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Liquid Shots (Flyte) – JetPack

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Go-anywhere convenience. Go anytime price.

About the size of a credit card and 2mm thick, JetPack(TM) snap-packs are discreet and convenient single-dose THC and CBD products for people on the go. Bending the package completely in half cracks open a small hole that releases the contents into a favourite hot or cool beverage.

Made with natural flavours, natural sweeteners and premium ingredients, add 10ml JetPackTM 30mg THC or 20mg CBD liquid shots to 250ml hot or cool beverages for a discreet medicating experience.

Available in Frosted Grape (20 mg of CBD) or Orange Float (30 mg of THC).

13 reviews for Liquid Shots (Flyte) – JetPack

  1. haldir6480

    The THC jetpack packed a punch for me, totally worth the price and easy to use. I tried the CBD version to test out using CBD while on other high THC products to see if it would mellow out the experience and prevent anxiety. It totally worked for me! taking one of the CBD jetpacks before consuming a high THC homemade edible stopped the anxiety and made the experience much more enjoyable. I will totally order some more CBD jetpacks in the future.

  2. Rawbeigh

    Great value on these guys. Mixed into about 2-3 OZ of water and definitely was a “shot” of THC. The Orange had a familiar corner store candy taste that I really enjoyed. Easy add to any order. Bottoms up!

  3. SharpieB

    These can’t be beat for the price and ease of discrete use. The packaging looks like just another concentrate that many add to water bottles for taste, nutrition, etc.

    I am generally a lightweight and may use up to 40mg (generally 10-20mg) throughout the entire day when I take edibles, but a THC JetPack is more than enough for me. Great long lasting buzz for only $6. I expected the orange to be gross and it isn’t bad at all. The taste is surprisingly good!

    Great add on when ordering from Budmail.

  4. Complicated1316

    I took a risk and purchased both the THC and CBD. I tried the THC and wasn’t sure what would happen. (I am an experienced user). It WAS EXACTLY what I was looking for. I wanted to feel calm and relaxed and not be knocked out of my rocker or feel anxious. After mixing it with water, it was gradual high. I thoroughly enjoyed the effects — I could function but experience a nice and relaxed high. Love the cost and will most definitely be adding these again to my next order!!!!

  5. Burst

    Honestly wasn’t expecting much out of these but boy do they pack a punch lol awesome high will be buying again 100% was defiantly worth the 6$ for sure

  6. Blas Ted

    Kicks in quick, 20-30 minutes you start feeling it. Not to weak and not to strong. It’s a decent price for 6 bucks. I will be ordering this again for sure.

  7. haldir6480

    works and tastes great. i found the 30mg thc one to be the perfect dose, not too strong but not unnoticeable like some other edibles. the effects lasted around 3 hours for me. a great product for $6. will totally buy again, thanks budmail!

  8. Mcfluffster

    Did not expect this to work as well as it did. other products with this potency of CBD had no effect on me but with this I actually felt the pain relief within 30min and it lasted the work day, not sure if it was ftom the lack of pain but i was also quite happy and energetic. Personally not a fan of grapes but it still tastes decent. I’d buy a daily arsenal of these if there was some bulk discount.

  9. Anonymous

    I was sceptical that one dose would be enough for me, as I’ve had other edibles which didn’t even affect me in the same doses, but WOW was I wrong! I wasn’t super couch locked and the buzz wasn’t as intense as other edibles but it was noticeable and pleasant. In fact I would even go as far as saying it was the perfect amount! Will definitely be buying more of these. Flavor was good as well.

  10. goodstuff

    taste good. Not entirely sure of the effectiveness. Very discreet however and easy to use. They also taste delicious. Worth trying to see how they work for you.

  11. Fitness Instructor

    I have tried the CBD JetPacks twice & was satisfied with the results both times! The dose took the edge off my arthritic pain, just enough so that I could teach my morning fitness class without hurting. I didn’t have time to mix, just squirted onto my tongue, & it actually tasted good!

  12. haldir6480

    These beverage gel packs are awesome. They’re the size of a credit card and can be stored in your wallet! They taste alright and the buzz is mild and long lasting. Both the THC and CBD versions are excellent. I will definitely try these again.

  13. BettyJane

    These surprised me. I drank it after putting it in water, the taste was much better than I expected. The buzz started about 10 minutes after I drank it, surprised the heck outta me. I’ll totally be buying more, for the price they’re definitely a big win. I give it a perfect score of 5/7.

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