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Green Balm (Mota)


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250 MG THC + 15 MG CBD

The recent discovery of cannabinoid receptors in human skin opened an exciting new chapter in annals of cannabis based treatments. Our Green Balm soothes with the finest ingredients including Organic Shea butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Essential Oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Lavender. Decarboxylated Cannabis releases activated THC and CBD to the skin. Developed for the treatment of Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Eczema and Dry Skin.

Muscle Pain | Nerve Pain | Arthritis | Eczema | Dry Skin | Migraines | Relaxing

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coco Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Decarboxylated Cannabis, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Bees Wax, Glycerine, Distilled Water, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Lavender, Optiphen Plus

Strength: 250mg THC, 15mg CBD or 500mg THC, 30mg CBD

Weight: 2oz Jar or 4oz

25 reviews for Green Balm (Mota)

  1. sbmfj

    Nice product. Was well packaged for the shipping, Nice smell and feel to the product. Purchased from my father who has knee issues and Parkinsons. Seems to help him a little although some days are better than others. Worth a shot.

  2. Rocky

    I buy this once every 2 months for myself and my uncle.. I highly recommend this cream if you have a lot of joint pain or any pain for that matter.. it’s definitely worth it…

  3. Nat

    This is the best balm I have ever use. I have MS and when I am in pain, this Mota balm soothes my pain. I rub it before bedtime and it helps me sleep. + it smells amazing. Great product.

  4. 250swb

    Bought this out of curiosity more than anything . Very surprised how well it works .
    2 other family members tried it and they were also surprised . Bought 4 more.

  5. gpwoyce

    Bought for a friend that has hip joint pain and after a week of using it getting good feedback from her. Next order will include one for my aches and pains.

  6. goodstuff

    We love this cream. Smells great. Soothes the muscles. My wife puts it on everything. I use it on my rounded shoulder pain and it really helps me sleep.


  7. Andy

    This is by far my wife’s favourite topical product she finds it way less greasy and the smell is absolutely better than most similar products and a small amount goes a long way!!

  8. EastCoast69

    This is awesome! I bought it for a sore ankle and muscles and have no complaints. I love the smell but more importantly it works. My wife used it on her sore neck and shoulders after a snowboarding crash and she has felt amazing! We don’t need to use a lot for effects! Works on chapped lips as well

  9. Shorty

    I bought this for my husband as he has chronic shoulder pain and so far I think it works
    Next I will have to try it and see if it helps with my shoulder pain as well

  10. GoanGreenleaf

    Second time ordering this cream. Super tingly, ordered it for my mom after her knee surgery. Great aromatherapy when you sniff it hard. I tried this on my elbows and joints and was super relaxed.
    Thanks Budmail for great selection.

  11. crbcrowes420

    This some good stuff for aches. I found it better than Voltaren on my knees and back but not as good for my shoulders – odd, I just use a bit of both. Like it better than opiates since I have funny adverse reactions to opiates. Frequent cannabis user but this really helps my arthritis — hence why I getting some more.
    BudMail is groovy!

  12. theblob

    I have arthritis in my big toes and i started using this balm a few days ago. I can already feel an improvement. I am a long time recreational cannabis user but this is the first time i tried a cannabis topical solution to help with pain. I think i’m going to buy some for my mom who suffers severe arthristis in all her joints. She’s been telling me numerous times she wanted to try since legalization.

  13. Mikey

    Great Product !

    Bought this for my Dad and another elderly lady to hopefully help with their arthritis. They both were happy to see improvement within a week or so of use, and great improvements using the product longer term. I believe they apply it once every morning consistently. Highly recommended !

  14. Andy

    My wife absolutely loves this for her arthritis!! Great stuff … her hip doesn’t ache when she sleeps… and she is currently on humira for her joint pain but this cream hits the spot

  15. thicchigga

    Second time buying this very soothing cream for burns, bug bites, chafing etc very effective against pain as long as you rub it in for 3-5 mins Great all round 🙂

  16. STBaggins

    I purchase this product for my Mom, who has arthritis and carpletunnel in both her hands. She says it helps them quite a bit. It is great the advancements made in the cannabis industry, to change the opinion of someone who disliked every drug to find comfort and acceptance of the benefits cannabis provides. I personally haven’t used the product, that is why the 4 out of 5 stars

  17. Thrashknar

    works pretty good on my aches and pains, the cream has a nice texture. The smell is intense, but in a good way. I just rub a little on where ever I’m sore and it helps

  18. SourCreamCreamy

    A very strong smell from this cream. The consistency of the cream is velvety and when applied it left a soothing feeling to my dry skin. There were no burning sensations or negative reactions that I usually experience from other creams.

  19. thicchigga

    Very nice on dry skin making it moisturized keeping dead skin off, also helped a few pimples clear up drying them in a few days, my skin is less red around the dry areas aswell 🙂

  20. lostintheclouds

    This was great, I like the smell but that may be personal preference. This was great for rubbing into areas that were tense or in a bit of pain for a bit of relief.

  21. talie420

    This cream is good for pain, my boyfriend has back pain and dry skin and it works wonders!! A really small amount goes a long way. I love the smell. Once again good product!!

  22. Jake28

    This cream is AMAZING!!!! I bought this for my knee injury/arthritis. I definitely love this product, yes it is glycerin based but it works great for anything below the skin. Example I have knee pain everyday 24/7, but if i put this cream on then knee is pain free for atleast 36 hours. I will 100% buy this again. Definitely worth it, a little goes a long way, just remember to continue rubbing it in for 2 minutes.

  23. 87kevin

    Good smell and consistency but leaves your skin a bit greasy. As for potency i find I have to use a bit more than I’d like but if massaged into a specific muscle it works well. Provides good pain and inflammation relief and a slight looseness in the area applied. 4/5

  24. jadou1306

    I have a lot of pain in my back and this is the only product that I’ve found that is effective. I’ve recommand it to a friend with arthrisis and she loved it too. Really great product!

  25. Anonymous

    Great Stuff. My wife puts it on anything with inflammation and it seems to reduce it quite a bit.Helps reduce swelling from cystic ache. Who new? Helps a little with chronic neck pain as well. I love the smell but it might not be for everyone. Smells very medicated.

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