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Oil Atomizer


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  • 2.3 ml aperture for thicker oil atomization
  • Top filling, top airflow
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Glass tank
  • 510 thread compatible
  • 1 ml capacity

* The Oil Atomizer is compatible with both the Twist Battery 320 MAH and the Puma Mini-Vape Kit. This atomizer will not work with Toko Gold or Shhhhhhh Vape Pens.

14 reviews for Oil Atomizer

  1. R4

    Very nice product, the hits are nice and clean. The only issue i have with it is that they are a little difficult to fill, but a little patients and they’re a great product.

  2. Halos

    Difficult to fill using the oil options on the site but it’s workable. Ends up costing quite a lot less if you fill your own. Oil cost 30~ then another tank every so often.

    I’m still searching for a filling syringe or method I can use to fill this.

    It is of note that you should NOT to push aside the center column to get your oil in. You run the risk of breaking the bottom seal.

  3. Halos

    hard to fill but worked like a champ! my first experience with it I broke it and it STILL worked. I havent found better or cheaper refillable carts YET but I am sure I will, that being said this is a fine placeh older!

  4. 4our2wenty

    It’s a good atomizer that gives awesome flavor and nice smoke. I’ve got 3 for different strains and they all taste great. Havent had troubles vaping any type of oil as of yet.

  5. Hurthle

    I bought a mini puma and decided to get a spare tank since i usually have 2-3 kinds of oil on-hand. I like that it holds 1g of oil and it seems sturdy but both of mine had oil coming into the mouth piece and were hard to hit after sitting for a few hours. Waste of oil and tastes horrible.

  6. acara

    Worked great at first..or so I thought. Used with the twist pen bought on here and it seems like the oil never vapourized after awhile. It would give you some vapour but hot oil would shoot if you drew to hard. Got a different atomizer from a local shop and then worked perfect. BM hardly misses but this didn’t work for me.

  7. puff-tron

    Great price good value I’ve already reused this cartridge twice and it’s still working fine. I used it with delta 9 limone oil and it gives me great tasting hits time after time.

  8. Jake28

    Worst cart ever, i just finished wasting 3/4 of a syringe of zen oil on this P.O.S. It worked fine for the first few puffs then got jammed and clogged. It tried cleaning out pipes but just kept getting sucked in and blocking the pipe. Wouldn’t buy it again

  9. wassamhere

    I’ve used the Shhh vape pens in the past, but the puma set-up with this atomizer blows that away. If you’re on the fence about an oil pen or are looking for an entry level concentrate methods, this is for you! 3 different temps make it easy to dial in the flavor/hit size that is right for you. Holds a whole gram of oil too. You can smoke for weeks on this.

  10. Lloyd

    It works champ once you get the concentrate into it. Once loaded, its GREAT. I am wondering if it can be cleaned and reused multiple times. As once you are running low in the container, it gets harder to pull and gets clogged, and I always end up buying a new one with each 1ml cartridge that i purchase.

  11. 420bobs

    Great oil atomizer I’m using for my puma mini. Handles thicker oils like the cherry and honey oils really well! Never leaks but can be tricky to fill if your using thicker oils. I recommend keeping the red rubber lid and using it while its in your pocket, keeps the tip from filling with pocket lint.

  12. Telemaster

    This is the best oil atomizer I’ve used yet. Well designed, the mouthpiece tip (the part that screws off to fill it) actually goes down into the inside shaft of the tank, so no leaks. This is a very smart design compared to others on the market (ex the migcig ‘canna blast’, where theres really nothing to prevent the heated oil from clogging/flowing back up into the tip, and into your mouth). This atomizer works with a variety of batteries/mods, I’m currently using it with a vaporesso target mini (variable wattage), and I’m quite a happy camper. For $15, this can’t be beat, and it looks as though its probably going to last for a few refillings.

  13. Princess

    Great Oil Atomizer for a great price. I will have to order more of these in the future. Top filling and top airflow which means no mess which is a bonus.

  14. Luktcha

    this is a great container,less messy then many other i recommend it fully,with my mini Puma i always got 2 different dispensers and they are this one .

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