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Hash Sample Pack


5 x 1 Grams

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Not sure which hash to try? Sample 5 different Hashes for one low price! You will receive 5 individually bagged grams from our Hash menu.


66 reviews for Hash Sample Pack

  1. AK

    Amazing value for good quality hash. Some of the varieties taste cleaner and are more potent than others but all are very serviceable and lend a different flavor when rolled with a joint.

  2. Johnnysmurf

    Really great deal ‘cause you get the variety. Impressed with the quality and buzzes. I look forward to ordering again for a different selection. Always a pleasure.

  3. Marvelously Stoned

    This stuff is great- you get awesome selection and it goes really well when you need a little change of experience. Really gives me a great and different buzz compared to using just flower alone

  4. Catfishwill

    Well , over weight which is always nice and something i have come to expect from Budmail,as the walk-in dispensaries are light 7 times out of ten…!.and one of the reasons i choose Budmail…the other is QUALITY..even tho i was not a fan of what was sent (all afghani types ) what was there was very good…you can NOT get close at a walk-in… and reminds me that there is a box to check if you do or do not want substitutions..will try again!

  5. jayson

    wow j’ai vraiment aimer les sample sent bon brule bien se travail quand meme bien rien a dire en mal wow .Merci Budmail de nous fournir des produit de qualité.Je me repasse une commande a l’instant.

  6. bostoncreem

    Although I found my favourite kind of hash in the first sample pack, I love the variety and quality of them so much that I won’t hesitate to order it every time it’s available

  7. JustinK

    So happy about this purchase. very good deal for what you get. each one is different in taste. all very good. nothing to complain about here. will definitely order again in the future.

  8. Bird

    I’ve purchased the hash sampler a number of times. It rarely disappoints. There have been a few times where a particular G wasn’t quite up to snuff, but it has introduced me to some great hash. There were no disappointments this go around. My favourites out of this batch were the Mazar -I-sharif and Maroc, though I tend to prefer the imports. Overall I’d give the samplers 4.5, but because that’s not an option I’m putting it at 5. Certainly this particular pack deserves the full 5 stars.

  9. Khamier

    Great variety pack!
    5 Delicious grams – Smoked great, Smooth and Great high.
    Hash like I haven’t had in years.

  10. Leiab

    I bought this on a whim—trying to take a break from concentrates….i was pleasantly surprised on the quality of these samples….i have smoked hash before but this was a better product then i have experienced in the past with “homemade” hash. I will be buying again as a booster to my everyday smoking ritual.

  11. Bongtoker420

    I got a nice selection which included the Honda Z, Maroc, Afghan Diamond, Afgani Daddy and the Mazar-I-Sharif, no doubles like others have stated.

    Unfortunately due to a very high tolerance I didn’t get the most out of these when it comes to the high but it was still nice to experience the variety of flavours each hash brought. I found the afghan hashes to have a chocalotaty/spicy aroma to them while the Mazar and Honda Z had just the chocolatey characteristics. The Maroc just reminded me of good old compressed kief.

  12. ADbud

    Heavy weed smoker.
    I don’t do hash very often,
    so this sample pack was a great way to get reintroduced to hash .
    I will be buying it again soon.
    Thank you Budmail

  13. BiFröst

    Bravo Budmail for this great idea.
    Seven grams, seven different hash of very good quality. It helps to determine our preferences and thus better target our future purchases. I even prefer this formula because I like the variety and I find it with the Hash Sample Pack formula.

  14. Julia

    I highly recommend this product. In this pack you are able to sample/try out five different strains of hashish and choose your favourite strain. The product is good quality, i am very pleased with my order. Will purchase again

  15. LJ

    I really enjoyed the hash sample pack. It was a great way to try the different varieties and sense the difference. Very cool experience. Would recommend!

  16. ant

    great variety indeed. i wasn’t really sure which one among the myriad of selections closely resembled that one I used to have back in my home town. this pack pretty much narrow it down and discovered some new options. thanks.

  17. julz

    Awesome!! Bubble hash was my favourite… went best with the bowls, good value for what you get and cool to see the different varieties of hash, would recommend

  18. Dj mc

    What a treat 5 grams of pure gold thanks again over getting 5 kinds…the domestic and imported hash was nice and smooth and gets ya blizted.. 5 stars

  19. Brawdyc

    Great value and great sample pack. I really enjoyed the different flavours/types of hash and will get again when I run out. I only use a little bit and it lasts a long time and is quite strong

  20. Jesse

    Very Impressed with the Hash Sample Pack excellent variety of different Hash to try even the Bubble Hash that came with it is very nice clean high I am for sure ordering this one again.👌

  21. BiFröst

    The surprise box of HASH SAMPLE PACK is excellent to discover some varieties of hash offered by the house.
    The five samples received were clearly identified.
    The different varieties of hash were of very good quality.
    It is our preferences that make the differences.
    This is a purchase to make for the pleasure of discovery and variety. Will buy again.

  22. Mr. Bud

    I love this pack! I try to purchase on every order. Selection is amazing and you can’t go wrong. Quality is top notch. Brings me back to the old days. Great for parties when you want to switch it up! If anyone smoked hash in the early 90 s trust me you want to try this! Thank you budmail. I will definitely order again as often as my budget will allow!

  23. Filbenwen

    Ordered twice & not disappointed. Love the variety! Always a pleasant & mellow smoke with hash & buzz kicks in quick. Also got to try Kif for the first time this way & was also pleasantly surprised. I would sprinkle some on top of my hash for a nice instant tingle. My favorite to order!

  24. Dailytoker

    This is my all time favourite purchase from budmail. Its never the same. Always too quality. Every gram is 1g or a tad over. If u like hash this is where its at. That strawberry kush hash in the last one was my favourite, never seen on the menu before tho. Would like too.

  25. Toronto420

    My first BM sample pack. Love it. Grease monkey bubble is great. Mazar as usual is good. The Maroc was kinda hard and didn’t burn to well. Still have to try the rolling stone and the other one.

  26. WizardOfDrawz

    Got this sample pack a couple of weeks ago with some other goodies. I gotta say it’s a definite treat to get all those strains in one order. I was a little disappointed about getting bubble hash initially, but I gotta say I’ve changed my mind after trying it. Great buzz but not drowsy and already prepped for sprinkling in a J or into my pipe. All the other strains were great as well. The strawberry Kush was probably the tastiest hash I’ve ever had.

  27. Goonies

    Great deal and great samples hash! All samples hash was so taste! Very goods effects! I like hash! Good quality! My sample pack hash…Domestic Afghan…Dragon Afghan…Mazar-a-Sharif…Strawberry Kush…Bubble hash Grease Monkey

  28. Val Valiant

    I think this is the best value for the hash on budmail. But the one thing I wish it would show is that this can include the kif and bubble-hashes. Once you find one you like, you can order more. Great little pack budmail!

  29. metalkourier

    LOVE the sampler.
    Re-ordered 3 more!
    Nice mix and match.
    I loved the dragon afghani and specially the kush that was not actually listed as available, that kush would put me to sleep!

  30. FelixTheCat

    I had never use hash before so I thought I’d try the variety pack and was not disappointed! Got different consistencies, 1 hard pressed, 1 soft pressed, 2 crumbles and 1 malleable sap/tar like consistency. Nice to have different options so you can try different methods of smoking it.

  31. Transporter

    This was great I really liked having a whole bunch of different hashes to try. Everything that I received was great. I even got 1 bubble hash. Great grab.

  32. chewyrails

    Great assortment of high quality hash for a reasonable price. I’m very impressed!
    Nice variety of styles… aromas, colours, textures, flavours, stones…. just a great contribution to a stoner’s stash.

  33. Transporter

    I love this sample pack so many delicious hashes included in my bag including one bubblehash. This is something that I’d order again. I just wish it came with more.

  34. Em

    The hash sample pack was great. I enjoyed trying a few different kinds… haven’t had hash in years. Solid product for a good price point. I would order this product again.

  35. Dante

    Really enjoyed this hash with a nice variety I’ve only tried two kinds but can’t wait to try the rest. It’s a really good deal too 65 for 5 grams of hash!

  36. KushFartz

    When i received my order i was very happy about the variety of hash you get, and was really good potent product. The Green apple one was my fav tasted so amazing and got me super blasted lol

  37. Transporter

    I really enjoyed my hash sample pack. This is a definite reorder item. Everything I got was impressive and enjoyed each one. I was even lucky to get bubble hash too.

  38. Fugen

    Great way to try some of the varieties for a good price
    The Pink OG Bubblehash is awesome and the Domestic Afghani was top shelf!
    Definitely a Re-Order

  39. Diogo R

    I’m a new comer when it comes to trying hash so I thought it would be a good idea to get this sample pack, and indeed it was. I love grinding it up with my flower or even rolling it into a worm and rolling it in my joint. Definitely going to buy this sample pack again, when this hash runs out.

  40. Natezey

    Nice to actually get a mix of different kinds. Mine were all nice big chunks that’s smoked wonderfully. With a gram of hash I feel you get a better idea than a gram of weed for
    What you actually like

  41. King

    Really awesome sample pack, really good price, I love getting hash from budmail, I really like busting it up in the coffee ☕ grinder with some bud, thanks for the awesome hash budmail

  42. ThickThug

    Awesome hash collection . I got pink OG, Afghani rolling stone, domestic Afghani, Afghani Eagle Hash, Green Crack.. All of them are good. Thank you budmail

  43. LDAWG

    Read all reviews before buying as I havmt got hash here before. Ended up super thrilled with my sample pack a nice mix of hashes even got 2 bubble hashes! Will be ordering again without a question!

  44. President310

    Good value. Great idea to try different types of hash. Definitely recommend of your not sure what type to get as there is so much to choose from. Thanks

  45. Mykhthrone

    This was one of the first things I ordered from this site. Great buy. First off it’s fun to have all the different flavours to choose from and you instantly become the coolest person at any gathering when you pull one of these out! When I bought mine 3 of the grams were bubble hash which goes for $20/gram. What a bonus! You never know what they’re going to throw in, sometime kif as well.

  46. BlazaFatty

    Its sold out…. I, I mean we, all need it restocked asap. This is a great value for hash lovers. Awesome mix of sativa, indica and hybrid. 2nd pack this month…

  47. Peach71

    100% worth the deal!! Seven new kinds of hash I’ve never had before, definitely buying again to sample more. Would prefer that kief and powders not be packed in a dime baggy; very messy! Definitely got super baked from everything i tried tho 🙂

  48. BlazaFatty

    nice mix of black,bubble and kief. Loved that some hashes were sativa; hard to find that in Toronto. DEF MAKING THIS A BIWEEKLY PURCHASE 4 THE VALUE!!

  49. CaperGuy420

    Awesome sample pack for sure. Great price to be able to try 7 different kinds of hash. Dude, Where’s my Bicycle was my favourite and I’ll be ordering more of that in the future. Also very impressed with Afghan and Blueberry.

  50. Jeffutopia

    good sample pack for a first order good quality for each sample except the black mercedes !
    I expect the better range of products but at this price it’s a good deal !

  51. President310

    Amazing deal. Excellent quality. Will buy again. Highly recommended for hash smokers. You will not find this variety and quality anywhere else. Thanks bm

  52. CBDee

    Loved this! Each one tasted great and burned nice and slow. I’ve always loved BM’s sample packs, they provide the perfect selection to choose from and decide on a new favourite.

  53. TyNEE

    Awesome!! Great variety and value for your dollar. Top quality samples and it affords the opportunity do determine which varieties you enjoy most, without breaking the bank. I will definitely buy again. I so love the Blonde Lebanese. So, much that I finished it all, first. Definitely, my fav.

  54. thicchigga

    Amazing, the lemon cookies bubble hash and love potion # 1 keif had to be the best of the 7 followed by black Mercedes, Moroccan, Blonde Lebanese, pink kush, then Mazar 🙂

  55. soulman


  56. Mystical Mind

    Damn is one great deal for any one who love hash this great pack flavors and different highs. I rather enjoy each bit hash got one just good as the other filled delightful taste and very potent good hash all around

  57. Dan_Balan

    Very impressed with the quality of this order. Perfect sample size of every product. As previously posted I did get 1 gram of Kif, I wasn’t disappointed thought. Top quality product.

  58. Leon the professional

    Great price for what you get . I got 3 imports and 4 domestics. Definitely would order this again, I like having different kinds. Good mix of indica and Sativa

  59. coldbeer

    I got i nice mix of hash,good quality hash other than the domestic afgani. the taste of that one hash was just nasty, tasted so bad that i just tossed it out. not sure what happened with that 1g.
    Still a great value

  60. Gil

    I enjoyed the sample pack a lot. Its all good. Will order again. I got to taste one gram of Kief. A nice surprise. I also liked the Afghan hash. Very nice !!

  61. NorthernNBGrowOp

    I got 6 grams of hash and 1 gram of kif. I feel kind of ripped off because I was expecting the full 7 grams of hashish for the price of $95. Only get this if you are good with possibly getting some kif in your order. Customer service does not do exchange or refunds so buyer beware.

  62. Guitarded1

    Being a Hash fanatic, how could I not refuse to acquire this. I did get some I already purchased, however I received some I hadn’t tried. I think this is a great value and variety. Hash for less cash!

  63. GrizzlyWindu

    Golden, Brown Greatness right here. I am so pleased this is now an option. I love the sample packs, it gives me s variety of top quality hash with out draining your wallet.

  64. margaret bruce

    Haven’t had Hash this good since i was young, lol, loved it .I too remember the Afgani one, it brought back some great memories.So greatful to have found this site…..thank you Bud-Mail

  65. Alexcork

    Great product! It allows you to try multiple kinds without spending big $$$. My personal fav has always been the domestic Afgani and it was included in the pack 😊. Love the sample packs Budmail!!!

  66. jason420

    was impressed with this order …
    give you a very good sample of several flavors …
    good to try to find out which you prefer …
    now that I have an idea of the ones that stick out those are going in to my up coming orders

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