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Ice Breaker

AAA Grade | Hybrid

1 Gram | $7
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Product Description

Ice Breaker is a slightly sativa dominant cross of unknown origin. The buds are chunky and resinous and display a nice trim and cure. The nose is musky and kush-y with dank earth and pine. The flavours are earthy and robust, smooth to the exhale. The high is very enjoyable and social, excellent for warming the edges of any social anxieties with a giddy and present energy. The effects aren’t productive but you will feel engaged and stimulated. Ice Breaker is the perfect strain to break out at a party!

Flavours: Earthy, Dank, Pine, Citrus
Effects: Stimulating, Social, Giggly, Happy, Stoney
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

2 reviews for Ice Breaker

  1. sho

    Unreal stuff here, i seriously cant believe its only 7 bucks a gram, its better then many things in the past ive ordered for a higher price. Nothing much else to say aside from grab some before its gone because its a killer deal

  2. SID

    THIS STUFF RULES. I found out via some research (if this is the same lineage) that it’s likely a Jack Herer X Super Skunk phenotype. What a lovely well rounded strain. As someone prone to anxiety with Sativa-leaning strains, this stuff checked all the right boxes. A smooth, skunky pungent smoke, crystal clean white ash and a high that doesn’t last as long as your more premier lines but still offers ALL the things you want from a nice daytime doobie. The high offers a lovely gentle uplift to the mood, clearing the senses and allowing you to be a bit more present than before. It doesn’t overpower you but still hits a bit behind the eyes so you feel the lift off! Virtually no burn out on this one unless you smoke a big bag in a day haha. This is just a great well rounded daytime strain. Would probably be great for a party, any sort of social hangout, a hike or daytime adventure in nature, painting, getting stuff done, anything! I am super impressed by the price on this guy 🙂 I purchased 14 g’s as soon as I tried it the first time haha. Thank you again Budmail!!! you’re the best!

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