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Cookies (Mota) – Milk Chocolate Oreos


200 MG THC + 20 MG CBD

2 Cookies Per Pack

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200mg THC + 20mg CBD

What’s better than classic Oreo cookies? How about Oreo cookies dipped in medicated milk chocolate?! These Oreos are perfect for movie nights at home. Add some to a bowl of ice cream for an out of this world sundae treat. Whatever you choose, these are a delicious new addition to our edible lineup.

2 per pack

Ingredients: oreo cookies, sugar, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, whey protein, wholemilk powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavour, cannabis

5 reviews for Cookies (Mota) – Milk Chocolate Oreos

  1. 6ight

    Would recommend these! Potent and good high – although personally I like the milk chocolate as oppose to white chocolate, it did the trick still :)!!!

  2. Rnjmomkapu

    This cookie packs a punch. The effect takes a while, so I find 1/4 to 1/3 cookie is plenty. Made the mistake of eating 3/4 of the first cookie. I’ve never been so high in my life!

  3. Chad420

    Ordered one to try it out, and now here I am 3 days later ordering 6 more packs. I love Oreos and I love the relaxing feeling afterwards.

    Eat the full cookie if you really want to feel the full effect, but to somebody with a lower tolerance I would recommend starting with half an Oreo (however good luck splitting or leaving half of an Oreo)

  4. B.Rak

    I ate a whole cookie and the high was mild but lasted 3 hours, which was pleasant at an outdoors event. No burn out and the taste was good, but I’m giving 3 stars because I thought with the high number of thc that I’d be more high than I was. Might buy again, fair price.

  5. jlg

    Tried these on 420. Because the THC level is so high, I started with a quarter of a cookie. Ended up eating half. They taste pretty good. The high took a while to kick in for me but it was worth the wait. Gave a really great body high… Very tingly.

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