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Jellies (Mota) – Sativa


1 jelly for $14

Strength: 120mg THC

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Cannabis Infused Jellies

120 MG THC

Made from scratch, these jellies are infused with 120mg of THC and available in Sativa and Indica. Each package contains one jelly and is available in a range of delicious flavours. Intended for high tolerance patients, however also great for low tolerance users when split into smaller doses. Great way for patients to find a dosage that works best for them.
Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Cannabis, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Pectin, Artificial Colours, Coconut Oil, Carnuba Wax

Strength: 120mg THC

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

Edibles can affect each person differently. Some can notice 5-10mg of THC, where others may not notice well over 100mg. First, it is always best to dose with caution and start with a small amount. However, you seasoned smokers out there feeling confident, know that your edibles tolerance and your smoking tolerance are completely separate! At Budmail, we recommend waiting about 60-90 minutes while noting the effects before increasing your dosage. Some edibles can really sneak up on you!

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About Mota Cannabis Products

From Vancouver Island – An evolution, forged by experience, knowledge, sensitivity and year-after-year dedication. By working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and adjusting and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques, our island team has won a privileged reputation for producing some of the finest infused cannabis products in the land.

Island Traditions

Hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. All our derivative cannabis products are made the same way. A passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. We began by helping a small group of patients – people we knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible. And we’ve never forgotten.

Today we still produce all our cannabis products with that kind of personal care.


133 reviews for Jellies (Mota) – Sativa

  1. Steve-o

    These are the most delicious edibles I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. The sativa is perfect for daytime activities, strong buzz yet manageable if you need to act sober. Blue Raspberry is my favorite flavor! 4/5

  2. Dirlewanger

    Can’t go wrong with Mota jellies, the flavours are great. My wife can always tell when I eat a Mota Jelly, I always have a blissful high look on my face.
    I highly recommend these jellies.

  3. sammy

    Definitely potent but yummy and always a great high. The brick can be cut into 8 pieces but i typically cut into 16 and get pretty stoned. Maybe I have a low tolerance but beginners should proceed with caution. My favourite flavours are watermelon and strawberry.

  4. Andy

    If you aren’t into smoking or vaping these might just be the thing for you. I take these if I’m just relaxing around the house when guests are over who might not necessarily need to know you’re chilling out LOL

  5. Hash1st

    This is a very nice product, very potent and the taste is very nice too! Best flavour is Strawberry.
    I would most definitely buy this great product again but will try the Indica.

  6. Aliceanne

    Love this product!

    Found one cube to be the perfect dose. Great for relaxing or zoning in to a movie or game.

    I will definitely purchase again.

  7. blursty

    Nice taste, convenient 15mg dosing, good strong effect. I like the packaging too. Better quality than what is sold in gov’t stores locally, and much cheaper as well.

  8. yolonoy

    Strong and taste good. They don’t really have that strong of a weed taste compared to other gummies in my opinion. Really potent and worth the price. Maybe a little too strong for a beginner – maybe start with a 1/4 piece of the gummy if you’re a beginner.

  9. Deevon

    I tried it with a friend of mine that’s not used to eddies, 2 pieces gave him a light buzz, mostly a body high. As for me, I felt a pretty good high when I took 4 pieces, it lasted around 5 hours. The grape flavor taste is delicious and it’s really simple to divide in many pieces. I highly recommend this product!

  10. Mo

    Really good flavours, pretty decent high. Not as potent as some of the other items on this site. But does the job pretty good. Easy to split. Fairly uniform high throughout the pieces.

  11. nat

    They don’t taste bad, but you definitely taste the weed. They aren’t super strong but not really weak like the budibles. My favourite is still by twisted extract. 10mg of that is = to 15mg of this

  12. JAM7374

    Seemed to do the job. Strong weed taste and aftertaste but not horrible. Novice with edibles and one square seemed to be a little much for me but cutting it in half ended up with varying results sometimes half was good, sometimes it had no effect. Overall good value just need to dial in your personal dosage.

  13. junior666

    Mota has done it right with these jellies soft, super tasty, not too much weed taste, and you can easily split them into many pieces for even dosing.
    Whats up with the sativa? 10-15mg sativa gummy gets me euphoric and scrambled in the giggliest way. Most edibles take at least 60/80mg to even feel it. These Mota’s are different!
    Highly recommended!

  14. Breh420

    The Mota Jellies are great! If you love the Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs and are looking for something a little stronger then these jellies are for you!

  15. EssJay

    Mota gummies are pretty good; candy flavour is what you would expect with very little cannabis taste. I’m a higher-dose user at around 60-75mg per dose, so the package size and THC content get me a couple doses per pack. Only thing I recommend above Mota gummies are the Mota chocolate bars; as a higher-dose user I find the chocolate has a stronger effect and 50mg is usually sufficient.

  16. Bzzz

    My first time trying these. Great taste, not too much of a weed taste!!. I like how you can cut them up into 8 portions and the packaging is quite nice too. I took just one eigth and worked like crazy around the house. They taste amazing, I would definitely recommend these.

  17. Meal

    These are hands down the best gummies! I like to get really baked so I cut mine in half to have a really fun experience. They taste amazing too, not too much of a weed taste.

  18. OW and Chill

    These were awesome! they came as a single brick but they show the 8 quadrants with lines, I took 2 pieces and rode the lighting ! 10/10 do again and plan on it!

  19. MARKUS

    i’ve always ordered this brand of gummies and have never been disappointed by this product. Whether it be relaxing for the night or going out on the town, indica or sativa strain has you covered! 🙂

  20. MARKUS

    I’ve always ordered the Mota brand gummies and have never been disappointed by this product. Whether it be relaxing for the night or going out on the town, indica or sativa strain has you covered! 🙂

  21. Keepon Smoking

    Great taste and works like a charm. I tend to take one and clean my entire apartment while listening to some old school hip hop. Worth it both for the experience and the price.

  22. Keepon Smoking

    These are my favourite edibles. I enjoyed the high I got from these and the packaging is quite nice too. I would definitely recommend these. I also like how I can cut them up to portion it out

  23. Keepon Smoking

    Great taste!! These are my favourite edible. I enjoyed the high I got from these and the packaging is quite nice too. I would definitely recommend these.

  24. Satchmo

    High quality taste and the high is pretty close behind it. Best gummies I’ve had as far as flavour goes. The high itself isn’t the strongest unless I eat a full one or one and a half but that’s just the dosage they chose and I can dig it. Will buy again.

  25. Prappa

    Excellent taste as always. Shared these with some friends and we all had a good buzz which led to some laughs and good fun. A quarter of the jelly is good for one dose.

  26. Breh420

    These are my new go to gummies! If you like the Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs then you will love the Mota Jellies. You can easily divide these up if you dont want to eat the whole thing at once and still know how many mgs your taking. I will be purchasing many more of these!

  27. Jake

    Good high, I suggest taking 2 at least if you’re a frequent consumer. Is it the sugar on the candy that has the thc or is it infused in the candy? I find some are under powered some are over…

  28. Darzbudz

    I have tried a lot of Mota gummies but the jellies have become my favourite, they are easy to cut up into doses and the tastes are always top notch. Strawberry and watermelon are super tasty.

  29. Keepon Smoking

    Not your typical homemade editable high, very good clean high though. Took two when I wanted to be mangled. I also felt that the taste is great and very addicting.

  30. Pewpewkid

    These are my favs! I really like the sugary taste, and it’s really easy to calculate the dosage. My favorite flavor is Peach, and also mango. I like the taste of the green, but in those ones you cannot taste it really, so for people who don’t like the taste of weed but the buzz it’s a good choice!

  31. Hollyc

    These are good I tried this one and my boyfriend tried the other. We both took way too much but the high was worth it. We were high as a kite lol. Next time follow directions

  32. Hollyc

    I bought these and my boyfriend got to try these ones. He is a heavy smoker and a heavy set guy. He took half at first then the rest soon after. It knocked him on his arse lol

  33. Steve

    I really enjoy these gummies. I liked all the flavors. I cut them into 8 pieces and find 1/8th gets me comfortably high. I would definitely recommend this product.

  34. Keepon Smoking

    These are great! they are very tasty and are nice and soft, I really like the packages they come in very flashy and compact, there was no weed taste that I could tell easy dosages

  35. SheHigh

    The 420 deals were a great opportunity to try all the flavours of this great gummy. I love grape and peach, but in the end, you can not go wrong with anything you pick.

  36. Ivanoff

    These are good for not doing anything because you can get couch locked they are tasty too so there is no problem eating to much of them I got couch locked

  37. Hexo tsunami

    I made a bit of an error when i first got this jelly and took a great big bite. Was a bit stronger than I anticipated and it knocked me on my arse. The next time i tried it i payed closer attention to my dose and quite enjoyed the high it provided. I would say maybe 1/4 of the jelly is perfect.

  38. Scooter

    So delicious and perfect high. I will be buying them again. Great for parties and sharing with friends ,or just hangin at home. I used as directed on packaging.

  39. Scooter

    I cut it into 8 equal pieces and It worked beautifully.
    Within 30 to 40 min I had a very good high and they taste great! I will definitely be buying them again, worth every penny.

  40. rstach

    This gummy has a great texture and only a small taste of weed. I ate the whole gummy and had a nice high. Would for sure buy again for a nice day to chill out.

  41. cdwalker90

    Good product works well across the board so to say. Keep cool don’t leave in pants pocket heat will melt the plug and it gets real sticky. Give this high points as a product.

  42. MK

    Holy moly this one takes the cake. I got the blue raspberry sativa one and it hits hard. As a daily smoker, I have yet to find a gummy that gives me any feeling without having to take too many and this one is it. 1000% will be repurchasing and trying in other flavours and type (Indica / Sativa). Highly recommend this one! Bravo Mota for a beautiful product

  43. Buds all day

    These little guys are the real deal, I am a low tolerance user and one 15mg piece of these jellies straps me to a rocket ship, the sativa strawberry is incredible #GetYourMotaRunnin

  44. Mi

    I’m a light weight and one ‘dot’ is perfect! a pleasant buzz and body buzz plus keeps me focused for mundane daily tasks (ARGH…housework).

    I’ve tried most of the flavours – all awesome!

  45. SayWhatiWantCuzImAnonymousBxtch

    This FXCKED me and my boyfriend all the way up. I had 2 small bites, he had about 4… Or 6? Lol. He was high high. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MORE THAN 2 BITES! Really really good buzz for our sexcapade though… The most orgasmic session of my life. And they’re delicious! The edible. 😉

  46. logicbud

    Repeat purchase, trying a different flavour this time, mango and the taste is great, the buzz is as always very nice and mellow. Definitely on of my favorites.

  47. Ace

    Nice array of flavours and you can never go wrong with Mota when it comes to THC edibles. Mango is my mom’s favourite.

    Just got her a variety pack of flavours when they were on sale

  48. Canadianredd

    I made a bit of an error when i first got this jelly and took a great big bite. Was a bit stronger than I anticipated and it knocked me on my arse. The next time i tried it i payed closer attention to my dose and quite enjoyed the high it provided. I would say maybe 1/4 of the jelly is perfect.

  49. Shwarmski

    Don’t eat the whole thing at one, I usually break it up into smaller pieces.. well depends how high you want to get. Very tasty. I love the MOTA products

  50. Melbone

    These are my go to gummied when I require extra help with focus . Taste delicious . I cut them into 8 pieces & one piece is enough to enable me to get projets complete

  51. ryanfarkas

    Get yourself a long couch and whatever entertainment you need because these tasty little bricks will put you out for a few hours. Real great tasting..

  52. SheHigh

    Sometimes I am tempted to eat this when I am just craving candy, not even a high. They taste soo yummy. Some flavours deff taste more like weed than others.

  53. LadyJane

    These are strong! I took 15 mg and it hit sooner than 60 min. It made me feel high and definitely gave me the munchies! It made my body feel heavy. Good sleeping.

  54. Shwarmski

    These are very delicious, you don’t taste the THC. I love edibles but you need to know how many how many would get you too high. Sometimes I have 1, sometimes I have 3.

  55. smokeybear

    Flavor is tastey little snack love these candies hard not to eat the whole thing.. careful if you do you.. it may knock you right out and they look like legos lol

  56. smokeybear

    I’ve purchased these quite a few times now.. old reliable lol since I know forsure one bite gets u pretty stoned.. ate the whole candy and played in the garden today

  57. Buds all day

    These little guys are the real deal, I am a low tolerance user and one 15mg piece of these jellies straps me to a rocket ship, the sativa strawberry is incredible

  58. GrwnasswmN

    These are a great bang for your buck. They taste good! One seriving lasts long over 4 hours for me with a nice productive high. Doesnt make me paranoid like other gummies I have tried and doesnt get me too high too fast.

  59. logicbud

    One of my favorites eatables, taste is good, and my wife and I really like the ease of sectioning the pieces to match the dose we prefer, I need two sections while my wife like one.

  60. Nafi

    Tasty, I bought mango and used to bite off small chunks based on the lego bumps. Would recommend going slow if it is your first time but I would need two of the doses for a nice high.

  61. Prappa

    I’ve repurchased these a couple times now and they do a good job. 1 is enough for me as i find with sativa edibles i crash hard if i dose more than one. taste is good, not much of a weed taste. also, these could be split into 2 or 4 pieces and you will still get a nice buzz.

  62. snooches

    I’ve bought these several times already and continue doing so mostly due to the reliable buzz. I’ll take 1 square for a nice smooth buzz and up to 3 or 4 when I want to just become part of my couch.

  63. Danny J

    I thought this was a nice gummy. I’ve seen mota catch some flak online, but this does a good job. Gets me to a nice place, sends my gf to the moon lol

  64. em

    I like mota prodects a lot and this one is good but I have to say BE CAREFUL. I have a pretty high tolerance for edibles and I was GONE. To the point where I was wishing it to be over for the last couple hours. I wasn’t a bad high but it was a mind bending one and I was getting sick of it lol. Start SMALL with the dot size. Smaller than you’d think and work up. Plus it made me INSANELY TWITCHY in a way I had never experienced before. Lasted till the next day. I’m sorta afraid to take it again but if you got a crazy high tolerance it’s a good bang for your buck lol

  65. herbjones

    I will be buying more of these. I eat two dots paired with CBD gummies and the buzz is special. Good social buzz no anxiety. Puts a smile on your face and leaves it there for hours! Highly recommended!

  66. B

    This is our go to product, good taste, desired effect. All flavors are great, you cannot go wrong with any you select. Be mindful of your dosage. Best to need another piece than to have eaten too much 😉

  67. Bobby

    Been taking the sativa ones for almost two years, and have never been disappointed. They taste good and usually feel the effects within 20 to 30 minutes. It produces a nice body buzz, that lasts 3 to 4 hours. This is based on about a quarter of a block.

  68. t-dog

    I bought the blue raspberry flavored version. They tasted great, and are pretty powerful for such as small delivery system. I cut them into 8 small pieces and used each one as a separate dose. 1-2 doses is enough depending on how much of a buzz I want. I’d buy these again.

  69. RoxNroll

    Excellent but be careful, these are powerful, a little goes a long way. Start by a small piece and build up your buzz from there. Yeah, you’ll sleep well. Taste a bit like weed but not unpleasant afterall. 10/10 recommend!

  70. Ambrose

    Really inconsistent as I have taken 2 dots to almost no effect and I’ve done the same dose and became couch-locked, faint weed taste but not overpowering.

    It’s easy to cut up and share and when it works it works.

  71. Andy

    I must say I was very skeptic about purchasing these gummies produced by Mota only because their 12.5 mg hard candies were absolutely disappointing but there gummies don’t even compare ..these are great and the high hits within the first hour for me. Recommended for sure.

  72. Tuesday

    These are some of my go to for an afternoon of relaxing. The flavors are good and it’s easy to dose yourself. I really enjoy these and I find the high pretty decent too

  73. OldSchool

    Disappointing. Tried 20mg of the Mota Sour Watermelons (Sativa) and didn’t feel a thing; another person tried it also without any noticeable effect. The Twisted Extracts edibles are good value for the money and are effective.

  74. mquinny

    Pretty good bang for your buck. Sometimes the gummies are are inconsistent in their dosage. Sometimes I get stronger gummies and only need one dose, sometimes I need two doses (dose=dot). The inconsistency between batches is annoying.

  75. Zeebear

    These are my favourite edibles. I order multiple of them each time I make an order and one gummy lasts me all day. Used to be $12 which was a great deal, now its $14. Still a good deal but I wasnt complaining before either. Good flavours, highly recommend. Good company!

  76. Bambamshalam

    This is my second time ordering these.

    They are a great high. Easy to cut up and share with friends at a party or just take a bite out of when you are looking for that high.

    The flavours are great and no over powering cannabis taste

    Lasted me for hours and lasted my girlfriend who has a lower tolerance many more hours lol

    Very happy and would order again and I will

  77. Courtweedies

    Love love love the peach jellie.
    It’s my go to every order!
    I recommend it to everyone one orders off here to try it .. it’s very tasty with a slight crystal taste but not to over powering !
    It takes awhile to kick in but once it does you will be riding a wave of pure bliss!!

  78. Kelmo

    Had a good little giggle on these edibles
    I eat a half or a quarter. Depends on if it’s a weeknight, I find they linger until the next day lol. Good for pain. Migraines.

  79. PeaJay

    I liked these a lot, not the strongest I have ever eaten, but good none-the-less and I do recommend these to those who like edibles. They taste is pretty good too. The local dispensary I go to is always sold out of sativa gummies, so these were a nice treat.

  80. 4our2wenty

    The watermelon is the best. You can’t tell at all if theres any weed in it. Compared to other flavours i’d say watermelon masks the weed taste the most. Love these and will purchase them again and again!!

  81. greghag

    I think it tastes really good and can barely taste any THC, maybe because I’ve gotten used to it. One dot is usually enough for me. Would definitely recommend this product, its great!

  82. 4our2wenty

    Mango wasnt too bad, mild weed taste to it. The sativa ones are my option for sure. These are def worth the 10+ bucks that they cost everywhere. Buying some more right now…. Try a pack!

  83. Dirlewanger

    These are my go to gummies, I have a pretty high tolerance and these always grab me by the booboo. I like to eat the whole gummy at once, never been let down by Mota edibles.
    Love the flavours and packaging

  84. Kat

    Had the peach and it was really tasty. It was an appropriate dosage and one little piece got me to a nice high without being overkill. I will definitely buy these again.

  85. YesWeCanada

    As an experienced user I ate the whole thing and it was just about perfect dose for me. Watermelon flavour was great, very little weed taste, and effects were strong and lasted an entire evening. Will be purchasing again.

  86. 4our2wenty

    The blueberry does have a noticeable weed taste to it but its fine. I feel like im 100lbs lighter and can jump over cars. If you are new, average smoker you can probably break this up into more doses. ‘Eat some of these and sit back, laugh at it all’ Well… that’s the point im finally at. Enjoy:)

  87. Sasquatch

    I’m relatively new to edibles and have found (since I’m a larger guy) that they don’t affect me much…but I ate 2 dots worth of this guy and was well on my way. These are excellent head and body buzz producing gummies.

  88. SheHigh

    Okay peach sativa, I see you! I only needed 1 and 1/2 “lego pieces” and I was good for the day. If you are not familair with edible less is more folks. Looking forward to trying more MOTA products.

  89. CW

    Pretty nice buzz off thes candies. I Wanted to try out some edibles and got some of the indica and the sativa ones to try both out and I usually like indica weed more so those ones were probably my fave. I would definitely recommend trying these!

  90. logicbud

    Second time ordering this. This time I ordered the mango flavor, just as tasty as the other flavor, raspberry. the sugar coating makes it not too sticky and easy to cut for smaller doses.





  93. SheHigh

    I just added one of these to my order on a whim due to price. The candy its self tastes very good ( I got grape flavour) and I had to sop myself from eating more. The reviews about potency are true! Take it easy until you know how it effects you.

  94. apple

    I’ve only had a 1/4 so far but man the strawberry tastes so good i had to stop myself from eating the whole thing. Great high though and it lasted for a couple hours before i passed out.

  95. kitkataclysm

    Seriously my all time favourite product. Really good bang for buck, easy to dose and tastes great. After having 100s of jellies these have always been consistent and high quality. Awesome for high tolerance users. Would advise newer users to take it really, really easy as these puppies are powerful.

  96. Ojib

    Strong and dangerous
    Finally tried the Sativa. Had it in a peach flavour and I enjoyed it more then the indica. I have tried almost all the flavours now and peach seemed to mask the THC the most. Package can be resealed and dosage can be done by having a quarter, half or the whole thing. Big fan of MOTA and their products. I would like to see some sort of break in the price for purchasing in bulk though. Good to have for emergencies, rather be looking at them then looking for them.

  97. GoLeafsGo

    Add these to every order! So delicious and really easy to manage your dose. Great bang for your buck in my opinion too as an average user. Love the mango and watermelon

  98. AliceD

    Great tasting, I should’ve bought more. I’ll be sure to stock up the next time they go on sale. They are Lego shaped, so you cut out the dosage you need

  99. TorontoGal74

    While you taste cannabis, there’s a definite grape candy flavour that’s very tasty. Like grape lollipops. The effects were what I expected, as I’ve enjoyed this line already.

  100. casey

    I tried via friends and was a knocked back a few times but might have had some alchol with them 🙂
    However, on their own a half for me is nice and a good buzz is a full. Can still fully function but have a good time.

  101. Milo

    Bought the Peach Sativa gummy, it was ok. Didn’t hit as hard as I would’ve liked. I first cut off one corner and waited a bit, only felt a buzz so then I decided to try another corner and that seemed to be ok. The flavour isn’t bad at all.

  102. Hammer

    Grape…wow…soo good.take 2 for a really nice long body high.take one if you want to hang with the wife and not have her know your blasted lol.will try indica next order

  103. Pleasantly surprised !!

    I just received my order today very fast and presently surprised of the high and for just one small piece, highly recommended. I will be purchasing again and referring friends thanks!!!

  104. Noodle

    I was cautious using these gummies, as instructed! The most I ate at one time was 1/4 and got a subtle high from it… I did however feel the need to have a snooze a couple hours later! I believe I have high tolerance, but next time will eat a 1/2. I tried the blue raspberry and strawberry, and both had great flavour!

  105. Never let down by Elevated

    Quick acting, and strong hitting. Mango tasted like a peach ring to me, but no complaints, flavor was great. Would buy again. Look forward to trying their other products as well.

  106. Ashortgiraffe96

    Loved these candies. Cut them up into quarters and ate only part at a time.
    Tried almost all the flavours now. Will buy again on my next order 100%..

  107. Ribs123

    I am new to edibles, more of a smoker. I tried half of one for starters. It didn’t do anything. So this time I had a whole one and it was intense for about 20 minutes. Not too intense though. Chilled for a couple hours feeling quite good. I had a peach gummy and the taste was great. Not too weedy. I tried to let most of it disolve under my tongue to increase the chances of it working. I have a fast metabolism and was thinking that might have something to do with it not working too well the first time. It worked very well this time. Thanks BM I will be buying more.

  108. Shannn123

    I have purchased these before and always been pretty happy. This time I ordered one *strawberry* and I was very pleased with the taste. I like to cut mine into smaller pieces so I can kinda choose my dose. Kicks in for me atleast in about 30 to 40 minutes and I’m pretty high for a few hours

  109. MapleLeaf

    Soft and surprisingly flavourful, this gummy can be sliced easily into 8 even doses of 15 mg. It may be tempting but unless you’re a seasoned vet with a mad tolerance, don’t eat it all at once!

    I felt a nice rising and even high after about 25 mins. Definitely effective and enjoyable.

  110. TorontoGal74

    Read other reviews before trying, to gauge how much to consume. I ate a quarter of the jelly and was pretty baked! Lol. Kicked in slowly and had a gradual rise in stonage level. It was a bit more than I was expecting, but I felt great. Looking forward to using the rest.

  111. Bwayne

    Wow very good! I was a bit of a dummy I cut it into four strips, ate the first quarter then about 5 mins later ate the other quarter and I was a mess about 30 mins later! I’m not a huge smoker at all though so someone with higher tolerance might not get same effect! The panic mode high only lasted about 15 to 20 mins the rest was perfect lasted about 4 hours total this was my first edible experience almost like this way better then traditional smoking! Great product and for the price in my books definitely worth giving ago

    Thanks BM for this product just awesome

  112. Tamara M

    These are my favorite edibles!! Extremely tasty and packed with a punch for even cannabis veterans and high tolerance clients! Recommended for everyone!

  113. DiGi

    I had read some mixed reviews on Mota , regarding how strong they claimed the product was opposed to what you really got with them. However, I was really happy with them and ordered theses gummies a number of times so far. They are huge, I take half and feel really good and wrecked – still function-able, but defiantly high. I would recommend them, as you can control the dosage by cutting the gummie and using the dots on the top as a guide (8 dots @ 15mg a dot = 120mg). I grade it an A … Another great product from BM

  114. B.Rak

    Mmmmmm. I’m trying the peach jelly and really digging flavour of this one! Very little weed taste! Sweet and chewy! Eating the whole thing. Wish me luck! Xo

  115. HappyCamperStace

    MOTA does it … AGAIN! Sativa was chatty happy creative and Indica WAS “In Da Couch!” Excellent consistency and delicious flavours. Best gummy I’ve ever tried & best bang for the buck bar none. WTG BM! U guys r the best!! Hugs!!

  116. Pixxiestix

    Bought a cherry and grape flavoured gummy, flavour was awesome! Some I can’t handle and these were tasty. The Sativa high was awesome, felt energetic and creative And the high lasted for hours. The only thing I didn’t like is the actual size of the candy. Have a high tolerance so have to eat the whole thing and it’s a bit much for me.

  117. little_beebs09

    Had a quarter of the jelly around the camp fire. It made me and my friends all relaxed for hours. Great stuff. Lasted a long time and I will be buying again for sure.

  118. bluntman

    Great gummy. Got the cherry gummy and split it into 5 doses, so it lasts a little bit. Taste was good and it works so I definitely can’t complain. Will definitely be getting in the future.

  119. chillaxinmama

    I was disappointed when I opened the package, and saw one gummy, but shortly after taking a tiny bite, I realized that this product was the bomb-diggity. Wow, talk about a quality high! I am hooked. A fifth of a gummy is all that the hubs and I have ever needed. It gives an intense high, that at times needs a bit of deep breathing to get back on track, but is one of the greatest we have ever had with an edible. Watching tv, sitting by a campfire, or going outside for a walk, this edible is for almost every situation.

  120. ofarrell

    This one tasted a little better than the cherry ones but still a very strong weed flavour that may put some people off. Affects were great, very uplifting, hunger inducing and a gradual come down. Admittedly very sleepy after. I will say this, if you are new to edibles go slow,

  121. ofarrell

    I have a very high tolerance so I took half, than after a few hours the other half. Very nice high… very relaxing Taste was not all that great with a very strong weed flavor but I did have an awesome sleep.

  122. El Rockero

    Hey these are great! I like to take a half and then smoke or vape! The underlying solid edible buzz is enhanced with additional puffing so people who are a little tolerant will like the added boost that sticks around! Personally I like Sativa edibles with Indica heavy smoke or vapor. Indica ed’s turn my arms and legs into virtual cement.

  123. BigChr

    I love these fat gummies. I lug one around with me in case I’m ever in a bind. 120mg does the trick. I can’t say I’ve tried them all but the peach ones are my favourite.

  124. Princess

    Well the cherry jellies are the bomb!!! I am sitting here with a seasoned smoker and he is bombed 🙂 🙂 Definitely be trying this again. If you are a beginner be careful as its powerful. BM you are awesome!!! 🙂 🙂

  125. Deb

    I didn’t love these. I got the blue raspberry and they tasted okay. I ate the whole thing thinking I’d get pretty high as I normally eat the Mota chocolate (50mg) but I wasn’t feelin much. I did have an amazing sleep though!

  126. Brayden

    Taste good and not to hard or chewy. I like these. Ordered more as I ate it. High seemed better than most edibles I tried.

  127. Novascotian

    Just Woww! Buy it!

  128. Anonymous

    Love them, buy them with almost every order. A full jelly will send me to space for hours! I like eating one before going to CFL games, it keeps me lit the entire time. They would be easy to split up if you don’t want to be super stoned, even some veteran weed smokers get sent to bed from these jellies. If you are confident that its not too much for you, eat the whole jelly. Its loads of fun! I’ve smoked daily for many years its the only thing that gets me high like I used to when I first started smoking.

  129. Happiness

    Excellent product – for me, edibles usually take a while to kick in, but I started feeling it within 20 minutes! Flavours taste good too.

  130. blazin

    “Comes in the bag exactly how it looks (like a lego block) about half an inch thick and about 2 inches long. I ended up cutting them into 8 equal pieces, making each piece about 15 mg in THC.

    One “”cube”” took about 30-45 mins to kick in. I would say this was a strong dose. Definitely put me on a level!!!

    I was still able to do things, still had motivation, ability to be creative and socialize.

    Taste – 10/10 (tastes super good, like blue raspberry, but with a hint of THC.)

    Strength – 11/10

    Packaging – 10/10

    10/10 would buy again. Would recommend to people with stronger tolerances.”

  131. Lance1153

    This product is awesome. For an edible, it’s easy to split into sections so you can gauge how much you’re taking at once. The taste isn’t bad, lingers a bit but the high… find a couch! Especially if you eat the full thing. Highly recommend

  132. Stinkywink420

    They taste great and give a good stone. Worth every nickel.

  133. chillskillz

    Ate a quarter of this and it got me a comfortable level of stoned. Great high, delicious flavour, good potency.

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