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Tincture (Miss Envy) – THC


500mg Tincture for $45

1000mg Tincture for $80

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Potent relief without the puffMiss Envy’s line of solvent-free infused oil tinctures offers a clean infusion, in an easy to absorb fashion. Using an MCT base, for natural bioavailability, our tinctures provide positive effects to the metabolism, while carrying the relief of clean Cannabis extractions into the system.

Easy to take as an additive, or sublingually: the child-resistant dropper also offers clean and clear dispensing, with less chance of spill and clearly marked points along the pipette.

25 reviews for Tincture (Miss Envy) – THC

  1. Campy

    I placed a full dropper underneath my tongue and felt the effects about 45 mins later. My high was sustained for about 2-3 hours. It is a bit expensive so I have it 4 out of 5. This is the perfect dose prior to enjoying an afternoon at the beach or relaxing in a park!

  2. Kief

    Great for when you need to take a smoke break. Gets you nicely stoned if you get your dosage right. Taking with food helps greatly increase the effects.

  3. Shorty

    Sooo I bought this thinking it would be great, I’m not a fan of oil at all, this stuff packs a punch when you get the right dosage. But on the other hand it’s pricey and not much in there for what you get.

  4. funkbreaks

    Definitely packs a punch. I started a diet and wanted to have the feeling of edible without a brownie or cookie. This worked great being added to a coffee or straight under the tongue.

  5. Shelby

    I found this oil good i use about a dropper full 1mL and smoke on top of it and the effects are nice little body high . Little to no taste but a little pricey

  6. Killsitch

    If your new or a light weight hold on! Womt take much to get ya going and the effects are great. Myself am a seasoned user and could use up to two droppers but without a heavy burn out my lighter using friends complained of feeling unlike themselves until the next day lol.

  7. dee.p

    awsome stuff! usually have 2 full mg of the 1000mg tincture wicked stuff. not much a flavor which is a bonus. grape seed oil is horrible where as the mct oil has next to no taste. i would definitely recommend

  8. dudeman

    absorbs super quick, Low taste. Make anything you want too. It’s also easier to dial in your dosage a little at a time. i got the 500mg bottle kind of pricey compared to others on the market but it’s a good option for those who don’t like a strong/oily taste or smoking.

  9. dudeman

    absorbs super quick, Low taste and high potency. Make anything you want into an edible instantly too. It’s also easier to dial in your dosage a little at a time, which is great. i got the 500mg bottle kind of pricey compared to others on the market but it’s a good option for those who don’t like a strong/oily taste or smoking.

  10. J

    Very light taste compared to some of the others, decent effect, if taste or lack there of is a high priority you’ll find the price worthwhile. Found it great for before bed.

  11. NAD

    I’ve gotten this over five times (both 500 and 1000mg) and product is consistent. I’m light weight, hubby is a novice user. This product works well for both of us once we figured out the dose that works for us- which didn’t take long.

  12. Squeakyduck

    My usual tincture was out of stock so gave this a try. This wasn’t bad, not as strong as what I normally use. But still helped me somewhat to get to sleep. Could be a little more bang for your buck but it works

  13. Purple unicorn

    I was super excited to try a THC tincture. I smoke everyday so I figured I’d be totally fine with half a ml, two hours later nothing so I took another half ml hour later still nothing then took 1ml and and hour later after two drinks felt a buzz. The next time I took 1ml took about 2 hrs then I was hi for hours. But then the next time I took 1ml nothing! So it seemed to be a hit or miss for myself. But when I did get high it was just like smoking a bong. But effects lasted longer and no burn out.

  14. trapgourd

    Low taste, no sugar, high potency. Make anything you want into an edible instantly. It’s also much easier to dial in your dosage a little at a time, which is great.

  15. Terence McKenna

    I personally find this stuff potent. I’m a heavy user and it will get me lit and I’ll sleep like the dead. Can be used for heavy sedation or a light glow. Recommended.

  16. Towelie

    love this stuff. works really well for sleeping and pairs nicely with their 1:1 thc cbd oil. comes with convenient doser and oil doesnt have much taste to it, very palatable, highly recommend

  17. :)

    Works really well. Especially great if you don’t like the smell or taste of just smoking weed. Can be taken as is or mixed with food or drink if you don’t like the taste.

  18. Aktez

    I am used to smoking so I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the tincture, definitely got a great nights sleep with no nightmares or tossing and turning. The amount an advid smoker takes to achieve an enjoyable feeling seems a lot for the price it is but there are no negative residual effects like smoking which is nice.

  19. Nicole

    Was a little skeptical buying this since most edible products dont do much for me but this was a surprisingly smooth and enjoyable high with no taste or oily residue left over ! Definitely going to buy again, probably 1000mg just to see if there’s a difference

  20. Phil

    I am quite the light weight toker and 1ml of the 500mg tincture is perfect for me.
    I cannot eat Thc candies anymore and the tincture works just as well as a simlar mg dose in candy.
    I highly recommend

  21. 5tokes

    Amazing product, very powerful ! Not recommended for first time users and light tokers, 1ml is enough to medicate you proper, add a joint to it and you be flying while lying on the floor.

  22. Kooly Kanobi

    This is one of my “go to’s” in combination with the Mota chocolate (600mg). I like to start my morning with three full droppers and two chocolate squares to feel sufficiently medicated until the late evening. I wouldn’t recommend those dosages for light users though lol.

  23. B.Rak

    Less than impressed I guess. I took 1ml & felt nothing. Another day 2mls, nothing. Another day 3mls, nothing. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, I did notice that I was in a better mood after but no “high” feelings in my opinion (1000mg)

  24. Marco

    Was not happy with results
    Could have prob took with the whole bottle . I had the 1000mg bottle so was expecting more I guess. At the price I paid thought it was going to be potent .

  25. mm

    absorbs super quick with almost no taste at all, definitely the best tincture i’ve tried (taste + potency wise — i got the 1000mg bottle). kind of pricey compared to others on the market but it’s a good option for those who don’t like a strong/oily taste.

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