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Distillate (Kootenay Labs) – THC


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Kootenay Labs Distillate

Distillate is nectar. It’s the magic that makes it all happen. You can dab it, you can vape it, or you can eat it. We put it in our gummies to make rocket ships or sweet dream submarines, and you can put it in your favourite recipe too.

We’re different from other cannabis companies.

We believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. We believe that through research and rigorous testing (getting high), we can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller and laughs harder.

Simply the best

We use the best flower for our extracts and the best extracts for our edibles.

We do this because we’re huge cannabis nerds. Our THC and CBD distillates are whole-spectrum, and we use 90% organic ingredients with biodegradable packaging.

Why? It’s the change we want to see in the world. We started as farmers and stoners and saw a way to make people’s lives better through our business

Our products

We produce the finest extracts and edibles on the market because we care so damn much. Our goal is simple: make lives better.

Whether you’re looking for medicine, a good night’s sleep, or just a really good time, we have a range of products to compliment your life.

Overall, we’re proud to carry Kootenay Labs on our edibles and concentrates menu!

19 reviews for Distillate (Kootenay Labs) – THC

  1. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought these because “Seven Star Distillates” were out of stock.
    I think the Seven Star is slightly better. (Perfectly clear, with measuring lines on the side of the tube)
    But for the price these are excellent! 10 years ago this would have cost WAY more!

    These Kootenay tubes all have a yellow hue. And Strong flavours. (Which could be considered a good thing) They do taste good! And they come in almost identical to seven star, nice glass tubes.

    Guava Dog: Sweet a bit fruity, thick (Had to heat the tube), yellow hue, almost like a light olive oil. A bit harsh, but didn’t tickle my throat as much as other distillates. Potent, but I can have another toke.
    Blue Dream: Thinner, no heat needed. A danker/earthy but still sweet taste. A clearer hue, but not perfectly clear. Slightest bit of yellow. Great taste, if you’re into earthy/dank strains.
    Grand Daddy Purple: Same hue as Blue Dream. Thicker, needed heating. Tasted a bit of spice/diesel, with sour undertones. Pretty smooth! Interesting taste… It’s cannabis-y.
    Grape Fruit Hashplant: Same hue as Guava Dog. Slightly thicker than Blue Dream. No heat needed. Wow! Tastes like sour grapefruit! But natural terpenes… This is the best flavour to me. And has quite the throat tickle.

    I would buy these again, they have little graphs on the package. Showing the intensity of flavour profiles. (Dank,Sour,Sweet,Spicy)
    But they are a weaker distillate… I had 4 rice sized dabs and I’m going to have another.
    A similar potency to DarkSide Honey Oil, from my experience. A totally different product!

  2. Dickster (verified owner)

    I use them to refill my cartridges. Great flavours and lots of choices . I usually grab two or three and mix them . Always a great buzz with only a few hits !!

  3. KRONIKA (verified owner)

    I have tried four of these so far; Russian creme, grape, banana kush and biscotti. They are extremely flavorful and give a great high with minimal amount. I found the Russian Creme tasted like cupcakes which was such a suprise on how delicious it was. I use this on the dab rig solo, or to add some powerful flavour to supercharge joints. Great product and I will eventually try them all.

  4. Say say (verified owner)

    Tried 4:
    Sunset sherbert
    Swazi star
    Would re order the first 2.The grape was flavorful and strong indica as advertised.GSC has a nice body buzz/strong good for day or night.Sherbert was ok kinda harsh and the swazi star was light and mellow.

  5. PEI Guy (verified owner)

    I tried the skywalker, grape and blue dream, they were all great! Awesome flavour and great high! Grape was definitely the best flavour, but the skywalker had the best relaxing high.

  6. Vapeguru (verified owner)

    This distillate is really good and has proper added terpenes. I have purchased different distillates from different places and this one it great and gives you the best bang for the buck. Works amazing in AVD and CCELL.

  7. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I grabbed the Skywalker, awesome tasting and awesome buzz especially for the price. A very nice mellow buzz that suits any time of day! Clear and beautiful, and tastes divine, BM exceeded my expectations with this one!

  8. lovecannabis (verified owner)

    First time trying this distillate – 5/5 stars! Got the Blue Dream. Unreal taste, smooth, perfect euphoric high and zero anxiety. Highly recommend. Immediately ordered more today, also trying their honey oil & know it will be just as good.

  9. a6p (verified owner)

    Quickly went from an unknown to my favourite dabbing product. Very tasty, and I was excitedly surprised at how stoned it got me (frequent smoker trying to transition into vaping, here). Probably the most cost-effective distillate I’ve seen on the market, but I wonder what its THC % is considering they must have reintroduced terpenes to give it its taste. I look forward to trying out many more flavours in the near-future. My favourite so far is Mango.

  10. kk slider (verified owner)

    Amazing, especially for the price.

    The flavour was really good (lemon lime) and I vapes and ate it and it worked great. I preferred it considerably as an edible, and it was very strong. I have a decently high tolerance, daily smoker multiple times per day, and a quarter of a gram knocked me out for the night, as in have to go bed early. I have not been able to get that high in a long, long time. Will be repurchasing.

  11. Marys.jm (verified owner)

    Super tasty product, I’ve tried 4 of the sativas and will probably try the rest eventually too. The strawberry is hands down the best, definitely snag one of those if you have a chance because it is delicious. Second favourite thus far is the Mary Blueberry Cobbler, also very flavourful and smooth. The sunset sherbet was ok, would probably try another flavour before ordering again. The banana kind of reminded me of pine sol smell, not a big fan of that one for the flavour but the high itself it always consistent and hits hard. All in all a really nice product, I’ll definitely try more soon.

  12. Hash1st (verified owner)

    First time trying this product and i’m not deceived! Love those glass seringes!
    This is a great product and the taste is excellent, also, the bang is very intense, easy to work with if you heat the seringe in your hands for a few minutes…
    I will definately buy this product again!

  13. Cyberstace (verified owner)

    Got this on sale and i love it. really nice taste and buzz for the price. Can’t go wrong here . I spread it on a paper and wrap it around a big fat one. eating it is awesome too.

  14. RancorDaBs (verified owner)

    Great product. Convenient packaging great for a rig. Great purple flavor , and high for the price point. Have already ordered again. must have, Good job Kooteany LaBs!

  15. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    i had grabbed the girl scout cookies for the body effect high wasnt too over powering but that could be cuz im a big pothead and need to take a break lol overall would buy again

  16. jmdyo (verified owner)

    found the russian creme too sweet. hoping the honey oil and the granddaddy purp taste more like the good oro and others. ill rerate after i try the gdp and honey

  17. Beans (verified owner)

    Very nice works well anyway you use it. Personally I like to coat the inside of my joints. Got the grand daddy purple very nice taste very nice packaging.

  18. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    really nice product bang for your buck. Nice clean taste and it comes in a very convenient packaging. Easy to use and very clean, many good flavors to chose from. recommend!

  19. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I am glad I nabbed four of these in total in two separate orders. I got Russian Cream, Mango, Biscotti and Skywalker. I have to say Russian Cream was extremely flavourful and powerful with its effects. I only had a dab of it in my rig and it hit me instantly. I was taken aback not only by its effects and flavours, but how much vapour it produced. The Mango, I gave away, but I am almost certain it would have been just as great in the flavour department, because Biscotti was another one the hit the taste buds and the senses with a thwack! Biscotti actually tasted like one, it goes so well with coffee and I can’t get enough of it. Skywalker is another delicious treat, one that I thoroughly enjoyed for its mellow indica effects. Overall, I love this stuff by Kootenay Labs and I hope they appear on the menu again soon. Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

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