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Hash Sample Pack – 1g

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3 to 6 individually packaged 1g items.

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Import - Volkswagen

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Pressed Hash - Domestic Afghani

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Sample different varieties for one low price! You can select 3-6 individually bagged grams of your choice from our Hash menu.

6 reviews for Hash Sample Pack – 1g

  1. scarbrobluffs (verified owner)

    love the sampler packs! pretty solid deal and a good way to try some variety. good product as always, hash was nice and soft, easy to break up, burned nicely and produced a great effect. would love if the packaging could be improved though, less plastic please.

  2. Shwizzy (verified owner)

    Pretty sweet little sample packs more company’s should do this as its hard to get variety of hash at a decent price if ur not buying in bulk. Btw Afghani pressed is amazing soft easy to work with and potent as all hell (reminds me of Moroccan hash).

  3. AngeLA (verified owner)

    It’s a good way to try different kind of hash. I loved the Moroccan one a lot. Get me the right dose of body high and left me relaxed like never before thanks budmail

  4. trysite (verified owner)

    The Hash Sample Pack 1g is the perfect buy! You get the variety you want at a discounted price. Not much of a hash smoker as back in the day, old school type hash is what really appeals to me but is VERY hard to find. Should the Gold Seal Afghani Hash ever come back on the menu and you’re an old school hash searcher, don’t let it slip you by! FYI, the pickings were slim so the hash sample pack I purchased consisted of 5g of Afghani Gold Seal. No regrets, YUM!!!

  5. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    only way to go when ur buying hash and this is the real deal with four different strains to choose from if u love hash like i do then everyone will buy this for sure

  6. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    grabbed 4 imported hash and paid a decent price for them . love to break up the hash and mix it in with some weed and cherry oil mmm its like heaven all around you ..must try

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