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Grinder (MedTainer)


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The Medtainer is the VERY FIRST patented air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with a built in grinder. Developed with the needs and wants of the everyday consumer in mind. From its medical and recreational uses, to even your home uses, the Medtainer is the perfect container/grinder for all your needs.


  • Measures approx 3.5″ tall
  • Air Tight
  • Water Tight
  • Smell Proof
  • All in one Storage and Grinder

* One MedX two-way humidity control pack included with each MedTainer!

11 reviews for Grinder (MedTainer)

  1. Fugen

    What a great little gadget!! Ordered the bright green one; first thing I noticed how solid it was. The grinder works well and its the perfect size too!

  2. Toronto420

    Love it. It’s smaller than I thought but it does the job well. Make sure you add the little boveda pack that comes w it otherwise your buds will dry out quickly.

  3. Stableboy420

    What a neat addition to the parf kit. I was impressed by how well it grinds, and there is plenty of room in the container for your day. Shout out to Johnny Barfelo, sorry it took me this long to get one of these!

  4. chewyrails

    Good grinder and container for your flower and some accessories. Good value product. Sturdy plastic, easy to open, close, and use. A great item for your own use, but also great as a gift for tokers, given the price and usability/practicality.

  5. haldir6480

    The medtainer works great for me. It’s a convenient way to carry around bud and have a grinder on hand whenever you need it. You can fit a pack of rolling papers and micro bic lighter in it for an on-the-go toking kit. It also stops the smell quite well. I highly recommend getting one.

  6. Sandilicious

    This is a handy little container. The grinder works well and it can hold quite a bit of bud at a time. No smell when I had it in an enclosed space. Really awesome tool for $12, thanks again BM 🙂

  7. Remps

    Decent little container, handy having the built in grinder as well, excellent if you’re travelling. Only downfall is it could stand to be a bit more sturdy.

  8. Guitarded1

    Hey this works well, finally got a chance to use it with some bud I acquired here, did the trick and was happy with the results. Hey this won’t hurt the wallet and it is very functional. Suits my purposes.

  9. Mick

    Love this product! Although i thought it would have the med-tainer logo on the front of the container like in the pic its still a good value for the cost.

  10. Phil

    When i first got it i was a little disappointing as it wasn’t as thick of plastic as i was hoping for. After using the product though i am very happy.
    It ground the bud i got from here with ease and you can easily dump it from grinder portion to storage portion.
    the lid locks on tight and secure. i had it in a fanny pack all day walking around toronto and had no issues.
    would recommend for a great travel grinder.

  11. Goldpony

    Grinds my buds perfectly! For the price point this is probably the best grinder out there. Also comes with a humidity pack! Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

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