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Jelly Punch

AAA Grade | Sativa | Organic

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Jelly Punch is an exotic cross of Jelly Breath (North Cascade Cut) & Platinum. These buds are highly resinous and show off an attractive mosaic of greens and purples. They also strut an impressive trichome coverage and are cured/trimmed with care. This strain was grown with love and 100% organically in living soil. The nose is astounding, hitting you with a wallop of fresh baked apple pie. The flavour follows suit with a rich sweetness that lingers on the tongue. There are decided notes of buttery pastry and cinnamon coupled with a creamy exhale. The high is blissful and happy and wonderfully balanced. The effects start with a social uplift at first, this is followed by a bleary slosh that is calming and creative all at once. Overall, Jelly Punch is a true connoisseur strain that you don’t want to miss!

EXTREMELY limited quantities! Grab it while it’s hot!

Flavours: Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Pastry, Vanilla
Effects: Blissful, Euphoric, Balanced, Social, Calming, Creative
Medical: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress, Fatigue

6 reviews for Jelly Punch

  1. Corcor

    I’ve been trying to under stand the whiffs I’m getting off this but it’s pretty complex. It did however remind me a couple times of the smell of baked apples.. so that’s cool. Also it got me stoned.. so stoned that I watched the documentary “mermaid a body a found.”(spoiler kind of).. And by the the end of that movie and night. Well I went to bed believing in mermaids.. but when I woke up.. I was like… Wahhhh!!. Nahhh. Wtf. Was I that high last night.. .??. Jesus christ

  2. AP2000

    A very unusual flavour to this one! There’s a bit of sour and fruity all packaged into one here. Very flavourful in my vape. I vape exclusively, and this produced a moderate amount of vapour. Nice and heady, this is good gaming weed!

  3. Blaze4Daze

    Love love loveeee this stuff. So killer gorgeous buds and the smell is amazing. Gave me a nice uplifting high where everything just seemed perfect. Great stuff from budmail.

  4. Grassimo

    Once you open the bag you get a complex smell of sour green apple and grape jelly pie, never smelled anything like this lol. The buds are giant and full of shiny trichomes while displaying many different color hues of purples and forest green.

    The taste is very sweet in a vape, creamy with a hint of grape and apple and filled up an average amount of vapor bags.

    The high is really complex after a 0.74g Volcano session. I felt it was a bit of a creeper to take its full effects, after a while I just noticed I was very focused and creative while a stoney euphoria made forgetful of my worries and tasks. Provides some nice body relaxation too which would make this a great video game or movie strain to kick back and relax with. Also helps with anxiety and also provided some mild appetite stimulation.

  5. JLo

    Like the Bottle Rocket this bud was very well grown and cured, also the only reason I can see for a AAA rating was a few small nugs. The smell and flavour on this are something different and delicious. I got flavours of vanilla, mint, cookie dough and cinnamon. The high reminds me of Dos Si Dos quite a bit. What amazing genetics make up this strain. Jelly Breath is a cross of Dos Si Dos and Mendo Breath, I’m pretty sure the other parent is Platinum Punch, not just Platinum. Hence the name Jelly Punch. Budmail has been killing it with all the top shelf new released Cookies genetics lately. I love hunting new flavours.

  6. Greenfred

    Got a half of this with a half of the m6 pocket rocket. Jelly punch’s the real thing nice big buds smells really nice but different.Buzz is great big lift very socialable high doesn’t knock you out or lock you in place but crap you know your high .Well done
    Thanks again Budmail!

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