming. I have had other Mota products that I’d recommend, and still continue to buy, but not these.

  29. Reefer (verified owner)

    I like getting these because they are at a good price point and I can eat them pretty discreetly.I Usually eat the whole pack and i find depending on what I’ve ate the buzz can range but never too overwhelming. Overall solid choice

  30. Brecat (verified owner)

    One of my favorite edibles by far! No lack in sugar. Flavor was excellent both times I got them. I find these ones one of the stronger mota edibles that I’ve tried.

  31. Gus (verified owner)

    Would honestly be a 5 if the consistency was a bit better. Find one package to be strong enough and the next order not so much. Taste great, wish a person could order just one flavour.

  32. Nodi (verified owner)

    taste was great , would leave out the sugar coating , i did have to take two to feel effects but that could be to high tolerance i might have. i would buy this product again as the buzz was really calming and soothing. combination of thc and cbd is great on this product

  33. Horizon (verified owner)

    These are awesome and flavor is decent, but where they really shine is in the potency. I usually eat edibles with my wife or friends who have a wide range of potency preferences. The worms are quite low in potency so you can work your way up to the perfect high.

    The only thing I don’t like is that there aren’t more in the bag… so I buy a few at a time.

  34. B.Rak (verified owner)

    These candy wigglers are ok in my opinion. They taste fine and look great but are too low in potency for me, I might buy them again tho just as a backup way of getting an extra buzz haha great for low dose users

  35. Justinmcc10 (verified owner)

    Candy texture a big thumbs up
    Taste = Awesome
    Potency = Below avg
    No THC taste which is a great thing.
    4 in A PK, if each was about 25-30 mg/wiggler would be better value in my opinion, but it could compromise taste and quality.

  36. Stinkywink420 (verified owner)

    They tasted good, but I ate an entire package and didn’t feel anything. Unlikely that I’ll order the Wigglers again in the future. ………………..

  37. Braxton (verified owner)

    These gummy wigglers offer a solid buzz, took one and it had me relaxed for a few hours. Since my tolerance is a tad high, I would require more than one to really feel it. Mota should make “extra strength” edibles for people with high tolerances, but overall would order again.

  38. Greenfred (verified owner)

    Loved these probably should have read the reviews first.Ended up eating two .really got mellow talking way too much but lotsa fun next tim maybe 1 or 1 1/2 gotta love Mota will be buying more .

  39. Juicy420 (verified owner)

    These wigglers are very tasty and pack quite a punch. I would order again. I felt the effect of the gummies pretty quickly and they lasted quite a while.

  40. Isjadp01 (verified owner)

    WELP, the gummies are really well made bit of a weed taste but good nonetheless. This is the 2nd product Ive tried from Mota and Im impressed gummies are effective but I had to take a bit more than I thought I would for the buzz I wanted. For sure something Ill have on every order from budmail!

  41. Jrose (verified owner)

    Mota does it again! I love the wigglers! You get 4 in a pack and one is enough for me to feel it ( I have a fairly high tolerance for edibles). The combination of THC and CBD is what makes these great. They also taste great!

  42. iliketrees (verified owner)

    Love these gummies – they taste just like non medicated gummy worms and the effects are strong – I wouldn’t eat more than half of one if you are an inexperienced user.

  43. davedaveee (verified owner)

    Was eating this pack while playing cs:go and i was goin in pretty ham. Was feeling a super focused almost uncontrollable edible high. Would maybe hold back on this one.

  44. alex (verified owner)

    Taste very very very good … nice high for a good price. I ate the entire bag in one time and felt perfect. I’ll order more real soon. They’re my favorite.

  45. Harry Brownschwagger (verified owner)

    Great tasting edible. The potency was there too. I like the Mota products, I wish they had some super strength product. I can eat the whole bag in one sitting. But they’re still good.

  46. davedaveee (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this the most out of Mota product, the high was dynamic and almost overpowering, just what i wanted. Good day time buzz and could get things done, but was hearing buzzing noises and birds chirping indoors.. 4/5 -slick

  47. Batman (verified owner)

    I LOVE WIGGLERS. Very tastey, potent and long lasting. It had a little stronger weed taste but not in a bad way. Great product to try if you want to dip your toes into the edibles experience.

  48. Shane (verified owner)

    Amazing totaly inlove with mota products they are all amazing and deliver the high im looking for being able to take pain away from candies is very very convenient

  49. Shane (verified owner)

    Not the highest in thc but totally great flavours because the thc being a perfect amount for a single person the flavour over powers it so bassicaly your eating candy not thc

  50. Panda (verified owner)

    Tasted great, had to eat the full bag to feel the results but that is just me, could be different for different people but I would most deffintly order this product again.

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