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King Tut

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

King Tut has unknown lineage, though it’s rumoured to be descendant to the legendary AK-47. This batch of King Tut showcases an impressive display of trichome coverage right down to the calyxes. The colours are attractive with mandarin hues and bright green mosaics on the larger colas. The nose is punchy with sour notes of fuel over a skunky citrus backdrop. The effects are throttling and cerebral with an almost jarring immediacy, certain to leave you bleary eyed and cheesing a big grin. The euphoric bliss that churns onward can be spacey and scattered but social and happy. This soon melts into a warm and relaxing body stone which would be suitable for a streaming binge or extended introspective focus.

Effects: Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Skunky
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress

32 reviews for King Tut

  1. Cathie

    Really disappointed with this product. It was dry and had hardly any odour. Reminds of the weed you get from the Ontario Cannabis Company. First time I have been unsatisfied with a purchase.

  2. đź‘Ś

    Grabbed a half ounce of this one when it went on sale. Buds are super dense. Breaks out huge in the grinder. Smells terrific. Very high THC for a sativa. I tip my hat to Skookum cannabis.

  3. Greenfred

    Well done budmail taste is super bag appeal was great ,smells nice and the high was what we’ve come to expect from Tut and budmail . Super sativa able to function and carry on my day happily .Gottalove this strain thanks for the Doobie always appreciated thanks Budmail as always well done!

  4. puffinman

    The bag appeal was not eye popping but with that subtle fruit skunky fragrance explodes in the buster . I so enjoy a wake and bake mornings and get at projects a lovely daytime weed “)-~

  5. Greenleaf

    Top quality bud for sure, burns great, tastes great, potent…. you wont be disappointed at all,,,let’s face it ,have you ever been disappointed by these guys? Neither have I.

  6. Highlander

    Very potent and smooth. It’s exactly like the pics. Very good trim, beautiful to look at. Smells very nice, a mix of coffee or similar with a hint of skunk. The skunk smell is smelt after smoking or grinding.

    Only downside: a bit dry. Was not able to rehydrate much with a Boveda but it’s not horrible dust dry. Just a tad. So I removed 1 star .

    Definitely will buy this again.

  7. Blaze4Daze

    Great strain that is nice and potent. Hits great and the burn out wasn’t to bad at all. Nice trimmed buds with orange hairs throughout. Would recommend.

  8. Toronto420

    This strain was the best strain I ordered this month. Better than the tin series and the jar series I purchased. The smoke was clean, strong and tasty. If this is still available, purchase it! Great job BM. I literally smoked this weed all day long and was able to function perfectly while staying high.

  9. johnnyboy

    Any time this strain is available – I jump all over it. Super high in THC and low in CBD – which I usually don’t like. But, with this strain – I just smoke and put on some music. Never enjoyed music like I have with this strain. Give it a try!

  10. AP2000

    Vape review: This is indeed an assertive Sativa. Hits the head hard and is potent and long lasting. The smell is assertively pungent and taste is fuel-filled and sour. It’s not my taste profile, but will be a hit with those who do.

  11. puff-tron

    Not an indica fan but the high thc levels still got me buzzed. Great bag appeal large buds nice trim tight structure. Great smell and taste good burn with nice white ash.

  12. lostintheclouds

    Didn’t mind this one. Nothing too special in my eyes but still really nice and smooth smoke. Good taste and decent high. Nothing too heavy for me personally

  13. Flyaway77

    I was really surprised with this one. The buds are so nice and the smell was awesome. I didn’t know if i would enjoy the taste of this one but i really did.

  14. lostintheclouds

    Decent sativa, not as uplifting and energizing as I usually enjoy but still got the job done. Would probably buy if it was on sale at some point but not sure I’d repurchase otherwise.

  15. Budlove

    I gave this kind a try when it came on sale. It wasn’t to bad, not as potent as I like but still pretty good stuff.
    Tight buds, I would recommend for someone who wants a nice day high.

  16. Adam

    I was given a massive bud that was absolutely packed full of crystals. Thank you Budmail for that. Taste is extremely distinct, I can definitely feel the Middle Eastern element in this one. Got me very baked. The taste may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a smoke to see for yourself!

  17. Rawbeigh

    Tight little popcorn buds that definitely resemble Ak-47 at least a bit, especially when broken up. Nice afternoon smoke to get you past that afternoon lull when the coffee wars off, a high energy with little brain clouding. Certainly a great choice at this price.

  18. xraygord

    Not bad at all. Does the job. Nice aroma coming from this strain. Only thing I didn’t care for was the texture. Didn’t like how it cut up. But that’s just me personally.

  19. CaptainChronic

    If you’re looking for an undervalued great preformer than look no further. Great for day time smoking. Potent high with lots of energy. Great citrus taste on the tropical side. King Tut wouldn’t be disappointed with this as his namesake! Great quality and high for the value. Although next time I’m going to try another strain of arround the same price. This was an inspiring first time buy because it made me want to check all the others, lol.

  20. darrell

    This stuff is amazing. gives you a really nice high. great for going out cause it doesn’t stick you to the couch. Definitely would recommend to anyone that wants something that gets you going

  21. NLBongman

    Love this. Not a super pungent flavor or smell, but it does smell/taste wonderful nonetheless. I usually try a small bowl (maybe a 0.1-0.2g) of each strain in my bong as a tester as soon as I get my order, and when I smoked a small bowl of this stuff, I was struck right away by the potency. Def a sativa effect, smoked a lil more and ended up in a creative spurt, recording music all afternoon. Great daytime high, if you suffer from insomnia like I do, this stuff will give you energy during the day, but you might not want to smoke it too close to bedtime haha. Would def recommend to sativa fans, and the price is right.

  22. Bruh

    Beautiful dense nugs. not too much scent before grinding but definatley a potent smoke! At 9 $ a gram really cant go wrong here. Buds Burned smooth and tasted great.

  23. based

    At 9/g price point this is already a steal, and it being on this week’s sale is an absolute no brainer. Super dense nugs trimmed to perfection with an unbelievable lemony/pine smell you gotta order and see for yourself

  24. Stinkywink420

    Pretty good stuff. Great sativa strain with a decent high that was great for walking around. Wasn’t quite what I was expecting based on other revoews, but wouldn’t hesitate to order some again.

  25. Gfunkton

    I’m very glad I got the chance to try some Tut, and all I can say is wow, probably one of the dankest sativas I’ve ever had the honor to smoke, energizing, yet also a blast to the mind and appetite, even before I got to partake in this beauty of a strain, the smell alone was almost like a “cherry medicine” pungency; but in a very good way!, would definitely buy again.

  26. riberg

    Solid sativa, some nostalgia from being a teenager and smoking AK. Ordered a Q and looked closer to a half bag so props on the count. Decent purchase 8/10

  27. Lord_Baklava

    Power full body buzz that sent my brain to another galaxy. A little goes a long way. Some of the best smelling bud I’ve had in along time. Strong aroma of tangerine/orange.

    While the flavour isn’t strong when smoked. When I’ve vaped it, it still has the delicious taste of fresh oranges.

  28. Sholdies

    Excellent smoke. Burns smooth and have a very floral flavour to the exhale and a nice sweet and spicy taste to the brun. High is perfectly balanced so it can be used for a late night chill or even as a pick me up as you go about your day.

  29. Magicactus

    Very nice soft lemony scent on this one… burned smooth with no cough whatsoever… You can taste the cirtrus… the buzz comes on right away.. perky and energetic… within an hour I had the munchies so keep food close by… nice bang for the buck.

  30. SourCreamCreamy

    Nice stuff, definitely smells citrus like and I would shove one of these beauty nugs right up my nostril if I wasn’t vaping it. Loving this strain right now.

  31. Grassimo

    Oh man, Hutch wasnt lying, mild taste and smell but the buzz is potent.. Energized while mellow/stoney. Feels like I can sleep as well. Burned to a light grey ash.

  32. hutch89

    This bud is dark in colour but caked in crystals . The smell and taste are quite mild but the high is not.lol. definetly does the truck and I’m a seasoned smoker of 15 years everyday.

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