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Mike Tyson


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Mike Tyson
Price:   $240.00
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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is bred from OG Kush genetics and is renowned for its walloping power. Grown with care while cured sticky-fresh and optimally. Deep forest greens accentuate nicely over bright orange pistils and frosted mountainous kushy peaks. Dank and gassy to the nose with an earthy and woodsy undertone. Flavourful and robust in a joint where it burns to a light fluffy ash and leaves a grease ring throughout.

Powerful immediacy and hard-hitting behind the face, though the effects are centred in the body with a deep calming sedation. Keep your hands up! This one might clip you on the button if you’re not careful.

Flavours: Earthy, Fuel
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Relaxed

Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress

37 reviews for Mike Tyson

  1. Shamz (verified owner)

    This is extremely good Indica,aptly named as it does knock you to start with and the flavor is great as well in the vape,classic indica taste……….

  2. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    I’d say it’s fairly good smoke but not the most potent. Probably need a good 1 gram or so for solid effects which I would say are pretty plain indica. It smells decent and looks decent but taste is okay. A humidity pack or two can bring it back if dry, which it likely will be unless batch has been re-upped. Might try it again some day.

  3. Cdawg420 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this flower. Great taste great smell great buzz. It was a really great strain. I will definitely be ordering again in the near future

  4. Say say (verified owner)

    Was expecting a little more to be honest the name perhaps over sells it. Looked nice,darker than the pictures.Had a bit of a musty dank and taste. AA maybe

  5. Joesgrows8 (verified owner)

    This one checked all the boxes. Looks and smells fantastic and damn, this one has a kick. Great for night time, I had the best sleep after a joint of this.

  6. Vaga (verified owner)

    I love the earthy fuely taste of this!
    The buds are pretty nice too, dense and crystaly. Well cured, not too dry. Smokes well, very smooth.
    Good value for the price.

  7. Sherms (verified owner)

    First time BudMail user and i will forsure be returning! Just as described.. very nice bud! I got the 10g Sample Pack and this was one of my faves forsure!

  8. Clyde (verified owner)

    Hit like a truck but don’t knock. Nice medium size dense bud. Hard not to smoke it all day your mind stay clear and each hit is just a blast. Normal price tag is one of the down side but worth every penny at around 200$/oz.

  9. crbcrowes420 (verified owner)

    Holy wheelchair weed! Definitely do not consume if you have plans to do anything but sleep or melt into the couch. My only critique, taste was a harsh and scratched the back of my throat. Other than that, perfect evening weed. Slept like 7 hours straight.

  10. Renardz (verified owner)

    Definitely a good strain, but also have had better on budmail. I would definitely buy again if on sale. Started to lack potency towards the end of the bag.

  11. Sal98 (verified owner)

    Great bud! Very strong taste and smell of kush. I’m very picky about my bud and this stuff doesn’t disappoint at all. Very nice indica, everyone I’ve shown is impressed.

  12. KRONIKA (verified owner)

    Recieved a sample of this in an order. It was great ! Enjoyed it so much, had to order it, the high is potent and is a really nice evening couch weed . I am a very seasoned smoker and it does the trick. Definitely like its name sake and gives a good knock out! Would recommend 10000%

  13. Dez (verified owner)

    This is a great strain love the name also the great smoke will order more in the future highly recommended to everyone so don’t miss out thanks bud mail

  14. goldleaf (verified owner)

    Beautiful spongy, dense buds full of drippy crystals! Great, relaxing high and smooth to roll with. Love it for the night time chill and a great for a solid at home buzz

  15. Mrniceguy (verified owner)

    Tyson still has it and his strain is just as legendary! This stuff is awesome ! I am a huge indica lover and this is what I need and love! Helps me pass the f out! On the reorder list for sure!

  16. Curtis (verified owner)

    I was really enjoying this smoke until I misplaced the last 2g of it and didn’t finish it, I have still no idea where it is, I just accepted the fate that it might have been consumed by someone else accidentally. When I did have it though, it was a very pungent smoke, with licorice tones and earthy/ herbal flavour to it. This is a good strain for the indica lovers out there, highly recommended!

  17. Steve-o (verified owner)

    This bud earns its name with the near insanity of its potency. In the couch they say, baby I was the couch after sampling this fine product. bought a q and its nearly finished!

  18. Fatty (verified owner)

    This strain is one of my favourites for evenings or if you just want to get straight up stoned. Smells gassy and hits hard on the inhale but decently smooth on the exhale. Super trichome covered and tight nugs. Don’t sleep on this strain and get your hands on some of you are a fan of indica and strong knockout highs!

  19. Bruh (verified owner)

    Very potent high, nice smooth taste. Highly recommend that you take it slowly with this product if you are a beginner.
    Nice smell to it and a nice even burn

  20. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Would it be too much to say this packs a punch!? I got a small amount to sample and I immediately wish I had ordered more. Dank, heavy and a great night time smoke.

  21. Aliceanne (verified owner)

    Great nighttime strain to help mellow you out and relax for sleep. Has a pungent musty smell when you open the bag and smokes quite nicely. Would order again.

  22. Newfnlander (verified owner)

    customer service was very great!!!! My batch was funky still strong but smell and taste wasnt normal for MT. Got great help with my issue thanks to CS

  23. BornToHula (verified owner)

    This strain was pretty good but I thought it was a little too dry. Was expecting more of a heavy hitter due to the name. Solid AAA strain IMO.
    Thanks BM!

  24. Johnnysmurf (verified owner)

    Nice mellow bud, smells fresh when busted, soft grassy smell. Effect sends you to the couch. Not big on the name, would have preferred Mohammad Ali. Peace.

  25. Sharkeatsgirl (verified owner)

    Great indica for the evenings, has a mildly skunky dank flavour. Immediate head high and then I slowly melt into the bed and drift off to sleep. Definitely a heavy hitter.

  26. Nathan (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Not overwhelming but welcomed with exceptional enthusiasm. I wasnt able to find the gassy smell. Its worth the extra clams compared to AAA strains that are nearlly as expensive

  27. Lotto (verified owner)

    Straight fire.
    Thanks BM. If I had the $$ I would rebuy right now.
    I dunno if its mike tyson or buster douglass, but ouch man, i’ve been hit. uppercut style.
    Heavy on the medicine 🙂

  28. Ashley (verified owner)

    Just like the legend himself this will knock you out. A great night time buzz to completely relax you and put you into a great sleep. Nice looking buds and a very smooth smoke.

  29. junior666 (verified owner)

    Dank indeed, I got some fruity smells in there too. Smoked real nice, super dank and piney on the exhale. Didn’t come on too strong but about 10 minutes in and after a couple more tokes the left and right hit me on either side of the face. Slack jawed and melty down into the arms, like waking up from a KO nap.
    Anyone with a low tolerance is going to have some fun with this one.

  30. Rettez (verified owner)

    A quality OG… Slaps you in the face mid joint like a good OG should. Highly recommended if you’re an indica lover AND have a decent tolerance. Beginners should work there way up to this one.

  31. Hemi204 (verified owner)

    This stuff is top notch. I have a very, VERY high tolerance and require a good indica…and this one does it for me. Wish I ordered more. This is one to definitely try out I highly recommend!

  32. ssass1981 (verified owner)

    A left hook, a right hook. This stuff hits you hard. What a powerful high. Love the smell of that kush that comes out of it. Im rocked after a nice joint at night. Love the strain and I want to order more immediately!! Thanks Budmail!!!

  33. Penguins (verified owner)

    Very musty smell almost like dirty B.O. and tastes like OG kush.. very very strong though as they had mentioned in the description! Thanks budmail!!!!

  34. CheeeZ (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain. At first look, nothing special, buds not that tight but it give a really nice high. Was thinking it would be a bit more potent and be knocked on my couch but no! Still really good smoke and nice high. Thanks BM

  35. Killsitch (verified owner)

    Tyson is the right name for this bud. Visuals are not amazing and the flavour is of an OG style terp profile, not inthe best way tbh. Having said that when it hits you in the face you’ll be impressed!

  36. Satchmo (verified owner)

    This is a good night strain. Like put you out for the count. I’m a pretty heavy smoker and I finished about half a joint before tapping out. Gassy and kushy. White ash.

  37. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    You guys really weren’t kidding on the potency. Mike Tyson is a name to match. Has a light but pleasant smell and a definite heavy hitter. If you’re looking for one of the more potent strains this is it

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