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Disposable Vape (Kind Labs)

1 Disposable Vape Pen for $35

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1 Disposable Vape Pen for $35

Kind Labs produces high quality Disposable Vape Pens that are sleek, smooth and ideal for convenience. Showcasing a wide variety of THC and CBD pens that will suit your vaping needs!

56 reviews for Disposable Vape (Kind Labs)

  1. CHEY

    They are not as potent as I was hoping. You can barely taste or feel the THC. Although they are subtle, slick, discreet, and the fruity flavours are a nice touch.

  2. Roblunto

    This is a great product so far. Battery, high, and discretion. As a plus it also tastes great. It’s a mellow to creeping good high. My supervisor can sense it after break so I only hit one, especially if I’m doing something difficult.

  3. AP2000

    These are great companions for daily use. I’m impressed at how long lasting they are and also enjoy the fruity flavours. It’s very easy on the throat, and provides a nice buzz of average potency.

  4. Silly_jenn

    I’ve tried two different flavours, not over powering and they produced a mild but pleasant high. I don’t know if I’d buy another one, i’d appreciate something a little more potent.

  5. Coxy

    Absolutely love this product. For someone thats a weekend smoker…this vape last forever. Perfect level of THC! Highly recommend this product….love it and will order more most definitely.

  6. The Boognish

    Purchased these vape pens numerous times and never had an issue. Having a bit every day, mine can last a few weeks. Flavours are good. Great, quick, discreet way of getting a bit of a buzz, or take things up a notch with more hauls, especially after some drinks. Will keep buying!

  7. NatashaEMC

    Excellent taste and great effect!
    You can haul as little or as much as you want and achieve the perfect high that you want.
    I can’t smoke anymore because my tolerance is so low so this product is perfect for me.

  8. Trix

    Overall for price great product ! It takes a full pulls to feel something but great buzz can still do normal day to day stuff without feeling sluggish.

  9. Kd

    Definitely would like to try it in a flavor, only had the natural flavor when I ordered & wasnt a fan of that. But definitely worth trying. Great high. Will definitely be ordering again.

  10. Blaze4Daze

    First one i got was defective and i was sent another. I found that it didn’t last very long at all. The high was nice and it didn’t take much to get a nice buzz, but my pen died within a week of using it mildly.

  11. Tanika

    I read all the reviews before I ordered and I have to agree that this is a wonderful product! I ordered the blueberry thc pen, loved it! Great price, taste and high.I would definitely buy again

  12. Marie

    I really love this product. Good taste, practical, discreet… Very nice. I ordered the THC honey oil one, and I’m looking forward to try other flavours!

  13. Holygoat

    Got this for my wife, she really enjoyed the flavour and the smell was sweet and non recognizable as reefer so that helped. Only knock was the added peach flavouring was very strong maybe a tad to much feasting flavouring

  14. :)

    Honestly, for 35$, you can’t go wrong. Smooth. Easy. Nothing to clean or charge. Nice high. Very relaxing. Good taste. Would order again. The only thing I don’t like is it’s kind of annoying that you can’t see how much oil is left in order to know when to order the next.

  15. Steve

    I love the sleek casing that it comes in. I have had the other pens and they are much better. The flavor was not the best compared to the other ones. Still an amazing pen just recommend a different flavor

  16. Nodi

    sleek design , love the plastic casing it comes in. i got the limonene however teh taste was “plastic” tasting and did not like that . but it does the trick and few puffs it got me buzzed.

  17. reesedeluca

    I love a discreet pen that also has a bit of a design factor. Lasts for quite a long time and I was a big fan of the Lemonene flavour. Anything citrus always takes the cake.

  18. Newfiegirl

    love how easy these are to use. great for when your out and about and need a little pick me up without getting the dirty looks. blueberry and peach are my fav 🙂

  19. :)

    Ordered the honey oil pen for a friend. He LOVED IT. Will for sure be ordering again. Love the idea of not having to clean anything. When you’re done, you’re done, just pitch the empty pen.

  20. :)

    Not a huge fan of the fake blueberry taste. I don’t think the dosage of CBD is strong enough for me as I don’t really feel the effects. First cbd pen though.

  21. che

    the product was pretty good gives a smooth and controlled high and also has alot of flavor. if you use often i would suggest getting something with more oil in it something like 1,000 mg so you dont need to buy one every few weeks.

  22. Ben dover

    Tried all of the pens and hands down the peach one is the best one. Very discreet and portable, looks like a pen and doesn’t smell so it can be used anywhere 🙂

  23. tokeyDAbear

    I’m impressed with how well these perform, I bought peach THC and it has the scent of peaches, a sweet Inhale with a smoky taste exhale, I had at least 8 heavy sessions with it. The body high is perfect not too overwhelming, Will be buying this again.

  24. EV

    I bought the CBD blueberry pen and it’s honestly amazing! I bought it to help with my headaches and it works wonders. I’m now using it for my back pain and anxiety as well. I don’t smoke a lot but I take a few puffs every night. One pen has lasted me for almost two weeks. Totally buying again and probably going to test out the THC ones too.

  25. jbazz

    Great pen for a great price ! easy to conceal and take any where. would highly recommend!! i order 3 or 4 at a time and they last me months. Awesome product, will keep buying !!

  26. KillTheStigma

    Great little pen. I ordered the blueberry THC. Definitely an uplifter. I was awake half the night feeling very energized. Great for a daytime high but avoid before bed. Good for new smokers as well, as potency is moderate at best. Strain specific pens would be fantastic.

  27. 6ight

    I will forever order these!!!! Super sleek and smooth – great taste, strong pull. I ordered the peach and it works super well compared to other disposable pens ive tried in the past.

  28. Montecore

    Unfortunately one of the weaker pens I’ve tried. Nice for people who like a mild buzz, I ended up buying 5 and smoking it like I was playing a flute in Narnia, Tasted like a fruit bowl of Cannibas punch hahah.

  29. Em

    I’ve ordered a few of these now and they’re great! All have lasted awhile and the flavours are great. Good product for quick and easy, on the go vaping.

  30. Sandilicious

    Really enjoyed the taste of the Natural Honey Oil flavour, also purchased a Limonene flavour. The Limonene had a mild citrus taste which was pleasant. Both delivered a decent, discreet, convenient high. Definitely going to order more of these!

  31. Jrm

    Got a natural flavored CBD pen, really good and easy pull, only a few tokes and feel the effects; great for post-workout. Definitely purchasing again!

  32. PEACHY

    I tried pens in the past and never enjoyed them but gave this one a go. Realllly happy with the results. Discreet, taste is good (I got the THC HONEY OIL) The high creeps up on you but kept me uplifted with no hard crash. Ordering again!

  33. B.Rak

    I purchased the blueberry thc disposable vape pen and it tastes really good !! Just like the cbd blueberry I previously bought 🙂 the high is nice, very good controllable buzz

  34. Peach71

    Ordered peach and it took a few hits before I could get a little buzz, but the taste is nice and it’s convenient to have on hand for a quick emergency toke for the price

  35. :)

    I started ordering these when the tiki minis stopped being available. Similar price point. Great high. Don’t have to worry about tanks and filters and coils cuz when you’re done you just throw it out and order a new one!

  36. Greenfred

    Gotta love these handy discreet and great tasting! I ordered peach and blueberry like so many others on here both taste 👍great. Not as effective as I would like but tolerances vary still nice little buzz that’s great for taking care of chores and putting a smile on your face while you do them.I would definitely purchase again.Thanks BM

  37. Rnjmomkapu

    Bought the peach and blueberry. I’m using the peach and find it has an odd flavour but is still going strong after 3 weeks. My husbands blueberry died after 2 weeks. The potency is good.

  38. In’trepidüs

    I really like the CBD pen! It hits very smoothly, is very discreet and cannot beat the price! I got the natural flavor CBD pen and it doesn’t taste bad at all. I’ll try the blueberry one next!

  39. trapgourd

    Ordered 4 and one was dead on arrival. Extremely disappointing, though otherwise seem to be fine disposable pen. If there’s no way to resolve this issue I wouldn’t buy it again.

  40. Gray8

    Ordered this based off other reviews, not disappointed at all. Got peach and it tastes great, already ordered another but tried natural 2nd time around. On point as usual BM

  41. Kel

    First time buyer and satisfied!

    Bought the peach, can’t taste it all that much, but it’s better than weed mouth. I bought as an alternative to smoking before bed, and it’s great for sleep. 2-3 pulls before bed & I’m good. It lasted a week with nightly usage and some daily usage. Still pulling on it and getting a slight buzz, but nothing major. Flashes every time it’s used, so not sure when the battery is dead or juice is out. I’m going to buy more and use it only at night, should last longer.

    Overall, good purchase if you don’t want to dank.

  42. Natezey

    These are spectacular for smoking where you don’t want to reek or even have people
    Know. The blueberry was good but the peach was the real homerun!!!

  43. LDAWG

    First time ever getting a vape had a couple hits good potency now to see if it will last or how long it will last but based off of the taste and strength I’m already inpressed.

  44. Vigil

    Bought 2 CBD pens, and 1 THC. One CBD pen went through the washing machine, so son’t leave them in your pockets! Great pens, easy for when you’re on the go. CBD pens are quite relaxing after a few hits. THC pen was amazing high after a few hits as well. My THC pen is flashing a lot, after using it daily for a week and a half. Not sure if I’m out of oil of the battery is dead/dying. Blueberry reminds me of a blueberry tea kind of flavor.
    TL;DR: Rated 4 Stars: I wish there was more I can get from them be it oil and/or battery life. They work fantastic. Also don’t forget them in your pockets, and put them through the laundry machine!

  45. HickoryDickoryDuck

    It’s discreet which is nice, but I didn’t get the high I was expecting – until I took about 6 or 7 hauls. It’s a weak pen but it will do the trick if you do not toke often or just want a alright day high.

  46. nainorbmas

    I would have to agree with everyone else, these are pretty great! I got mine yesterday in the mail. It was my first purchase and I am not disappointed. I got the natural THC. I love how discreet it is, you can taste it but there’s no weed smell. LOL, My father tried it and got me to order him 2 more in blueberry and peach! Excited to see how they taste 🙂 Thanks Budmail!

  47. KingKarma

    I’m impressed with how well these perform, I bought blueberry THC and it has the scent of blueberry, a sweet Inhale with a smoky taste exhale, I’ve had a good 8 sessions with this and still going. The body high is perfect not too overwhelming, Will be buying this again.

  48. :)

    Limonene- great flavor, great price, great high! What more can you ask for really? Ordered this since the 25$ took pens are no longer around and was pleasantly surprised

  49. :)

    As always budmail delivers in quality. Blueberry CBD is great. I use it when I’m getting anxious but don’t want to smoke a joint while at work. Will order again.

  50. CaptainT

    I ordered a cbd blueberry and a thc limonene. Both pens tasted great and functioned well. The cbd blueberry has some amazing flavour. The thc limonene had a strong lemon taste but i def like blueberry more. Excellent price point and smooth vapour with no burning throat. Will buy again, thanks budmail 🌱

  51. chi

    Good value for a quality product. Only tried natural thc, which was good. Unsure how long these last so ordered 2 more 1 natural cbd and 1 flavor limone thc.

  52. Natezey

    These are great for either THC or cbd. The flavour is slightly lacking but hey what do you expect! Peach is by far the best I’ve tried so far and would shy away from no flavour

  53. susudio

    HOLY WOW! My new favorite! I was wondering how this would stack up against the BT pens I’d been using, and it didn’t disappoint! Two pulls, and it’s beddie-bye time (or laugh-your-guts-out time in the right situation)! I will definitely be buying more of them. ☺

  54. Shmishman

    Damn! So far great pen for the price! Got the original flavour, and it’s tasty! Also great potency, 2 pulls and I am good to go! Will definitely be looking for this again!

  55. Rikki

    I have ordered some of these in the past and I LOVEEEEE them. I honestly just ordered 10 more lol. It does NOT smell at all therefore it is extremely discreet. My personal fave is the THC Blueberry. I highly recommend to anyone.

  56. Slimthug

    These are good they work well very sleek easy to take around with you…taste is decent also i ordered the original and it tastes like honey oil..thanks BM

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