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High Octane OG


AAA Grade | Indica

1 Gram | $9
3.5 Grams | $30
7 Grams | $60
14 Grams | $115
28 Grams | $220

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Product Description

High Octane OG

High Octane OG (aka Heirloom OG) is the perfect strain for a lazy day. Strong and fast acting, it’s perhaps not one to use when you’re planning to leave the house. Forest greens and rich orange pistils offset each other nicely. The buds are chunky and dense, while displaying a generous coating of frost. A fuel-forward pungency blends with citrus and a floral musk. A complex and earthy flavour is displayed.

This strain rolls beautifully into a joint. The effects are where it shines and the initial hit is a considerable blast of euphoric haziness. These effects eventually round off into more cozy, weighted body sensations. A true sleeper, by all accounts. Overall, High Octane OG is perfect for the kush-lover looking for a strain to enjoy in the evening.

Flavours: Sweet, Pine, Fuel
Effects: Body-High, Calming, Relaxed
Medical: Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Stress


28 reviews for High Octane OG

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I bought 28g of this bud, and it’s surely a good purchase. The description is accurate both with the bag appeal and the effects, but I will add that its sticky; pulling this out of the bag came in a nice, big, chunk. It is better suited for evening and nighttime use. I am happy to have grabbed some.

  2. Bobby Santana (verified owner)

    It was a good smoke, tasted great it had white ash ,sticky decent size nugs to it was a good high also liked smoking this draw at night makes me fall asleep easier.

  3. Ben dover (verified owner)

    Strain was alright, the smoke was pretty harsh and the high wasn’t very strong. If you want to buy an OG strain I would go with OG kush. Overall 6/10.

  4. vanzolini (verified owner)

    So, bm kept giving me a free prerolled J of this, somehow they knew what i wanted before i did.
    This was excatly what ive been looking for in a mid price heavy hitter indica.
    The smell upon opening the bag isnt overwhelming but the kushy fuel flavors really come out when busted and smoked.
    nugs were giant chunkers, sparkling and dense.
    please keep this a staple strain. good job bm!

  5. Tkins (verified owner)

    Always been a big fan of the OG strains. Some more than others. I did not really dig the taste of high octane. It was quite harsh. I did roll very well though which is always nice

  6. puffinman (verified owner)

    Very sticky lovely manicured buds, a very smooth draw with the second draw the euphoric warm buzz brings a instant smile to my face thinking WOW with only another puff I sat there let the joint go out and melted back into a relaxing evening and a solid 8 hours sleep so for me a definite evening draw

  7. GrizzlyWindu (verified owner)

    This was a great tasteful change to the of kush of norm. I purchased both to compare and found this “highly” potent in comparison. It has a great nose a blissful sense of euphoria gained by smoking and a great all around sensation!

  8. lostintheclouds (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this one! Great OG taste. Nice high very relaxing for me. I find it really good for hanging out with some friends but also great for relaxing before bed.

  9. Bill (verified owner)

    I enjoy taking advantage of BM weekly newsletter discounts, so I grabbed some of this last week for 10% off. It’s an ok product with a nice gassy smell when you break it up in a grinder. Burns fairly smooth but it lacks in some aesthetic appeal and flavour. Hits like Indacouch…

  10. Yvil (verified owner)

    I like this strain. It is not as strong as anticipated, but still ok. Works very well with a vape, doesn’t burn up too quickly. Wish it was a little stronger tho.

  11. Fat Jesus (verified owner)

    Tried a little tester. Overall i would rate it great. Excellent relaxation choice. The only downside was the taste. I was expecting something a a little more tasty for the quality but i would still recommend 100% !

  12. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the High,
    Fantastic mind buzz transitioning into a total relaxation high. Great for nighttime use, about 30 to 45min before bedtime. Slept like a baby.

  13. Jake28 (verified owner)

    Only bought 1g to try it out. Good stuff. Great body and mind high. Also the taste is a bit bitter and the smoke is harsh. but great high. At $9 its worth it but not 11$.

  14. XtremeC (verified owner)

    Looks nice to me, frosty next to no leaf. Isn’t too smelly, nor tasty but could be just one of the chosen buds I tested out. It is pretty potent. Should be a 10 dollar strain tho, that California Orange is way better ;P

  15. CBDee (verified owner)

    Great strain, mine was a little green and wasn’t as frosty as I normally get from BM, but still wholly impressed by the effect. The high was initially soaring, and then calmed into a nice couch lock. Not the tastiest or prettiest AAAA-quality, but definitely strong.

  16. Slayer stoner (verified owner)

    I suppose I was expecting a little more given the THC content but all in all it is a good strain. It doesn’t look the prettiest or have the best smell. Still good bud

  17. TheKid606 (verified owner)

    Outstanding Strain. For an indica, it gives a feeling of energy and creativity. although, I eat a lot on this stuff… so good. Hits hard from the get go.

  18. TreeFer ReeFer (verified owner)

    pure gas i really like that taste and high , very good for medicating a night , when there is a good movie or just some relaxing is needed in your life

  19. Sublime-haze (verified owner)

    So I would rate this as more of a 3.5 then a 4. I was really wowed by this but it is great for sleep.

    I feel like this strain doesn’t produce a ton of terpenes and the buzz is kind of.. ‘flat?’. I feel like the THC potency is likely accurate given then muscle relaxing effect and complete disappearance of joint pain. It’s not a very intrusive stone but it’s definitely there in the background. Lays you down to sleep nice and gently.

    This strain isn’t pretty and doesn’t get you #wrecked but it definitely has theraputic aspects that are very much noticable when it’s something you need. In future I would order rockstar or Bruce Banner #3 over this. I suppose I expected more but it’s certainly not horrible

  20. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    Honestly I didn’t think it was bad, But it did not have as good of a high as the reg OG, I did not find the smell as nice as the reg OG and I think the nuggs were nicer on the reg old cheaper OG Kush . Overall I would give it a 7/10 if not comparing it to the OG OG

  21. TheAstronaut (verified owner)

    Very wonderful smoke in my opinion, a overwhelming amount of gas and og aroma, very similar smell and taste. Clean burning. definitely the best og I’ve had the pleasure of smoking, thank again bud mail!

  22. kk (verified owner)

    Clean, clear minded smoke. Cerebral, creative, and relaxing effects with no burnout. High Octane OG is 1 of the smoothest strains ive experienced, hardly makes me choke and it makes my lungs very happy and healthy ha. May not be 30% thc like everyone is stating but when i faced a 1g doink to myself it made my lungs tingle lol like when when you smoke weed for the first time. I smell this shit and say “kush make my nose hairs tickle” like Wiz Khalifa said in the intro of Smoke Chambers lmao. The lab tested legends may as well be true. Cant compete with Jungle Boys but good job, your doing good. BM is the best quality service in canada, thank you for everything, i love you. Grow some Khalifa Kush or Gelato already lol

  23. lostintheclouds (verified owner)

    Not terrible, not incredible. Really nice balanced high, not too couch-locking but definitely a nice indica buzz. I was slightly disappointed in this compared to other GSC grows but still a solid strain, my expectations were a little too high I think.

    Okay bag appeal, nice clean smoke.

  24. pancake man (verified owner)

    tried some out today, buds i thought would be more coated then they were, no strong scent and effects for 30% THC verry disipointing considering its a indica, The reason I bought right away was because of the 30% THC, next time I will wait for more reviews before I purchace.

  25. Coreos (verified owner)

    I quite enjoy this strain it got me very stoned when I smoked it, I love it I’d definitely grab a gram or an eighth on every order just because it’s so good

  26. therealstuff (verified owner)

    I only ordered 1g to try it out, but was disappointed in the overall appearance and the high was moderate, nothing to brace for or to brag about. The 1g bag contained 7 little bits of weed, they didnt smell much. I couldnt really describe what the buds looked like because of their small size, but they smoked well enough. They werent as crystally as I expected them to be. I also ordered the OG Kush from the premium (AA) category and honestly I think I prefer it to this stuff.

  27. Towelie (verified owner)

    Bit disappointed with this stuff. Not nearly as caked as I’d expect for a 30 percent thc apparently, and the little smell that is there is not that nice. The high was just ok, nothing crazy potent or enjoyable. This should be a trip star imo

  28. Magicactus (verified owner)

    I am blown away!! Not very exciting to look at once the bag was opened but on close examination the nugs do match the photos provided. Scent is a sweet mild kushiness we all know. Flavor was a bit harsh initially in the bong but only a couple blasts and here I am sailing. Hits you right in the head and relaxes you from there. Seriously High Octane indeed… right out of the park with this… definitely getting more!!! The aliens have landed!!!!

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