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Hard Candies (Mota)


125 MG THC per pack
10 candies per pack

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125 MG THC

The power of flower soars to new heights in these mouthwatering hard candies. These are more than just a taste sensation – they deliver a measured dose of THC with a slow and soothing release. At 12.5mg per candy, dosing has never been easier. Light and discreet, they are perfect for on the go use.  

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cannabis, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavour and Colour

Strength: 125mg THC

Strain: Hybrid, Sativa

31 reviews for Hard Candies (Mota)

  1. Natezey

    They just really didn’t work that well. We are a few each and waited and waited without the results. Candy was good but has a very clear chemical taste

  2. obc93

    First time trying the MOTA brand of edibles and I can confidently say I will never buy these again. BAKED EDIBLES are so much better. These are very low dose and not as advertised. Each candle is supposed to have 12mgs of THC and I have to take as many as 4 to feel even the slightest buzz. That’s 48mgs… to get just a small buzz. Whereas 15mgs of BAKED EDIBLES gets me nice and high for a few hours.

    Terrible product.

  3. JonnyMTL

    Perfect for any time of the day! Descrete and perfect for a little something to keep your mind off the day! Such a treat and tastes amazing no weed taste at all ..

  4. Flyaway77

    I absolutely love these candies. Can pop a couple of them in mouth and I’m good to go. Perfect for a shopping or visiting or chores even. I have had two different flavors and both were amazing. The lemon and Cherry

  5. Nasadawn

    I ordered the cherry flavour and they were gone in less than a week.
    The flavour tasted like those sour cherry candies without all the sour. They really helped me out wheb I experienced cramping during my period.
    Only reason why I gave it a four star rating was because they gave me a more weak high than expected.

  6. TorontoGal74

    I LOVE the green apple flavour. I thought root beer was my favourite, but now I’m not sure! You can’t really taste anything except the green apple, which was nice.

  7. Lizzy

    I got the root beer and it doesn’t taste like root beer! it taste like black liquoricewhich isn’t appealing to me! Not a good taste, watermelon was an accurate taste though

  8. Mac

    Great for pain relief. I use these for headaches and anxiety. They don’t get me “high” as much as I find them relaxing to use during work or early in the day. Definitely need something a little stronger at night.

  9. Flyaway77

    I got the cherry flavour not really knowing what to expect taste wise or for effect. But they taste great and give a nice mellow high good for when you still need to function.

  10. tinysasquatch

    I got these in the watermelon flavor. They are super tasty and I have already repurchased. I’m a daily moderate user and while these don’t really get me “high,” I love using them to microdose through work to relieve pain and anxiety as they are very discrete and help me get through tough days. I slowly dissolve 1-2 candies making sure to gives lots of contact with the capillaries in my mucous membranes. This helps it absorb *much* quicker than a standard edible. I repeat every four hours or so, but usually one dose is good enough. If you’re a heavy user looking to get high, don’t bother. These are best for microdosing, supplementing other products or for first-time users.

  11. Mystery Mac

    I really enjoyed these. Great flavour and I would often just keep sucking on them throughout the day. A really nice high, you can still function and be productive but you feel relaxed and happy.

  12. TorontoGal74

    I ordered the root beer candies and I love the taste! They are delicious. I use 1-2 candies at a time and it’s just a nice, mellow feel. Looking forward to trying other flavours.

  13. :)

    First time I’ve ordered this would order again. Taste is good. Candies are kinda small and take a while to kick in but once they do it’s a nice easy high.

  14. dbnu

    My 2 stars are basically just for the flavour. I experienced little to no high on these.
    The most I had at once were 5, and with next to no effect at that, the cost effectiveness is really bad.
    Now for someone who’s really light weight these might work great, I couldn’t say.

  15. talie420

    One of my friends gave me a watermelon one to see if i would like it.. Im a heavy toker, so one wasnt enough for me. But i have been reading reviews and i see you have to eat a bit more if your a heavy smoker? Anybody know how many i should take just for a nice light high. Anywho, I got two bags of the apple one. Hoping it taste good 🙂

  16. Anni

    The taste is great! I got the cherry flavoured ones and they taste amazing. I love it, specially since its so descreet. The high is great for a day to day use, it all depends on how many you eat. Overall great purchase!

  17. Mrsjrm

    The Mota hard candies are my favourite edible. The cherry and watermelon are the best tasting they actually taste like candies. I’ve has the root beer and it tatstes like black licorice. The high is good and lasts.

  18. Stina

    Tried the lemon, so delicious! Take 2,3 candies and enjoy being relaxed. Will definitely be ordering more lemon and excited to try the different flavours.

  19. Slednorth

    Had the root beer and Cherry, great taste with not too much of a weed taste. Cherry was good but I love the root beer. Nice discreet and easy to dose. Perfect too have when your out and about. Never needed more than 2 to relieve pain and relax. Am ordering again!

  20. TheStoutTrout

    Great product. Mota has kept getting better and better with their skills. You do not taste the harsh bitterness that other candies have. The cherry is very smooth and would compliment a sour cherry diesel joint well!

  21. Jrose

    These are my all time favourite edible! The price is amazing for the quality, taste and high you get from the product. The root beer candies taste more like black locorice. The cherry tastes exactly like you expect(I order a pack every time). The apple is my favorite I have to be careful not to over do it!

  22. That Matt guy

    These things really taste great! And is perfect for easy small dosing. Easy to take during the day discreetly and won’t get you too stoned. Hasent melted in this heat or anything!

  23. Larouche

    I love Mota’s hard candies. I find these to be one of the best edibles candies for taste, and like many others said it has a slow drip which is very pleasant. The licorice taste from these one isnt too strong ,but you still gotta love licorice though.

  24. MumLyfe

    These are perfect if you’re looking for something to take the edge off but still function properly and make decisions. A good ‘day high’. Bonus points for it being a super discreet candy. If you’re looking for a trip, pick something else. But if you want solid pain relief and a light high, look no further!

  25. Mary C.

    I loved these! Great taste – I had the grapefruit flavor. One didn’t do anything noticeable – two was just right. Great option when starting out or finding out which dose is right for you. Would definitely order again!

  26. southerngunner007

    Buy these for the slow drip, pain management, or easy day by the lake. 1 candy is solid for an afternoon on the ride-on-mower or doing an oil change, or taking in the sun…
    20 years of back pain and these actually relieve the pain really well. But don’t buy them for a life changing psychodelic trip.

    Lemon tastes awesome!

  27. Buds4All

    I’ve ordered these hard candies many times. I really enjoy their slow release. It doesn’t hit you too hard and allows you to go about your day functionally, but there’s an undertone of being well medicated in the process without being overly medicated. Plus, it lasts longer in my opinion, because you’re not taking it all at once. It’s a “slow drip” as another reviewer had put it. It’s a beautiful edible for day time, not to mention delicious. The RootBeer flavor reminds me of the little root beer pop bottle shaped candies i’d have as a kid. 🙂 It serves a very unique and important purpose and it makes it much easier for me to function during the day, as it’s just enough to keep my anxiety at bay. Thanks Budmail!!!

  28. deadpoet

    though rather weak these hard candies are far from useless. like a slow drip of thc, the bon bons can take care of backround pain while leaving you mobile and functioning.

  29. Jennyburrr

    Rather weak, i ate a whole bag with not much of a high, butt my light weight friend loves them, great for her migraines.

  30. Avast

    I love these! 1 is the perfect bedtime dose to help me sleep.

  31. Dick Dingerz

    I have a feeling these are much weaker than the advertised dosage. My very inexperienced friend had 2 and felt nothing. I on the the other hand, an experienced fella, ate 10 to go big or go home and they had mild effect on me. Although cheap, eating 10 hard candies at a time is tough.

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