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Lucky Lime

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

Lab tested at 24.3% THC and over 6mg of Myrcene

Lucky Lime is a balanced hybrid strain with an unknown lineage. Grown artfully with some wonderful bag appeal, the buds display a meticulous trim and cure. These buds also display a mosaic of forest and lime greens amidst ashy purples. The nose is fruity and effervescent with a citrusy lime/berry bouquet. The effects are balanced and euphoric with a happy blend of uplift and calming buzz. A jack-of-all-trades type of versatility, this strain is suitable for just about any occasion.

Flavours: Lime, Citrus, Berry, Pine, Earthy
Effects: Cerebral, Happy, Uplifted, Calming, Buzzy, Mellow
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress

33 reviews for Lucky Lime

  1. Transporter

    I would definitely recommend this strain. Was super nice. Smelled great and burned even better. I should of bought more then just 1 gram. Ships fast. Thanks.

  2. RkTheRuggedMan

    What beautiful nugs. Taste and look is on point as is the buzz. After a decent vap session @ 300f I felt a very cerebral high, lots of energy, uplifting the buzz you are looking for from a solid sativa. No edge or paranoia with this buzx

  3. JT

    Buds were absolutely beautiful; taste and smell were also on point. Hits quite strongly, and mixes well with other strains. Would recommend for long nights of gaming and/or movie watching, as the buzz is quite uplifting and relaxing.

  4. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    While i’m Not sold that this gorgeous Bud is overly ‘Limey’, it is incredibly smooth and potent. The bag appeal is height, and you will be too. This is a very pleasant strain.

  5. Highlander

    I really liked this strain. Such beautiful buds, it would grind up perfectly. Had an excellent subtle earth / lime smell and taste.

    Got some on sale, worth every penny!

  6. Nigz

    Looks exactly like the pic. At first glance good bag appeal 👍 first sniff I kinda got a lime/lemon zest smell very faint though(only a gram though)Upon breaking the nug open you get a rush of skunkyness that is not off putting at all 👌🏼The reason I gave one less star is that the taste doesn’t come through like it smells if you understand what I mean 🤔lol I would pick this up again I prefer it over this batch of the gelato. Nice for wake and bake ✌️ As you won’t go back to sleep with this lol ty once again budmail fam 👍😎🇨🇦

  7. Magicactus

    Just came in today. Looks exactly like the picture. Smells wonderfully of soft lime, especially once broken up. A few days in the jar should wake the scent right up though. First rolled a joint and wonderfully smooth to the point that I didn’t cough once through it at all. You can definitely taste the Lime and once I had a bowl in the bong boy does the lime hit you. That made me cough. The high started coming on half way through the joint and was wonderfully uplifting… no racy anxiety, just mello, uplifted, and well focused as I am writing this here. This batch reminds me so much of Super Silver Haze offered here back in June of 2018… everything from the way it looks through its potency and flavor.. keep it coming Budmail.

  8. Baldy

    Ordered a larger amount this time and again OMG. The buds look absolutely phenomenal. Beautifully manicured. The smell is one of a kind, I store in a jar and catch myself opening just for a sniff. Smoke is da bomb. Budmail PLEASE keep this in stock at all times if possible lol.

  9. Towelie

    great effects. joint burns white, however no taste comes through in a joint. The bud smells chemmy like a chemdawg or aliendawg, I didnt get any citrus notes unfortunately.

    Very nice weed overall and looks just liike the picture, I think the name is misleading though

  10. Blaze4Daze

    Really liked this stuff. I found it to be a nice heavy hitter. The only thing i didn’t like about it was the fact that it’s labelled as a sativa but it had more of an indica affect on me.

  11. snackin

    I LOVE THIS STRAIN SO MUCH! Burns clean and it is perfect for chronic smokers. It really helps me unwind after a hard day at work as the buzz is very mellow. The bud is absolutely gorgeous up close- the purples and different shades of green make it truly outstanding! I ordered this thinking it wouldnt be here before I ran out but they shipped it within hours! I love this service and will definitely be coming back!

  12. Deaner912

    Smoked this strain a few times now. Nice citrus smell and excellent looking buds. High is not overwhelming and an excellent choice for smoking during the day. Will buy again

  13. vanzolini

    not too bad… nothing special .
    Light smell and taste , there is a tiny hint of lime to the smell..
    buds were dense and sticky..
    effect was very light.

  14. Soo

    Deliscious! It has a nice fruity taste and a fine Sativa buzz. I am a chronic weed smoker and this is one strain that I feel instantly. Half a joint is plenty! Love it!!💚

  15. Canada Man

    2nd time getting this…the trim is amazing. A potent sativa!! Very smooth smoke, i will want to keep this stocked up year round! Worth trying a larger bag to get some large nugs.

  16. [email protected]

    Loved this mellow feeling and uplifted my spirits. Got super high off such a small amount which is good because it will last longer. Great for a lazy weekend


    Pretty good and I enjoyed it aside from it knocking me out for a nap lol
    Smells good, the bud has a limey, citrus aroma to it. Smoking it is like smoking a fruit bowl almost. If it’s ever here when I make a next order I will probably buy it again if my favs are out of stock.

  18. Jemz

    Nice orange hairs and wide spread crystal. Right out of the bag the smell is pungent almost skunky, earthy with a little hint of citrus. Breaking the buds apart they have a wonderful light texture hiding even more orange hairs doesn’t fluff or get extra volume once busted. Smooth flavour subtle flavour on the inhale almost refreshing and sharp on the exhale will make you cough. The high seems a little slow to roll out and is just as subtle as the flavour. But good if youre a beginner, have things to get done and can’t be couchlocked for hours. Middle of the pack for two intense smokers

  19. Natezey

    I liked it but didn’t quite love it. The smell and taste were wonderful and reminded me
    Of smoking in my youth. The high was alright but left me wanting more

  20. Baldy

    Beautiful looking buds. Just got an 1/8 to try it….. Big mistake, get more. You will love it trust me. The smell when you open the bags will blow your mind.

  21. Bud Good

    A 60\40 type hybrid with a well balanced high that isn’t too in your face, but remains enjoyable yet intriguing and flavors of similar quality. The buds carry a more remarkable essence to them, highlighted by a subtle lime fragrance that still lingers in my jar even weeks after emptying. A supplementary curiosity worthy of a try or as a 2nd choice.

  22. Canada Man

    Beautiful trim, smells great, the high is not to strong but does the trick! Very smooth smoke and will want to get a larger amount to have all summer!

  23. hutch89

    Very unique smell and taste in this one. I enjoyed it though. I would order it again too. Good daytime strain that is not overpowering and still fuctionable.

  24. sanx-bile

    Out of the seven items purchased this was the one I was excited to try. Giant bulbous flowers with bright orange hairs. Contrasts the bright green beautifully. Upon first open you’re greeted with a sweet lime smell that doesn’t disappoint. The buzz is uplifting and great a great midday smoke.

  25. michaelafaye

    I was smoking more kief than usual before getting this so the first bowl of strictly this strain was amazing!! Really soft and pretty when ground up. I could smoke it all day. So smooth, I was even smoking this without a down stem in my bong (left it in a friend’s car) for a bit and it was still so smooth! The smell is also great.

  26. kushkingston

    For me this is the perfect sativa. I am a huge fan of this.
    dark frosty buds with hues of purple, has a funky & juicy smell and hits really nice when smoked! effects are similar to Blue Dream but i gotta be honest I like this stuff much more!

  27. AP2000

    A solid daytime or any time deal. It’s got a pungent nose to it. Hit’s the spot with a solid cerebral effect and a slight physical chill too. I’m not sure I get any lime in the nose or taste though, but I’ve yet to enjoy any strain that ‘actually’ tastes like lime, so take that for what it is.

  28. B.Rak

    Wow !! What a smell on this one !! Just opened the bag and it’s got a pungent aroma ! It’s got lots of orange furry hairs and I received nice big chunks of bud 🙂

  29. SourCreamCreamy

    I would say that this is a very nice and easy sativa. I mainly use it during the day and it’s very smooth traveling through my vape. I’m feeling good and ready for some tasks.

  30. SmokeAnothaOne

    Upon opening, the smell of dank and berries filled the room. Nice hue of purple and lots of hairs. Nothing mind-blowing, but it gets the job done and is enjoyable nonetheless. This strain would be perfect to smoke after a rough day at the office. I recommend it!

  31. TotalledGerm7

    This bud has some strong stank, punched me in the face as soon as I opened the package. Really nice looking buds too, darker green just like the pictures and delivers a nice mellow buzz. Would buy again

  32. snicklefritz

    Wasnt overly impressed at first but after some time in a jar the buds look great. This bud really delivers on smell and taste very lime like in both aspects. Giving it 5 stars, definitely worth a try

  33. gogetyourshinebox

    Pretty decent sativa….I like this strain and the description is absolutely correct- this is truly a jack of all trades strain. Not strong enough for me but it’s an all around chill buzz that’s very mellow and productive. Give it a try!

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