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Jellies (Mota) – Indica


1 jelly for $14

Strength: 120mg THC


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Cannabis Infused Jellies

120 MG THC

Made from scratch, these jellies are infused with 120mg of THC and available in Sativa and Indica. Each package contains one jelly and is available in a range of delicious flavours. Intended for high tolerance patients, however also great for low tolerance users when split into smaller doses. Great way for patients to find a dosage that works best for them.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Cannabis, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Pectin, Artificial Colours, Coconut Oil, Carnuba Wax

Strength: 120mg THC

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

Edibles can affect each person differently. Some can notice 5-10mg of THC, where others may not notice well over 100mg. First, it is always best to dose with caution and start with a small amount. However, you seasoned smokers out there feeling confident, know that your edibles tolerance and your smoking tolerance are completely separate! At Budmail, we recommend waiting about 60-90 minutes while noting the effects before increasing your dosage. Some edibles can really sneak up on you!

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About Mota Cannabis Products

From Vancouver Island – An evolution, forged by experience, knowledge, sensitivity and year-after-year dedication. By working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and adjusting and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques, our island team has won a privileged reputation for producing some of the finest infused cannabis products in the land.

Island Traditions

Hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. All our derivative cannabis products are made the same way. A passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. We began by helping a small group of patients – people we knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible. And we’ve never forgotten.

Today we still produce all our cannabis products with that kind of personal care.

120 reviews for Jellies (Mota) – Indica

  1. Beck

    We love these! Tried a few others on here and this is our favourite! They hit slowly and build up, so they are perfect for getting to bed. Our go to is cherry flavour but the others we tried are also good! 1/8 of a brick per dose works perfectly.

  2. TripppyTrish

    Best bang for your buck. Consistent product. Easy way to dose yourself. I find indica hits me so much more than sativa, 15mg is a really nice way to mellow out. I suggest using them whenever wanting to munch out, veg out, play video games, pain management, anything revolving relaxing. Flavour is also really great. It’s not too chewy either. 10/10

  3. Bruh

    I have been buying these for a couple years now, perfect potency and the taste is great. Only thing I wish is that the came in a couple prices instead of one big price. Still 5 out of 5 though

  4. ahell

    Decent flavour, but so small and squished. If you needed to cut it to a proper dose size, it was more a a nuisance than anything. Really sticky and not easy to work with. “Design” and texture lack, but the flavour was alright!

  5. Harry Bosch

    Flavourful and great for mellowing out after a long work week. I have been getting these for a year or so now and have not been disappointed yet. The different flavours makes it great to change up and the potency is great as well. I am a light user and recommend these.

  6. Sean

    Great gummies for relaxing after work. Potent with a clean high, dont plan on doing anything after taking some. So have lots of snacks ready put on Netflix and enjoy.

  7. Jake

    Blue raspberry is my wife’s favourite, 2 squares and she’s on the couch laughing her .. off. Fun for couples for movie night or even for the bedroom highly recommend

  8. Jake

    Tasty, paid $10.50 a pack on Black Friday and stocked up, love cutting little squares for wanting small tickles or eat the whole brick for a fun time. Every flavour you won’t be upset, I prefer indica

  9. A Bud Girl

    I love these lego bricks, they get you that body buzz you are looking for, and they taste great too. I like that you can start off small and eat more while still being able to keep track of how much I have consumed

  10. Adam

    These are great. I enjoyed the taste and the high was very mellow and not too overpowering. I ate half of them so I had two separate trips. Great value.

  11. JaimeLesChats

    A friend of mine made me taste those kind of Lego blocks and I really love them, the texture is nice, tastes very fruity like real fruit (I had Mango) and the buzz is nice too. I recommend.

  12. Steve-o

    These are the tastiest edibles I’ve ever tried. 120mg for 14 dollars is a bit pricey compared to other mota products, but the taste of these cant be beat. I prefer the Indica and strawberry and watermelon are the best flavors in my opinion!

  13. Dirlewanger

    These are my go to gummies, whenever I am stressed or feel my ptsd ramping up I eat a whole jelly and sit back, all flavours are great tasting with little to no aftertaste. I highly recommend the jellies.

  14. Brandon

    Not big into indica but I still really enjoyed these. Awesome to just glue you to the couch if you take a couple pieces. Couple friends really like it to go to bed but not really my style when doing edibles. I like to enjoy the high from start to finish.

  15. Andy

    I love these candies, I find them just the perfect to cap off a stressful day of work. The Indica and Sativa are both recommended by myself and my friends

  16. Tartar

    So it comes a package and it’s 1 lego block square as shown in picture. I split my block in two and ate half. the first half i could feel a good buzz going on. very happy nature. and the taste, wow it is so strong, yet the gummy flavor adds a nice sugary kick. Very suprised how good it tasted and how well integrated the bud was in this candy.

  17. Richard

    Love these things!
    Great on its own, start small, or as a top up to another buzz.
    I like a small amount of these after a puff or a different edible. Kicks in right on time for a bedtime knock out:)

  18. blursty

    Taste great, convenient 15mg dosing, good strong effect. I like the packaging too. Better quality than what is sold in gov’t stores locally, and much cheaper as well.

  19. Shawn

    I highly recommend gummies! They are great tasting and have the same effect on me everytime. Very consistent highs unlike other brands. I highly recommend these because they can divide up into smaller amounts easily.

  20. Shawn

    I love these gummies! They are delicious and have always had the same effect on me. I have never had a bad batch unlike other brands. I highly recommend them because they are easy to divide up into smaller amounts.

  21. Tartar

    These gummies come in a package of 10. They taste great, and it only took me two gummies to start feeling great. I had a lucid state then got the munchies and zoned out

  22. Trapp

    These are awesome, me and my woman love them , an another thing I always forget to say is how awesome that youz wrap the parcels they are always wrapped super extremely good . 10/10 👍👍👍

  23. Terence McKenna

    What’s not to love? The blue raspberry is absolutely delicious and potent AF. If your tolerance is low I’d start slow, but if you’re chronic try half. Enjoy responsibly.

  24. junior666

    I found these indica jellies to be super tasty, soft and easy to portion.
    It’s 60-80mg indica for me before I get a buzz at all,
    10-15mg sativa (same gummies) and I’m super high and scrambled.
    That’s not a negative, just how they work for me.

    Over all, you can’t beat these for the price. I don’t know what Mota does different than other companies but for 14 bucks, they are doing it right.

  25. NB

    I only take one LEGO piece and I’m got a real good buzz! I find these LEGO jellies stronger than the ones that are shaped my pop bottles or worms… I can get couch locked easily on these if I take even a little to much!

  26. Sliboots

    These are my favourite edibles on budmail. Very consistent potency. I usually split the LEGO gummy in half for 60 mg dose. Can never go wrong with these jellies.

  27. Oldman smoker

    Good product. Taste and effect is spot on. Had these shipped and of course they arrived in the oven like mailbox where they promptly melted. Dosing is hit or miss, I cut what I think is an appropriate amount. Nice calm buzz, quick effects.

  28. Mars Callahan

    Good product! Tried both the indica and sativa varieties and they hit pretty well. The dosing is solid as I took 1 of the squares and it hit in about 30-45 minutes. Good high but my only gripe is that there is a bit of a shatter-like aftertaste but it’s not a big deal my any means. Mota can be a bit pricier than other edibles but it’s worth the few extra dollars. I tried the Twisted Extract jelly bombs and they pretty much did nothing whereas the Mota edibles worked every time.

  29. Murmot

    I use edibles almost exclusively for helping me to sleep. I’m a shift worker, so this is a big issue for me – and I have tried the gamut of natural remedies to prescription options, as well as a pretty diverse assortment of edibles. These indica gummies from twisted extracts have been the most consistent and effective management for my insomnia. Not all the best tasting, but not bad at all – and they are really the perfect option for me. Highly recommend if you are using to treat insomnia or anxiety.

  30. Meal

    These are hands down the best gummies! I like to get really baked so I cut mine in half to have a really fun experience. They taste amazing too, not too much of a weed taste!

  31. softcorecorn

    I ordered the blue raspberry and cut up the lego-shaped gummy into 8 “equal” pieces (15mg) — it’s summer time now, the gummy is going to get a little squished during transit. Everyone metabolizes edibles differently and I find that 5-10mg is a good dose for me to have a good few hours of stoned while still being capable and motivated to do tasks/chores. One of these 15mg pieces was a VERY nice time for me. My partner has a very low tolerance for edibles, so I split one 15mg piece in half for him and he said he enjoyed himself but was not a fan of the taste.

  32. Sol Fuego

    Very good. Cut it into quarters and had multiple doses definitely worth the price. Good value for what you pay. I wouldn’t take more than a small piece to start and work your way up

  33. Fartface

    Super great!! Tastes really good and is a nice dose for both me and the wench, I usually take another one after a while and she doesn’t. I find this to be like a happy medium strength.

  34. 5000

    Great product which arrived on time and came which impeccable quality and potency, I have no complaints about this product, I would buy it again for sure.

  35. Nat

    Love these Gummies ! The taste is awesome. I have MS and when I have pain, i take a square and it calms me, so it contrôle my anxiety and smooth the pain. They are fun as well. 😉 Be careful, if it’s the first time though. Lol. … I use to take half of a square when I started and it was enoug for me. Lol.

  36. V

    These were great to take for a very chill night.. I have a fairly high tolerance and I sectioned it off into five and it was perfect amount for me.
    I also shared with some friends who have a low tolerance and they took half of what I had .. same effect !

  37. Lor

    These are great! I only need one eight of the big jelly to get a full nights sleep. So far, this is the best product I have tried for sleep Love all the flavors so far!

  38. MarijuanaMonkey

    Cherry and grape are by far the best tasting I’ve tried. I ate three full cubes (Indica) and as someone who hasn’t gone without weed a single day in five years, I could have ate another full one and gone to work perfectly fine.

  39. Frank

    Got insanely high off 1/4, I don’t understand how, I’m a 170lbs male, was a medium/heavy smoker from 18-28 and stopped about 32 yrs ago. From these reviews most say it isn’t that strong. I had the opposite experience. The move is just to start with lowest dose and work your way up.

  40. sydney

    Taking a low dose of these really helps with my social anxiety. A very nice, consistent high and yummy flavour. I never trusted edibles because I had a bad experience with homemade brownies, but now that I know these are measured and dosed well, I can trust them again 🙂

  41. GerryMc

    These are good if you’re tolerance isn’t incredibly high. They taste okay if your like watermelon but honestly you don’t have to taste it for long if you don’t like it.

  42. SheHigh

    I try to get one of these with every order, they are so great to have on hand. I do not know if it is just me, but I can not seem to really tell a difference from the Sativa and Indica ones. Still good either way!

  43. Hexo tsunami

    I made a bit of an error when i first got this jelly and took a great big bite. Was a bit stronger than I anticipated and it knocked me on my arse. The next time i tried it i payed closer attention to my dose and quite enjoyed the high it provided. I would say maybe 1/4 of the jelly is perfect .

  44. Kay

    Very nice high and dose. Good ability to take less if you’re a beginner and more if you’re more experienced. Tasted really good as well. Overall a “sup-herb” product.

  45. Andy

    These are very tasty and take no time at all to kick in. I prefer the Sativa over the Indica but overall you can’t go wrong with these treats. I would do buy these again !

  46. huba

    Ordered these gummies to try an edible and was so pleasantly surprised. Only took half of a portion and it was enough to take the edge off and very, very mellow feeling. Will most definately order these again.

  47. Winston p humphries

    These are my favourite along with the black gummy sphere thing ( it’s a dark orb of thc) they get ya blasted make for a good day . I like to wake up on Saturday morning and eat one , get on the beers around noon and watch college football or basketball allday it’s a real pisser . The only thing is I always grab a few indica and a few Sativa can’t really notice the difference?? I am Ron burgundy???

  48. Buds all day

    These indica jellies are really just a lot of fun. They do not give you couch lock (if ya take just one) but they certainly rescue the day spent with three little kids, making dinner time special!! #GetYourMotaRunnin

  49. Mi

    I’ve been a loyal Jelly consumer (indica) for almost a year. I use nightly at bedtime to help with relaxation and sleep. It’s a relaxing body and mind buzz and settled dreams without waking up every 2 hours!

    I love most of the flavours (have yet to try one I do not like)

  50. catcleaver

    Exactly what I wanted. I ordered the Blue Raspberry flavour- they taste good and do the job well. Comes in a colourful packaging, it’s good as a gift which I will be buying more in the future. Very pleased customer! 🙂

  51. ricco66

    A great buzz but the skunky taste that has a significant cringe factor I’ve tried three flavours,(cherry, grape and watermelon). I suggest cutting it up and freezing to duck the taste and handling,(it’s really sticky).

  52. Ace

    I get these for my mom all the time. They help her sleep and cope with her back pain.

    I have tried several brands of edibles and I find the Mota products to be the most consistent. A little pricey but well worth it

  53. Kam

    It comes as 1 big lego jelly. 1/4 is a good beginner dose. They taste pretty good, I had the cherry flavor. I would buy these again in the future and recommend if you are looking for edibles.

  54. Mozark

    I would recommend, I like the cherry and grape! Would definitely buy again, mellows you out nice to play video games before bed and sleep is great!!!!

  55. Sarah G

    These are really good! I tried the grape flavour. I definitely feel these, I divided one into 6 doses. I was put of by the large format but it’s no biggie to divide it up. I would definitely buy these again!

  56. Samwizegamgeee

    LOVE these gummy bricks. They are great for both an experienced smoker as well as someone not versed in edibles yet. Each “Lego dot” is 15mg making it easy to cut/break the dots up. Gives a great body buzz and a great sleep. The flavors are great but grape and blue raspberry are topnotch!

  57. Melbone

    Fantastic product 👌 Nice after working all day to eat a piece & chill out .
    Helps me fall into a deeper more restful sleep . Definitely recommend this product

  58. Sliboots

    The grape indica Mota jelly is the best edible I’ve ever had. Its tremendous. I like doing 2 60mg doses so I usually cut them in half. I do 120mg or more when I want to see the devil. The Grape flavour is my go to and has a good taste not like some of the others I’ve tried so far. They are also consistent in their potency. I would recommend these jellies and usually include a few of these in every order.

  59. fatcat

    They are delicious, and I do get high. Just ate an entire watermelon indica one right now. So tasty. I’m not sure why people complain about the taste of weed; does nobody else eat their stems or eaten a bud or too? They don’t taste bad. Neverless you can’t taste much of it in these regardless.

  60. SheHigh

    I bought a bunch of flavours during the 4/20 sale and I am so excited o try some new ones, like watermelon, and peach. Blue razzberry tastest more like candy and less like weed.

  61. Stella

    Had a great night sleep. Any suggestion for pain relief. I guess I wasn’t in pain cause I slept great. I used it at night before bed I wasn’t exactly looking for a high.

  62. rolled gold

    nice mellow high….. tasted great too small a dosage at 120 for me…..ended up taking two over the course of an afternoon raking in the garden….slept like a baby will buy more

  63. Gimme

    I’ve tried both the Sativa and these. While I can feel a bit of the Sativa one and the flavours for each are excellent as you can’t taste the herb; indica takes the edge off nicely for me. Gentle and subtle in how it gradually eases you into a pleasantly mellow mood. Definitely will look to try more flavours. The blue raspberry is rather nice!

  64. Keepon Smoking

    Addicted to these!! I find i can’t taste the THC and perfect high for those giggles and munchies with friends, definitely keeping my stock full with these!

  65. Buds all day

    Just like their counterpart Sativa (Strawberry) these cherry indica jellies from Mota hit a home run, with both my taste buds as well as with my mind and my ability to sleep through the night, highly recommend

  66. caio

    I had thought these to be potent from the review section, but I actually took 3/4 of the gummy and didn’t feel anything major. So I gave it to my friend, who’s a less heavier smoker than me and she loved it. The high seems to be relaxing and uplifting from what she told me. So my personal review is: if you’re not a heavy smoker, have fun! If you are, your money will be better spent on flowers

  67. jamilli420

    These are amazing. They tasted great and hit out of nowhere. Great for nights where you need to be discrete. I would highly recommend to any one looking for an awesome night.

  68. Norgus

    Absolutely delightful have tried all flavours . 1/8 is a nice high 1/4 even better depending on your tolerance. Would highly recommend
    Good idea to start slow

  69. caio

    I’m an experienced smoker and this was my first time with edibles. I treaded lightly and with 1/4 I only got giggly and a nice relaxing vibe. Since the rest of this package was shared with friends, next time I order I will be able to get my ideal dosage and enjoy the product fully. But I definitely recommend it, my friends, who are less experienced somkers had a lot of fun with way smaller dosages.

  70. Uttsjs

    I’m not a huge THC user … I’m looking for something to smooth out the edges, take away anxiety, help me focus and sleep better. These do the trick. I cut it into 8 pieces so s/b 15 MG THC? But I found I definitely felt them. Maybe I’m not used to Indica. Bought some Sativa as well … they are up next.

  71. Hannah

    Best gummies I’ve ever had, and good for the price! I really enjoyed the taste compared to others it wasn’t as strong. They could easily last you a long time by being cut up.

  72. Ze

    Great tasting jelly! Easy to figure out the dose as 1 block is around 15 mg. I ordered the peach flavor to begin off with, great taste and very mild weed taste at the end. Great price for what you are getting and is probably the best bang for you buck compared to other edibles available here.

  73. Kelmo

    I eat edibles when my body is aching definitely will try these again! I highly recommend for those who have issues with arthritis, back pain, and for the ladies.. lady pain!

  74. Hdollops

    Tasty and potent lil guy. Be prepared to be really hungry and really tired…………………………………………………………………..

  75. 250swb

    Love these. Great taste. Perfect dosage for me is one square. Experienced but not a high dosage user. Love the body tingles I get everytime. Usually get the watermelon. No weedy taste. I buy these regularly.

  76. cremedonut

    High quality edible. Peach smells great, could definitely taste the cannabis but didn’t mind at all. Easy to portion and handle because of the sugar coating. The package is resealable as well. Will definitely purchase again to try new flavours!

  77. Tzie

    After many attempts at purchasing pot, oils and edibles for sleep, I found these. The indica gummy is fantastic for sleep. I cut it into 4 to 5 strips per gummy and take one every night within an hour I can’t keep my eyes open or focus on my book. I go right to sleep and sleep on average 8 solid hours. After 1.5 years of chronic sleep issues due to middle age woman issues I have found the sleep miracle. Highly recommend for this purpose.

  78. logicbud

    One of my favorites to eat, simple, tastes great. Unlike others, the sugar coating makes it easy to cut into smaller doses depending on your mood. This is definitely one of my favorites and the price is right as well.

  79. kelly

    i absolutely love these. They hit slowly and build up, so they’re perfect for getting to bed. As well, I find I only need 1/8 of a brick per dose. I like these way more than the individual gummies. However, the taste is super artificial.

  80. Orchyd

    I liked the watermelon flavor, not as good as the watermelon gummies though…
    Only issue is price for one big gummie, does is about 1/4 of the lego block

  81. Orchyd

    Grape flavor was good did not taste overally like cough syrup. Some aftertaste. Price point is for one Big lego block gummie and good strength but for value would buy the soda bottles instead. Dose is about 1/4 of the block.

  82. Big Red

    Very tasty. Like others, grape is my go-to but looking forward to trying the watermelon. Divide in 4 pieces, start with one and wait an hour. Decide from there. Depends on your tolerance.
    Slight weed aftertaste but not overwhelming.
    Will definitely order again.

  83. SheHigh

    YUM! This will for sure be a staple with every order from now on. The candy itself is quite good, of course you can taste the cannabis but at such a high dosage, not surprising.

  84. CW

    Pretty nice buzz off thes candies. Wanted to try out some edibles and got some of the indica and the sativa ones to try both out and I usually like indica weed more so those ones were probably my fave. I would recommend!

  85. DiGi

    Love, love love these. I would recommend to all. Flavor is great and easy to measure the dose. My favorite product from Mota, these gummies do the trick!

  86. Brown

    If you’re going to buy edibles these are the best this site has to offer, I’ve tried pretty much all the different ones they offer and I won’t even waste my time with anything else. Best bang for your buck

  87. Brandon

    Very professional looking packaging. Gummy looked as advertised and hit like it too. Cherry flavour was pretty good, didn’t find it had that classic medicated taste to it at all. Split it in half and had a couple good nights from it

  88. Mykhthrone

    I love this stuff. Easy to dose and delicious. For me 30mg (or two Lego bumps as I call them) does the job nicely. Good glow but still able to function. The value is good in comparison to the rest of the items on here, definitely on the lower end for price per mg.

  89. kitkataclysm

    Number one choice for edibles. Taste great, easy to dose, pack a good punch for seasoned vets. The Indica Jellies will definitely be putting you in da couch. Best evening edible. 1/8th is perfect for a relaxing night for me. Can not vouch for these enough!

  90. Sliboots

    These jellies are my go to edibles – Grape and Blue raspberry are decent flavours. 120mg packed into the jelly makes it a potent piece. I often cut them in half for 2 60mg doses so I dont end up watching movies with my eyes closed. Highly recomemend them.

  91. Ojib

    Great bang for buck, purchased the grape and cherry and I enjoyed the taste of both of them. There was a strong aroma of Cannabis but how could it not at 120mg of THC. I smoke about 3 grams a day and was feeling pretty good on a whole one. I would just recommend to have yourself in the right atmosphere and right people around. Will definitely be ordering at least one or two with every order.

  92. Mykhthrone

    Great product. I like how it’s divided up so it’s easy to find the right dose. It’s like a Lego brick with 8 bumps. I had read that a decent dose for an adult over 175 lbs is 30mg so 1/4 of one of these (or two “Lego” bumps) seems to do the job nicely. Or if you want a more intense experience eat more.

  93. Bruh

    Love them it was bigger then I thought tasted great. Would recommend! only tried a little piece but it got me pretty high. Be careful on dosage its very tempting to eat all of it

  94. Mesenoth

    i definitely enjoy these jellies! They’ve become a staple in my orders. They are really easy to cut into manageable pieces. The mango flavor is by far my favorite. And i prefer the indica overall.

  95. Count Orloff

    I didn’t really notice anything when I ate this but that’s usually the case when I have edibles. It’s probably just my tolerance level and I need a higher dosage as many of my friends have tried these and have had positive results. The taste was alright but you can tell right away what’s in it.

  96. Nickos46

    Taste great. A little weedy at first but the blue raspberry flavour covers it up well. Peach flavour is also great. Really gets you stoned. I only eat half at a time and I’m out for a few hours.

  97. Pixxiestix

    I’ve loved these jellies from the first bite. I’ve only purchased grape up and until this last order. Very pleasantly surprised by the strawberry flavour. Slightly weedy at first but the strawberry flavour takes over and they are delightful. I eat mine in halves and use them as a sleep aid most days.

  98. Terence McKenna

    First off they’re delicious. I don’t mind the very light weed taste. I cut these into 1/4’s and found it was a good amount for me. I ordered peach and would order that flavor again.

  99. Pixxiestix

    I love theses jellies very much. They are great for small or large dosing (for me) I usually only get grape but decided to try strawberry for a change and oh my gosh! So yummy!

  100. Marie

    I really liked those little jellies!! They tasted really good. Nice amount of thc! I will definitely buy those jellies again, in different kinds and flavours! Loved it!

  101. Pixxiestix

    Got a few flavours to try them out and see what I like. Grape is my fav for sure. The Indicator high is nice and mellow and lasts a long time. Perfect for sharing or keeping to yourself. Highly recommended

  102. Jrose

    I had the peach indica jelly and it tastes so peachy, such a nice taste with a little taste of marijuana at the end. I ate it in thirds and got the perfect indica high, perfect for an evening of relaxing or before bed. I will definitely be buying these again!

  103. TheDean

    Love these. I usually just take half (split with a friend) or take the full 120 over an hour when is starts to take effect. Great full body buzz and optimal for a night in playing some games or watching movies. The taste is great and you can really taste the mj. I’d recommend this product to anyone. But if you haven’t done edibles before just start with 30mg and wait an hour before taking more. Sometimes that’s all you need and it helps ration your edibles to last longer.

  104. TyrannosaurusFecks

    These gummies are some of the best bang for your buck. Very tasty and the high is stellar. Love the distinction between jndica and sativa for daytime and nighttime use.

  105. TRwriter

    My first time with an edible and wow! Tasted great but super strong. Definitely you only need a very small chunk at a time, which means this is terrific value at $12!

  106. BigChr

    These are right up my alley. 120mg powerhouse. Great for when your on the go and looking for a little somethin somethin. Blue raspberry is a close second to peach and I definitely prefer the indicas. Enjoy!! Thanks BM!!!

  107. BigChr

    Great price for a nicely dosed gummy. Thanks BM. I carry 1 around with me in case I’m ever in a bind. Haven’t tried them all but the peach ones are my favourite. And the indica definitely hits harder, enjoy.

  108. 8Ball

    These are definitely the best of any Mota edible; dosing is fairly close to what is claimed. One brick will go a long way, be careful or these things will humble you.

  109. N/A

    Great price for these cute little edibles. I would recommend sharing one with another person as a single brick is a fair amount. Wonderfully tasty with only a subtle hint of THC taste.

  110. Luktcha

    i try these indica Gummy Grape flavor i found them very strong, if you are a beginner cut in few doses, if you want to fly then eat it all and have a nice trip, i will buy again!

  111. B-radley

    Very good stuff. Great taste. Would recommend these for sure. As with most of there products you can taste the thc and it tends to kick in pretty fast.

  112. Christine

    Cherry is my favourite of all of the flavours (of block gummies). Really nice smooth high. The taste is AMAZING, and a little goes a long way. Great for insomnia and loss of appetite

  113. Koibito

    Cherry ALL THE WAY!! (Also tried strawberry and it was terrible. tasted like watermelon and strawberry mixed, Made awful faces trying to eat it) The Cherry flavor is supreme! Could not tell it was medicated. Hubby took a bite of my Jelly and felt it withing 15 mins. I am a chronic user so Most product I eat or smoke now dose not hit me like it used to (obviously). I felt relaxed but I ate 2 and felt I would have wanted more jellys for a good buzz. I will have to try once my tolerance goes down. Great taste and still relaxed me a bit.

  114. Gustavthewondercat

    Great feeling. I have a high tolerance but one block lasts me 2 sittings. Great nap afterwards. Make sure you have lots to eat! Make no plans you will be chilling for hours!

  115. sunshine

    I love these gummies! They are delicious and very potent. I cut mine into three. That seems to be a good dosage for me. 20 mins and I’m feeling goooood! 🙂 Get some for yourself! you wont regret it!

  116. bronnblackwater

    These are potent, good edible high. Taste is what you’d expect for gummy edibles but better than others I’ve had. Would buy again for sure, the packaging is nice too and the bag is resealable.

  117. viking

    both this and the sativa jellies are sublime to say the least. They are potent and absolutely the cleanest best quality edible high I have had. Fantastic like most of the Mota stuff. Great selection BM!

  118. NorthernLight

    Tastes awful and doesn’t pack much of a punch. I ate the whole thing with little results.

  119. SmokeyTheBear

    These jellies are the best edible I have tried off of BM, ate the whole jelly on an empty stomach and after an hour was pleasantly medicated for a few hours. Felt more from this one jelly than both of the Mota bots combined.

  120. Mesenoth

    Bought a few of these to share with my better three quarters and all I have to say is wow. The packaging is very appealing. After carefully cutting back the protective seal, I opened the zip-lock and was greeted by a curious combination of watermelon and the dense, heavy, staunch of high quality Cannabis concentrate. The gummy is sizeable, and it fulfills both the craving for a good candy and a good trip. We split the gummy in half and homebodied the rest of the day. Too stoned to play video games, we cried of laughter through the ultimate Netflix and chill day. Plan a whole day off because this edible is almost psychedelic.

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