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Honey Oil (Oro) Blanco


1 Gram Syringe for $50

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“Oro”, Spanish for gold, reflects the colour and quality of our potent Oro Honey Oil. Proudly made from a BC sun grown strain the natural taste and effects are likewise, golden.

Oroblanco or sweetie is a sweet seedless citrus hybrid fruit similar to grapefruit. It is often referred to as oroblanco grapefruit.

Honey Oil is an oleoresin extracted from cannabis flower. It is a concentrated form of cannabis extract and contains the source strain’s resins and terpenes. These extracts typically contain high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids.

Oro Blanco is Oro’s line of CBD and 1:1 Honey Oils.

Each syringe contains 1g of Oil.

  • CBD – 90% CBD  | 1% THC
  • 1:1 – 84% THC | 82% CBD

Enjoy Oro responsibly and under the recommendation of a physician.

6 reviews for Honey Oil (Oro) Blanco

  1. G2p3nis

    It’s hard to put this Honey down. It’s so gawd damn smooth and tasty. I haven’t tried the original honey, but with this stuff you can smoke it all day without getting much burnout. I find myself reaching for it every half hour, it’s too darn good. You’re not overly high, just right. I’ve been using it during the day and at night. I think this would be good starter for people new to concentrates. You barely get that anxiety feeling even after a big session. It’s just smooth and comforting. I’ll be bulk ordering this stuff next orders and trying the original honey too. A+

  2. Dailytoker

    Like most others ive heen a fan of the regular oro honey for years. Got the 1:1 and it will replace the old stuff for sure. Im a heavy smoker and cant smoke this during the day or its a write off. Couples hours before bed is nice as the come down is a crash for me anyways.

  3. DW99

    Shockingly good!! I am a huge fan of the regular ORO Honey as it is so high quality at an amazing price. I bought 1:1 (CBD:THC) and it blew my socks off! Next level outstanding. Not sure of anything that compares to this quality and price. Simply outstanding, and I’ve tried so many brands and strains on this site. This is close to the best

  4. Chuck Brown

    Clean burning and great taste! 1:1 is worth the extra buck to me.

    The CBD really evens out the effects. Less scrambled eggs for brain.
    Though you can still use too much and feel scrambled. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone unexperienced.

    Compared to the Oro Honey oil, which has very little CBD. The Blanco 1:1 feels smoother, mellower, more relaxing and is noticeably clearer in hue.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more level headed experience. Or looking to give their lungs a break. This stuff is good to eat, right from the tube.
    A blob the size of a grain of rice, is a fine dose for a daily user. While still being able to function normally. (Smoked or eaten)
    The 1:1 is #1.
    I can’t say enough about CBD and how it balances out the THC.
    Excellent product, I bought more!

  5. KoalaPlow

    Five plus starz! Lamented the demise of the Quarry’s Pennywise; Oro Blanco 1:1 is the bombe. Flave and buzz is on point. Stellar choice for CBD fans, for sure. Please keep it coming!

  6. Dharmaqueen

    Have been using their THC honey oil for quite some time, tried the 1:1 and it’s supreme, smooth as butter, has replaced a narcotic patch for me, excellent product and fast service.

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