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HCFSE (91 Supreme)


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High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) is a hash oil product that features exceptional flavors and aromas, creating a complex combination that titillates all the senses. This extract is in the sugared form where THC/a percentages can get into the mid 90%’s.

Extraction artists who create high-cannabinoid full spectrum extracts work to achieve a product that retains all of the taste and strength of the plant. The completed product will contain high cannabinoid levels, and exceptional terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols.

Contains: 1 Gram

24 reviews for HCFSE (91 Supreme)

  1. Leiab

    This is an exceptional product-my only take back is the price…I do not think it ‘s any better than other comparable products, shatter/budder type concentrates hit the same pretty much for a fraction of the price.

  2. dabdaddylidell


    that said if you like OG in extract form, then this is the stuff for you. Tastes like citrus candy with a hint of pine, will definitely be ordering more of this as THE PRICE IS JUSTIFIED. Giant crystal clear diamonds in a strong smelling terp sauce. My mouth is watering while I write this✌

  3. G2p3nis

    Holy Molly Macaroni!! This was my first time trying this type of concentrate HCFSE. I use a dab pen and two hits, and I’m flying. Great great clean taste for the Tangie strain. The high is very clear and an energetic head rush. I’m not super creative on it, but I’m turbo productive. If you abuse it, paranoia and heavy breathing settles in. One hit does the job, two you’re mind is redbull’ing, and three or more, you’re on your own!! I’m impressed overall. I’m ordering three more right meow. A+

  4. KD

    Amazing potency, 91 Supreme is just way too good. These guys always deliver with their products. I was a little skeptical about this as I had never heard of HCFSE before but it was totally worth it. Would 100% get again!

  5. Nbyll

    Ok so at this point I’ve had blueberry, blueberry cheesecake, tangie sunrise, mango tango , watermelon zskittles, and pablo. Let me tell you from an experienced smoker this stuff is the absolute best. Every strain Ive tried has such unique smell , taste , and high I can’t say enough about HCFSE. If you’re looking for the strongest look no further than the Pablo it’s a mix of el jefe and el chapo og, for a wonderful sativa with an intense head high and unreal flavour try the tangie sunrise. All of these are a must try for the concentrate connisseur.

  6. zharov

    If they ever have the strain called “Where’s My Bicycle?”, get it. Some beautiful terpy bright yellow pinky-nail sized diamonds were in my order. Absolutely fantastic. That being said, I cannot wait tot try out more strains. I really hope that they will be on par with “Where’s My Bicycle?” though

  7. Nbyll

    Recieved the tangie sunrise caviar today , what an unreal concentrate hcfse caviar is. The taste is so unique and tantalizing its a must try. It came as described all sugar no oil or waxiness to it, golden in colour almost clear in spots. Don’t let the pricetag deter you if you like concentrates a little goes a very long way with this stuff, and I’ve yet to experience another concentrate with so much flavour and potentcy.

  8. Jeff

    What can I say except for perfection, got the blueberry caviar and dam its nice. Came super suger no oil at all super nice to handle easy to dab, wicked taste

  9. zharov

    I recommend the Blueberry, it is so sugary, sauce and terpy. Also, mine has some nice diamonds built up at the bottom : ) Got me extremely medicated. Not for novice users.

  10. zharov

    I recommend the Blueberry Caviar, it is so sugary, sauce and terpy. Also, mine has some nice diamonds built up at the bottom : ) Got me extremely medicated. Not for novice users.

  11. Pun

    Hands down the best concentrate on the site. Fabulous flavor, easy to open packaging, & super strong effects. There’s absolutely no downside to this product. I would highly recommend this product to any serious connoisseur.

  12. lostintheclouds

    The quality of the actual product is incredible. Tried the David Letterman. Unfortunately had an issue with mine in which it was able to leak out of my packaging but can tell from the way it is packaged that this is probably not an issue that happens often at all. Budmail was great about it!

    The product itself that I was able to recover and try was great. Really clean and instant high from not a lot of product. Would love to try again.

  13. Never let down by Elevated

    I have tried other 91 supreme HCFSE products in the past, and they have been of decent varying quality. One had a cracked jar that actually spilled into the box (from a different retailer). That being said ,this blueberry is the best. from 91 supreme, I have tried. Great sugary consistency that still sticks to a dabber. Flavor is great and smell is even better. Very sweet. My gf noticed this jar actually had a small hairline crack in it as well, fortunately due to the texture of this batch, the crack is not a problem, although it is something they should look into for the future. 9/10 would buy again.

  14. Red

    91 supreme makes fantastic shatter, and their live resin is no exception!
    the price of live resin (not just 91 supreme) is a little hard to swallow, but this is a nice treat to keep around for a special occasion or a rainy day.
    the appearance and flavor is up there with the very top quality extracts i have had the pleasure of experiencing.

  15. Atmostfear

    Tried out the Sour Skittles, this is my first time trying any type of “caviar” and I have to say its a really nice experience. The flavors are incredible and leave your taste buds tingling. Dabs very clean and extremely smooth, would recommend.

  16. Towelie

    Congolese: taste is amazing, like a jelly bean or something, but unfortunately this batch is not nearly as strong tasting as others from 91 that I’ve tried. Nevertheless, a very tasty strain, and exotic to boot. Love the effects as well. Smooth hits, and smooth sailing for me. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, I’d want more terps for these prices

  17. Hobbes

    I have once again received “Where’s My Bicycle?” and can not say enough about the colour and texture. This is a must try if you’re a fan of the brand. The high is very relaxing and I consider it a body high but you feel your eyes sink as well.

  18. Hobbes

    I am taken aback by my most recent order of mother’s milk – this has been a favourite but this jar had some legit diamonds in a bright sauce. This has such a strong odour that matches the taste!

  19. Hobbes

    Today I am reviewing both the Sour Skittles and Hawaiian HCFSE. The Sour Skittles has so much flavour, accompanied by a sour fruity smell. Very pleasant. The Hawaiian smells similar to pineapple, it’s a very thick odor that really fires up your senses. Both are 5 star worthy.

  20. Hobbes

    I am a big fan of the caviar from 91 Supreme. I have tried quite a few and am always impressed with what I receive. The El Jefe however, was something that didn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it is very good, but it takes a back seat to some of their other strains, such as Mother’s Milk, Blood Orange, or Sour Skittles.

  21. Hobbes

    The Mothers Milk is an incredible mix with a respectful ration of sauce to rocks. With a smooth flavour and strong buzz this is a favourite. A bright yellow colour that almost looks like it glows. This is a great night time caviar.

  22. Baketree

    I tried the El Jefe. The taste was fantastic , very Pink Kush. The high was very strong, did a little couch melt. I find it to smell a little bit like a household cleaner. Not in a bad way but not my cup of tea. Dabbed pretty clean. Hate the container, I don’t see a reason to have concentrates in this form [wax/sap/LHO/PHO and the like] come in anything but the container Horatio Delbert uses for his LHO. It has no lip at the top and the extract can be removed so much easier. Would definitely smoke again.

  23. light

    Starting off my day, oh so right, with some Hawaiian. Wow what a different sativa from the sour skittles.
    Hawaiian is dreamy and relaxed while still very alert and focused. I don’t feel that drive to do things which is my norm with sativas. This is an easy going high, great for those who have trouble with sativas. Very tasty and potent.

  24. light

    The sour skittles smells strong of its name. The taste is floral and sweet like a sativa. The high is power packed. Just a moderate sized dab lights the engines. Very energetic and dreamy. I had a hard time focusing at first. What a delicious way to begin a day.

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