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Green Cream (Mota)


4 oz Jar – 200 MG THC + 15 MG CBD
8 oz Jar – 400 MG THC + 30 MG CBD

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4 oz Jar  | 8 oz Jar
Rough dry irritated or sunburned skin? Real anti-inflammatory healing relief is here with Mota’s unique Deeply Hydrating Cannabis Lotion. Formulated with soothing healing organic ingredients designed to compliment soothing topical cannabis, it’s true medication to heal and smooth troubled skin.

Dry Skin | Eczema | Irritated Skin | Sunburns | Relaxing Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coco Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Cannabis, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera, Vegetable Wax, Essential Oils of Neroli, Champa, Lemon, Opfiphen Plus


  • 4 oz Jar 200 MG THC + 15 MG CBD
  • 8 oz Jar 400 MG THC + 30 MG CBD



25 reviews for Green Cream (Mota)

  1. Bricky

    Really liked this cream from mota! I’m a bricklayer out in the sun all day! Skin is somewhat damaged on my arms but this stuff really felt good and made my skin look better! Love the smell and my mom also loved it! Would for sure recommend it! Great stuff! Thanks budmail

  2. kitkataclysm

    Smells absolutely amazing. Not very greasy feeling, makes my dry skin really soft and smooth almost instantly. I’ve used it on my face and it has reduced redness in some irritated areas. It doesn’t have nearly the impact for pain as the Mota balm does, but still provides a gentle soothing on sore muscles in my back.

  3. Yabba Dabba Doo

    Oh momma! This works on all aches and pains. I stand all day and my back gets really sore because I’m getting old. That wind gets to me and I fee it in my bones. But not after I use the Mota. Amen.

  4. Buds all day

    I use this stuff mostly for an after shave and it really helps keep down the razor burn. I also use it for dry skin on arms and face and it works well in those areas as well. Highly recommend and the wife loves the smell!!

  5. Amysaidnomnom

    I purchased this cream along with the Mota balm at the same time. At the time, I felt that what the cream could do, the balm could do just as well if not better, and I liked it better. However, this past week or two, the weather has been severely drying my hands and using the balm for it was okay but not at effective as I hoped. So, I picked up the cream again for my hands, today, and I see now where the cream comes in a little more handy than the balm. The balm is great overall, but for muscle and nerve work moreso, I’d say, but for a little extra dry/damaged skin care and moisturizing, this cream does the trick much better.

  6. Bob

    Bought this cream for my wife, she uses this Miracle cream almost everywhere she has pain. No more Tylenol . I have been using it myself for my dry skin and it works wonders.

  7. loungecat

    This is the best, most potent blend I have tried and at the best price point. I appreciate coconut oil not being the main ingredient as it seems to be an irritant for me. This cream is one of the best for soothing my skin when it gets irritated, gives me some relief so I can sleep. It could be a bit more hydrating long term but still have ordered twice. Budmail clearly aims to be the best as they are always improving.

  8. Philly

    Bought this cream for my arthritis on my wrist and does wonders on dry, cracked skin… Helps aches and pains go away and especially if you have back aches this cream does the trick. You also dont get that greasy feeI like other creams leave,love this product thank BM !

  9. SID

    This cream is an amazing product. Overall, Mota has always blown me away with how trustworthy and high standard all of their stuff is. Specifically their topicals/bath bombs. This cream is not only delicious smelling but it absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy or oily and moisturizes beautifully. I wash my hands a TON at work and in the winter, this can cause some really bad cracking on my hands. One application of this cream in morning and at night and my hands don’t crack at all. They’re actually soft and smooth all winter. Add that to the benefit of pain relief and relaxation wherever this cream gets applied, and this product is 100 percent worth your purchase!

  10. jyll

    I use this product solely for pain relief. It smells like orange cream which I love (some people’s has smelled like cinnamon? i hope they don’t change back) and it works pretty well. I just wish there was a stronger version as sometimes I have to do 2 applications for it to work well and last more than about 90 mins. But it moisturizes really well and is the best and most comfortable topical I’ve found so far.

  11. Selenium Sam

    I am a consistent buyer of and believer in this cream. Works very well, has a pleasant enough neutral smell and works very well on dry cracked skin. Recommend highly

  12. R4

    I like the product, it’s smells great and applies nice. Doesn’t seem to offer anything more over regular products. Otherwise it is nice on dry hands and skin.

  13. Patient Zero

    Just opened the 8oz jar and OMG! its a different scent than the 4oz! the 4oz kinda had a cinnamon scent which was great but super strong and a little overwhelming if you used it near your face.. but the 8oz jar has a citrus scent almost like an orange, tangerine peel which is much better near the face or on it!
    I wonder if each batch is just a different scent, either way it’s awesome!
    Will Reorder when this gets low which should be a while because a little goes a long way! Thanks BM!

  14. Patient Zero

    This Product works WONDERS! so I originally got this cream for my feet becuase I stand all day for work, used it after a long week and it was very pleasant, helped take away some of the pain in my heals and tops of my feet. (4/5)
    I had a fresh cut on my hand that was stinging all day but when I the cream touch the spot it took away all stinging. (5/5)
    Also the wife just broke out in a really bad rash and couldn’t take any allergy medication. She a band new mother, so the pharmacy medication would try her milk up. She was clawing her skin till it was breaking because she was so itching so I thought, lets try the cream, and wow. I was going to take her to the hospital if it didn’t help, but it not only helped with the itching but cleared up the rash! (6/5) Ordering a large jar regularly, Thanks BM!

  15. lostintheclouds

    I got this for my dad as he has a lot of dry skin and could use the relief. He is enjoying it so far as its not really greasy and has a nice scent to it.

  16. HappyYoda

    I do have eczema and this did not really work well for my face and neck because it’s really sensitive right now so it’ll just aggravate it. My arm has dry patches here and there and it seems fine when its applied there. Overall, it smells nice and I think its a good simple natural moisturizer.

  17. Dirlewanger

    I have used this cream for almost a year. I find it is quite effective for pain and inflammation. I don’t really use it for dry skin but when applying the cream I do notice softer skin on my hands for a few days after application. I highly recommend this product.

  18. katt

    I bought this cream to help with sensitive dry skin on my face but haven’t found it to be very effective. I think its maybe because there is wax in the cream which my skin is not a fan of. I think this would be better for the body if you have really dry hands, elbows, feet etc. The cinnamon scent is nice but again, not really great for the face as it’s quite strong. I would recommend this cream for use on the body only!

  19. Guitarded1

    Acquired this for my neighbour, awhile back and was waiting for his review, he wasn’t all that impressed however he didn’t dislike it. He mentioned it wasn’t all that effective for his uses. Oh Well!

  20. TyrannosaurusFecks

    Smells lovely, nice texture and very moisterizing. Unsure of how effective it is for joint relief but it is very nice on sore muscles. Can’t wait to try it after a long gym session.

  21. bluntman

    Great cream. Hydrated my hands nice and smelled really good. Better then most creams I have used. It even helped the misses with her sensitive skin. She cannot use most creams available. So I highly recommend if you have sensitive skin it worked awesome and we will definitely be getting more.

  22. Selenium Sam

    When I ordered this I didn’t know if this would help the eczema on my hands that I have been battling for well over a year with steroidal creams and other prescriptions….but I hoped. I am extremely happy to say that this product has helped to “knock down” the issue and it looks like with continued use it will help to remedy the condition. I recommend this for anyone with skin irritation issues of numerous kinds. It is non-greasy, has a light pleasant smell and most importantly, IT WORKS!

  23. jadou1306

    It smells good, it’s not greasy and it hydrate well. Love it. And it’s good on eczema too. It’s a really great product.

  24. Buds all day

    Cream is good so far, seems to be suppressing my eczema. I’ve only been able to use cortisone cream to date and don’t prefer that. This cream seems to be the answer

  25. Goldpony

    Got this for my gf. She uses this daily on her dry hands. Not a greasy cream and works well for dry skin. Smells good too. Great gift for the wife or gf.

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