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Honey Pot Kush

AAAA Grade | Indica | Organic

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Product Description

Honey Pot Kush

Honey Pot Kush is a rare cross of Honey Pot and Kish. Made famous for its whopping potency and variety of effects while imparting a musty honey funk. Grown 100% organic in living soil by our friends at Skookum. Jalapeño-sized and smaller with foreboding deep forest green hues and ginger pistils underneath a highly resinous and frosty exterior. Nicely trimmed while the cure is spot on and sticky fresh. May gum up your grinder, and moves/shifts like kinetic sand after chopping. Complexly pungent in its bombardment of your olfactory. Gas-forward with musty twinges of honey, skunk and dank earth. Rolls beautifully in a joint where it smokes to an off-white ash, leaves a greasy resin ring and circulates at length. Fully pronounced smooth flavours while coating and resinous to the lungs.

Hard-charging and assertive but magnanimously calming and merciful. First rushes centralize behind the face and temples while sure to leave your cheeks pinched in a grin. As the stone progresses, a calming bodymelt drapes over the stimulating buzz. Long lasting and wonderfully balanced, one of our testing bears had their paws in the jar again and again. Grab some while it’s hot!

Flavours: Gas, Honey, Skunk, Earthy, Dank
Effects: Happy, Calming, Bodymelt, Stimulating, Euphoric
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD, Pain

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.


24 reviews for Honey Pot Kush

  1. KronStar

    Got a bit to try and fill in my order for the free shipping. Not particularly impressed with the appearance but this one was as close to good strong kush as I’ve had on here in a while. All out by the time I went back for a bit more.

  2. Josh

    Straight off the bat the bag appeal was really nice. Very very sticky and burns extremely clean. Watch out for this one at it was a bit of a creeper !

  3. MasterVin

    Yes my second review on this Strain since I bought it Again 💥 Very nice dense Buds , mouth watering Aroma, perfectly cured, beautiful high, does the Job AGAIN 😉 10/10 will buy again!

  4. D

    Enjoyable nose, delicious taste, smooth burn.
    Typical of the high quality Skookum cultivates.
    Shared with a novice friend, who is super high strung, and HPK totally chilled her out- went a hole 15 minutes without talking. Very euphoric and couch locking.

  5. Smoke Anon

    First time trying this and it is a creeper. Nice cerebral high that lasts a few hours. Long time smoker here and I will grab this beauty when in stock. Highly recommend!

  6. C dog dinger

    I m not going to add anything to the description, pertaining to the Honey Pot Kush. It s great bud , with a great smoke ,, very clean , potent and resiny … I found it hit very nicely ,, kept me on my toes ,,, yet mind , remained relaxed …

  7. Bud Master Kojer

    Bag Appeal – 3.75/5
    Buds are slightly above average appeal but are nothing spectacular. Nothing super large or tiny, but uniformly thumb sized buds that are a tad scraggly and a bit leafy. First inspection is that it’s a tad dry with a muted smell, but a closer inspection details that it’s not necessarily dry but quite a dense structure with crispy leaves (the kind that gives off a nice ‘snap’ sound when breaking the buds apart, it also showcases a nice coating of trichomes that will leave your fingers sticky if handling for too long. This seems to be another example of bud that is slightly deceiving by its looks as it drastically improves in smell and flavour upon breaking up the buds, not to mention the amount and quality of grounds you get from grinding the buds is unequalled as it is damn near the perfect consistency of ‘fluff’ for rolling a joint or packing a big bowl.

    Smell & Taste – 4.5/5
    Muted smell while in full bud form, just a slight musty earthiness with a hint of kush. However upon breaking up the buds they release their aromatic hydrocarbons that fill the immediate space with full on dank earthy fuel and spicy kush with that unique, tangy, non-sugary sweetness best described by them as a ‘musty honey funk’. Taste is likewise similar in a great way, notes of earthy kushy fuel mix with that musty honey to make a smooth and tasty hit each time.

    Burn & High – 5/5
    This is where the cost is worth it in my opinion. Slow clean burn that will hold a cherry for awhile, nice small pile of white ash, very smooth smoke. I use heavy indica’s as my night time weed; ones like Grease Monkey, Coma Kush, Pink Kush, Death Bubba, Animal Face, etc. and I can honestly say this Honey Pot Kush is a high of epic proportions as it is one of the heaviest, couch-locking indica stone’s I have had in quite a while. It’s also a bit versatile as despite its heaviness, it won’t put you to sleep unless that’s what you’re wanting/expecting from it, but it works equally as well as a relaxing munchies/video gaming/movie binging strain as long you don’t intend on getting off your ass to often. It’s an expensive treat but something that you can go to as a reliable end-of-day strain.

    Overall Rating – 4.4/5
    I prefer more varied and flavourful strains, but ones like this are definitely nice to keep on hand for when you ‘plateau’ with other strains and stop getting desired effects. Maybe I was just getting too used to the other indica’s I have and this one hit harder because it’s a new strain to me, or maybe it’s actually just that good and heavier than even what I’m used to.. Regardless, I would buy any weed with a high like this and I’ll likely grab some more if this comes around again.

  8. Rev

    As many Kush’s that are out there, this one stands high on the podium in the winner circle. This reminds me a lot of some batches of super dank Chemo Kush that BM used to have 9 or 10 years ago when Premier was in its infancy. Super gassy with that ammonia knife edge dankness, but this one has a definitely buckwheat/dark late summer harvested honey smell that rolls up behind all of the harsh kushiness. Really unique. Look…it’s exactly like the pics. A real stunner and you know it’s great just with your eyes. Taste is as described. Gas/mossy kushiness but that dark honey comes through and smooths everything out. Potency is on point. This one had me all fuzzy and cozy, melting away my bullshit arthiritis pain that’s like a full body tooth ache 24/7. It takes a proper strain to do help me and this is why I’ve been a customer since 2008! Hundreds of orders, zero complaints. Love you BM.

  9. ssass1981

    10/10. Dense and sticky buds. The high is unreal and worth every penny. The taste sticks to your throat. And yes it has a touch of honey in the taste. I would buy again the second the next batch is in!! Truley quads written all over it!!!

  10. Capt Caveman

    8.5 out of 10 ,,, I could smoke this every day. Its organic and it doesn’t disappoint.
    Reminds me of the great Lindsay OG . Worth the $$ .
    If you’re searching for sticky , it is. And breaks into a lot. Well grown as it burns very well ,no black ashes here . Your lungs won’t want to exhale lol

  11. TheWiz

    Fantastic!! Out of the many strains I’ve tried from BM, this is definitely in my top 3. Skunky kush aroma, great taste, and burns well in a bong. Wish I had ordered another ounce!

  12. Mono

    Tasty, for me this one acted like a bit of a creeper. I didn’t feel the effects right away, but once I did I could see why this strain is so popular.

  13. Sam

    Overall really good weed, i was not sure at first, maybe its a 4 on 5 for the bag appeal but the buzz is really nice, mellow, feel great, im not feeling too sleepy on this but very relax, taste good too

  14. Kushdude

    This is solid Indica,Smells good and taste good,even my buddies keep wanting more of this even though they order from another mom just kicks other weeds butts.

  15. Terence McKenna

    Very enjoyable nightime bud imo. Found myself deep in the couch and deeper in a bag of derision. Nice aroma, great cure, nice slow burn in a J. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

  16. ant

    Yeap, this was a knock me out budd worthy of the “jill” title in my categorization of bud. it’s too good that i often wake up with unsmoke grinded jill in the bowl because i jilled out already

  17. MasterVin

    Beautiful Strain💥🤩 Glad I picked up a half ounce 😎 this bud could easily make the primium grades. Huge nice thick buds, well cured , breaks up huge . I usually save the biggest bud for future occasions and this strain made the cut. Will absolutely buy this if i see it again 👍👌💥💥10/10.

  18. Kman

    This is the only strain I’ve been hitting during the day since getting it. Effects that marry well with most activities, had a blast playing video games and guitar. Very potent, very balanced. Gorgeous, dense nugs. I found it similar to the Thin Mint Cookies only at a much lower price, highly recommend.

  19. gmac

    I’d give this more stars if I could!! Spectacular stuff right here. All the requirements are a hit. Flavour, burn, buzz, smell everything! Get some before it’s gone!!

  20. orlaspapa

    Pure FIRE!!! Everything about this batch is pretty much perfect. It vapes so clean and the taste, smell and look are 5/5. Don’t miss out on this one!

  21. AndyG420

    “ Hard-charging and assertive but magnanimously calming and merciful.”

    Honey Pot Kush is such a great strain and I agree with the overall description of this herb especially with what I put in quotes. This strain is hard-charging and assertive, and I must say it’s truly a heavyweight. This herb isn’t messing around so I found myself treading lightly at first. I was very impressed of how smooth it was to hold in the smoke after a big bong rip, and how much smoke it produced. I was so high I found myself thinking “That’s a lot of smoke, will it ever end?” as I was exhaling. Haha, good times. Not only does it smoke well, it looks beautiful, it’s got nice texture, trichomes, honey-coloured hairs etc., and it grinds up nicely. It’s quickly pungent, too, after opening up the bag—especially after said grinding it—it filled my house with it’s kush smell. This seriously hit me in the nose! If you use herb for pain management, this one is definitely a good choice for you. Also, it’s a good choice if you just want to get blitzed. Happy smoking 😉

  22. BigD

    Oh wow this is some serious chronic. As soon as I cracked the bud 🤤 , buds are nice and sticky and the flavour was super smooth. J seemed to last forever. 😬 might need do another order and stash some this bud

  23. CheeeZ

    At first look i wasn’t impressed but damn this stuff kick ass! It take forever to grind cause it’s so sticky. Smell so good and taste good all the way long. Good head buzz at the beginning and relaxe the body after. Spot on description, thanks BM

  24. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    I love this strain! It looks beautiful, and is quite dense. The smoke isn’t harsh with white ash. The flavours are pleasant and the effects are indica potent with slight sativa head high for me.

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