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Honey (Baked Edibles) – THC


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Organic Honey Tincture

This delicious tincture has 100mg of THC within; perfect for a spread on your toast in the morning, a drizzle on your ice cream, or a sweetener for your tea! Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. 5mg THC per teaspoon for easy dosing! Oh, and did we mention that our honey is locally sourced? We thought you’d like that.

Contains: 100 ML of Honey (Unpasteurized) | 100 MG of THC per Jar – 5 MG of THC per teaspoon.

22 reviews for Honey (Baked Edibles) – THC

  1. Torontofoodiechick

    I love the packaging of this product because it is super cute. I have not had a large enough dosage yet though so I can not tell if it gets better with more. I do know it is perfect for a tea though that helps you sleep. It also helps soothing throat pain.

  2. Tkins

    You honestly can’t go wrong with any baked edibles product but this honey is really fantastic. I had a nice flavour with a hint of weed taste. A little on your toast and a little in you tea in the morning is a good kick start.

  3. obc93

    BAKED EDIBLES are hands down the best brand out there for consistently dosing their products… MISS ENVY is a close second.

    I put a few teaspoons of this in my tea, or a half tablespoon of MISS ENVY COCONUT OIL blended into my coffee, and I’m good for most of the day.

    Quality product and will definitely buy again.

  4. Jay

    Got this honey for my mother that doesn’t smoke cannabis but loves edibles.I told her to put it in her tea or coffee and she absolutely loves this stuff.I tried also and I find it’s really good for relaxation,sleep,and chronic pain.This is a must try for anyone.

  5. Joeyz

    I bought one to try it in the coffee from the local coffee shop and it’s just the best! I’m gonna buy a bunch of jar every time I order here now. Gets my day going!

  6. Natezey

    You’ve got to keep a container or jar of this in your house! Ready for aches and pains or just to relax and enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. It’s wonderul and useful

  7. Tkins

    This should be everyone’s staple order! Baked edibles is the best at getting that perfect dose. There is no doubt I have bought more than 20 jars of this and will continue to buy every order!

  8. mandakatlyn

    Gave this as a Christmas present with an assortment of teas to my FIL. He was quite pleased with the product and the delivery method. Perfect for that first morning cup of tea/unwinding before bed!

  9. Rick James

    Wow … This honey was born to be wow! I now know and understand how Winnie the poo feels about his honey, this product is amazing but maybe just a bit more potency would just add an edge to it that could be a successor of the original. Adding a little more tang. is there any bigger bottles ???

  10. King

    Was really good honey for the price,I had 2 teaspoons in my tea and then had 3 teaspoons in my coffee before work, and I tried it on peanut butter and toast and and it in my tea again, worth trying

  11. Jeff

    Another great product from Baked Edibles. I had about 3 teaspoons of this earlier tonight at about 9:48pm. It is now 12:54AM. So just over 3 hours later, I now feel the effects of this. This honey is a bit of a creeper, it takes some time hitting you but it works! It’s pretty gentle, and I don’t think I’d recommend it to heavy users. You’d probably have to have too much to feel anything. This is more for the grandmother type, if that makes sense lol.

  12. Billy T

    Great product. The taste is wonderful, and worked great in my tea. The potency is really nice, it allows for easy consumption without over doing it. Having a product that is slightly milder has opened lots of consumption options. I take it for chronic pain, 2 teaspoons seems to do the trick. Nice buzz, relaxing body buzz.

  13. Leroys mum

    I really wish it was a little stronger in potency but the taste, consistency and easy to use form is fantastic!! I love it in my morning tea, it leaves me calm and happy for the rest of the day.

  14. Tkins

    One of the products I order every time!!! I love this honey!! It actually tastes like honey with a back taste of the canabis!!! I recommend putting a full teaspoon in you morning tea. Makes the day go by so much better.

  15. Rademacher

    Amazing buy! Not only does it taste great, but it goes with everything. I love adding a spoonful of this in my coffee in the morning for a nice calm buzz. This is also great to bake with! Highly recommend and would be by again!

  16. Catlady

    I really enjoy the infused honey. I could eat it straight but I also love it in my tea!! I add honey to every order I make. Not enough THC to me high but just enough to feel relaxed!

  17. Leiab

    I have purchased this honey several times. I gave some to my mom after a long travel because she was having trouble sleeping after all the driving, she told me she slept like a baby the next day and it also relieved some hip pain she was having….bonus!

  18. AwesomeBastard

    I would need a stronger amount of THC per ml for it to work with me 🙁
    taste like honey with a slight difference due to the THC extract added.
    I do not want to eat the whole jar to consume the full 100mg.
    I use it for sealing up blunts, which is great.
    made peanut butter and honey sandwiches, did not notice any buzz. Smoked a j, it was nice added effect.

  19. BettyJane

    This is an amazing product, baked edibles is the best company, in my opinion, to get edibles from. One tablespoon is all I need personally and it works like a charm. The flavor is great!

  20. JeffreyLebowski

    I have a sweet tooth and being able to grab a small spoon of this honey is a great way to medicate and can be used in recipes or in beverages to sweeten them.

  21. bluntman

    Love this stuff. I have been getting honey for a while now and decided to try some of this variety. Man was I not disappointed. The size of the jar is great, double what I was usually getting. The taste is even better, and subtle buzz is even better. You could drink a whole tea and forget about they honey in it the taste is that good. Plus the consistency makes for easy usage. I want to recommend, but I don’t it to be gone before I have a chance to get some more lol

  22. Tkins

    This is a great product! Put some in my morning tea for that nice long lasting day buzz. The taste is delicious and the high even better. I highly recommend this for those that what to get their fix in many different wAys. Tea, on toast, and many other routes.

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