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THC Distillate (KleerX)

1 gram of THC Distillate for $40

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Product Description

1 gram of THC Distillate for $40

Distillate is the highest concentration of THC. It is a variable product than can be consumed by smoking or eating. KleerX takes pride in selecting the finest quality flower to refine into distillate. Their distillate undergoes a 7 step refinement process to ensure it meets our quality expectations, resulting in a clear gel that has a nicely thin viscosity like warm honey and is packed with flavour.

36 reviews for THC Distillate (KleerX)

  1. Sirach306

    Got the OGKush and Raw… I would order the OG again. The Raw wasn’t for me. It’s kinda runny, but not a big deal for me. I would try these products again at $40
    Thanks BM

  2. HolyHandGrenade

    Decently potent, but not quite as much as expected from a distillate. Very runny, and it tastes like the Febreeze equivalent of whatever the terpene profile is for that strain.

  3. Pufferz

    Honestly not bad, but not the greatest either. I mean for the price you’re paying it’s alright! but I found myself having to toke alot more to get high compared to “shhhh” distillates. The taste is pretty good, with no funny after taste either.

  4. margaret bruce

    My first time cooking with this, I made some caramel candies, saved a little bit, about enough for 4 nice pieces, I added the hole syringe of kleer x to mixture….I ate 2 to begin with and have 2 left, what an awesome body buzz, slept for like 18 hours, my poor fur babies,lol, they are fine…..I will be buying again…..Thanks BudMail

  5. Tokesbeforeblokes

    I order these every order because they are great. Love the OG Kush and GSC. Just ordered Zkittles for the first time so I look forward to trying that one. These smoke much better when kept in the fridge, otherwise I find them messy and sometimes product gets wasted

  6. Indicanadian

    High quality product at a nice price point – this time around I ordered Zkittles, tastes great and vapes very nicely, but mild in terms of strength compared to other strains from this brand. I would order it again.

  7. Hdollops

    Zkittles is super tasty! Would recommended in a vape, or on top of a bowl! Or orally! So good!………………………………………………….

  8. Froglady

    I tried the pineapple express, super lemon Haze and Clementine all good in terms of body and head buzz but I give 4 stars because the flavour was not there, for me pesonally in all 3 no fruity notes but I loved it just the same ☺

  9. Akua420

    I’m amazed at how orangey the clementine tastes. I have never had a distillate taste as much like it’s name as this one. Great high, amazing flavour. Runny enough that you don’t need to warm it up at all to get it in your vaping cartridge. This stuff is amazing!!

  10. Akua420

    I’m used to thicker oil so I wasn’t ready for it to be as runny as it was and ended up spilling a bunch. So be careful opening it! I got the orange cookie, I wasn’t crazy about the flavour of it but the high was good.

  11. Corcor

    Gelato – This distillate has that famous flavour..i started vaping on this flavour with the London Donovan line.. it’s magical and fantastic at first. But for a repeat flavour.. it might get annoying..lol great clouds I’m getting from it tho. In a cell..lowest voltage setting.. right now it’s super smooth. Unlike I’ve been reading. Might change by end of cart.. try it it’s super easy to work with. And if it’s on sale. Ur laffin

  12. TRwriter

    First time trying this brand, grabbed the Gelato. Tastier than I expected, almost sweet. Very smooth in my Pckt One Plus with no coughing. The oil itself was easy to handle in terms of transferring it into a cartridge. Potent too. No hesitation in ordering this again.

  13. FrankieCdn

    Potent, thin, likely excellent for a vape pen. Definitely a bit on the harsh side. Excellent packaging, both the box it comes in and the syringe are awesome. I wish it was made in a thicker version for hot knifing for old schoolers.

  14. Dirlewanger

    This stuff is potent, I used have to make my own vape juice the other half in various methods of smoking and ingesting. I got a small amount on my finger when it first arrived. I rubbed it between my gum and cheek.. very shorty after I was very high..like oh shit I shouldn’t have had that extra bite of the brownie high.. I like the taste as well, I will buy this product again.

  15. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    While this distillate is a little harsher than its’ competitors on BM, it is also the thinnest (which makes it the easiest to reload vape carts with) and comes in the best packaging, with their glass syringe.

  16. Nes

    Very good product – not quite as good as the secret garden distillate. Not overly thick so it’s easy to vape. That said it nice to pick out individual strains – I’ve tried most of them.

  17. Nigz

    First time trying distillate and I’m a fan. Girl Scout cookies strain I choose. It does not matter as it does actually taste like cloves the 2 reviews were spot on. (I’m not a fan of cloves)but this is potent concentrate. I have not coughed like a rookie for years lol I have a Juul it did work in it (somewhat ) but it leaks out on connectors too much which is funny because it’s thicker than pod juice anyway I have to say they have great packaging 👌🏼 And it comes in a glass syringe which I prefer over the usual ones that are actually for oral doses lol try it you won’t be disappointed I’m going to raid the fridge now peace ✌️ and ty budmail fam 😎🇨🇦

  18. MarcuS

    Tried many strains. Orange cookies and Train wreck real nice mild draw. Really easy to overdraw, causing big clouds. GSC was a bit rough on the draw but still, all got me where I wanted to be and some surprises.

  19. Selenium Sam

    This review is for Trainwreck. Decent flavour. Much like an earlier poster said, tastes like cloves. Fairly easy on throat through the Puma. VERY easy to over indulge however as it is potent. Would recommend.

  20. Selenium Sam

    This review is for Super Lemon Haze. Definitely a peppery-citrus flavor combined with a decently moderate throat on the middle setting on the Puma. Absolutely love the sativa effects. Fairly easy to moderate the high from mild to zippy….lol


    I bought 1 syringe of GSC to see if the quality was there, and I must say for the price you sure get your money’s worth. I found this worked wonders in joints, but its perfect for vaping. Thanks BM!


  22. Molten96

    This stuff is pure gold! It’s gooey and runny enough to smear into joints and is a real treat in a vape! I ordered the Orange Cookies and when the sap oozed out of the tube it bloomed with the sugary aroma of… you guessed it, ORANGES!

    A small drop of this would get you real high, real fast. The juicy flavour it packs is also a bonus. I had to buy more of it because this stuff is just too damn irresistible to pass up!

    Thanks BM for making this experience possible! 😁👍

  23. Ryanjdealwis

    Potent extract, but really feel like most distillates taste the same. Not a bad taste, just feel like it masks the flavour profile of each strain. Great bang for buck though, used it in vape pen, also supercharged a couple of joints, not really efficient, but took me to the moon.

  24. 4our2wenty

    I got the super lemon haze and it’s pretty decent. Easier to fill tanks, clear colour, lemony taste and makes good clouds. Potency is pretty good as well..overall im happy with this brand and wouldnt mind trying a different strain.

  25. BlazaFatty

    Bought the Super Lemon Haze. Vaping it at 6.9 watts on joyetech evic. Produces very nice clouds. The taste is lemony and spicy, the potency is def above average and sativa-leaning. The oil itself is much runnier than the Zen Medical.

    4/5… Its alright, but the Zen Medical brand seems to be cleaner and tastier for sure

  26. BlazaFatty

    Bought the Clementine flavour. Vaping it at 6.9 watts on joyetech evic. Produces very nice clouds. It has a subtle orangey taste and the effects are sativa leaning. The oil itself is much runnier than the Zen Medical.

    4/5… Its alright, but the Zen Medical brand seems to be cleaner and tastier for sure.

  27. BlazaFatty

    Bought the Orange Cookies. Vaping it at 6.9 watts on joyetech evic. Produces very nice clouds. The taste is alright, the potency is also alright. The oil itself is much runnier than the Zen Medical.

    4/5… Its alright, but the Zen Medical brand seems to be cleaner and tastier for sure

  28. cool

    Trainwreck tastes like cloves and is very potent. I have a high tolerance and after one hit of this in my vape I can feel it instantly. I recommend this for vapers with a tank/pod that can handle it, I’m using it in a JC01 pod and it works great and I get a nice full hit out of it.

  29. duke420pack

    Tried the GSC and Gelato. Both where good. Gelato was better. Taste is on point. Price point is ok. Work good in my Juul. Need more. Give me more. 👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Binks

    I ordered the gelato, GSC and og kush…. They all taste the same strange potpourri flavor. Seems to be good though and vapes well. A flavour with lots of limonene would be nice!

  31. BlazaFatty

    Bought the Girl Scout Cookies. 1st time buying a syringe as opposed to prefilled cartridges. Used hairdryer to heat up syringe and easily filled empty tank. The oil vapes smooth and delicious. Using a joyetech evic battery running between 5 and 7 watts. This oil is potent as u start to feel it after 2 puffs.

    5/5 on this product with a high chance of rebuy (gotta try the zen medical and Shhhh syringes first…. then will know which to consistently rebuy)

  32. Ferkle

    Just buy it already; Highly recommend! I ordered one syringe of Gelato, The smell and taste was just superb. Gelato smelt very sweet/floral and the taste was just out of this world. The taste was very citrusy and berry. I will definitely keep ordering KleerX distillate from now on. For the price and quality it really is worth it. The oil is very well made, it’s not watery or incredibly runny. Vaporizes beautifully. KleerX is on top in my charts for distillate. I will be ordering Girl Scout Cookies next week. Will post another review then.

  33. Bricky

    Tried the kleerx vape pens first and I love the product!! And now tried the refills and they the same excellent everybody should try out the kleerx vape pens I highly recommend it. Thanks bricky

  34. Major Happy

    Easy to fill cartridges with because of its consistency. High is alright, I would say a similar bang for your buck as the phyto stuff, with better appeal and more info. Tastes good and is clear! I would recommend buying these, I have tried all 3.

  35. Nbyll

    Fantastic distillate for a great price , recieved the GSC recently and it is quite nice , the flavour is great and the potency is there for sure it’s a runnier consistency. The packaging is some of the nicest I’ve seen for cannabis products. First time trying anything kleerx and I’m very impressed , got the ghost bubba kleerx budder too which was also amazing for a great price sold out before I could review it.

  36. Kg120

    This stuff is amazing! Very potent, clean and not too thick. Perfect for the vape pen or to dab on the rig. Heavy kush taste to it and effects hit you right away

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